First Look at 2017 Yoon Eun Hye as Agency Posts New Cover Shots on Website

The new year 2017 has settled in now for two weeks and things appear to be off to a stable start. For once Dispatch didn’t break a major couple dating news on New Year’s Day, and so far no scandals to speak of other than an attention craving former idol spamming her SNS to annoy fuddy duddy Koreans and maybe another idol picking her nose on TV. It’s all good. I hope for better news on the drama and movie casting side, especially keen on hearing what K-actress Yoon Eun Hye wants to do this year.

Late last year her agency announced that she was making a Korean entertainment comeback in 2017 so please let it be a drama. If her Coffee Prince costar Gong Yoo can go from Big to Goblin then Eun Hye can bounce from both Missing You and Lie to Me to something more deserving of her charm and talent. At least her agency Jarmy Entertainment isn’t keeping current year Yoon Eun Hye under wraps, new pictures of been posted on the agency website showing a sleeker look for her. Continue reading

School-aged Pictures of Popular Hallyu K-actresses Show the Before and After

I did a post awhile back on the school age before and after pictures of Korea’s male stars. It’s time for the ladies counterpart post and who better to top it off than the three renowned prettiest actresses in Korea. … Continue reading

Yoona and Kim Soo Hyun Top the Vlinkage 2016 Most Popular Korean Male and Female Star List in China

After releasing the list of current most popular K-dramas in China, polling site Vlinkage is back with the Top 30 list of most popular Korean male and female stars, respectively. Some are long time regulars on any Korean star popularity … Continue reading

Cass Beer Ad Campaigns in Recent Years Feature Hallyu Stars at the Cusp of Major Breakout

I don’t follow any brands, whatever the product it’s selling, so on occasion when I post about CFs it’s in relation to the spokesperson selected for that particular campaign who happens to be a star I like quite a lot. … Continue reading

K-ent Lookalikes Back in the News as Bora and Han Chae Young Posts Adorable Sisterly Selfie

It’s so cute when celebrities recognize their own lookalikes, it saves fans the trouble of doing double takes. Last week Sistar‘s Bora ran into K-actress Han Chae Young at an event and the two took a selfie asking their fans … Continue reading