K-stars Active in Charity and Volunteer Work During the Holiday Season to Give Back

The holidays are in full swing and that means the temperature dips and folks gather with families to celebrate. For many who are less fortunate, the holidays must be harder than usual to get through and for those who have the means giving back is always appreciated and a generous way to show thanks. K-stars have been quite active in charity endeavors this month for various events. Park Shin Hye may kimchi in Pohang for earthquake victims and seeing her guest on Three Meals a Day makes it clear that she’s a great cook. Singer Solbi played secret santa for school and Mad Dog stars Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hye Sung went to an animal shelter to volunteer. And hitting the streets in the cold earlier this month was many stars involved in raising money for disadvantaged children including screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung and actresses Han Ji Min, Bae Jong Ok, and Park Jin Hee. Continue reading

KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Mad Dog Saddled with Incompetently Awful Posters and Premieres This Wednesday

There is such an extreme lack of poster making talent that went into premiering this Wednesday KBS drama Mad Dog I’m actually interested in checking it out now. The drama posters look like it was made by a middle schooler … Continue reading

Attendees at VIP Movie Premiere of Battleship Island Reach Stratospheric Levels of Star Gazing

There may be a new standard in quality and quantity of star attendees to the VIP movie premiere of period war escape movie Battleship Island. I saw one of my faves Yoo Seung Ho trading his ruler period garb for … Continue reading

Healer Readies for Monday Premiere Posters, Press Conference, and Exciting Long Preview

The upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Healer has remained consistently intriguing in all the promotional materials. Now all it has to do is actually deliver when it premieres next Monday. It can’t possibly be worse than its predecessor Tomorrow’s Cantabile in … Continue reading