Yoon Kyun Sang and Jung Hye Sung Offered Lead Roles in SBS Mon-Tues Cop Drama Doubtful Victory

Yoon Kyun Sang‘s hot streak shows no sign of abating and good for him to keep up the consistent work offers. This year he’s done sageuk Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People and is currently doing another season of variety show Three Meals a Day with his veteran hyungs Eric and Lee Seo Jin. He was reportedly mulling over an offer to do KBS Mon-Tues office drama Jugglers and now has a second competing drama offer to sweeten his choices. He’s been offered the upcoming SBS Mon-Tues cop drama Doubtful Victory, taking over the time slot after Temperature of Love. An offer is also out to actress Jung Hye Sung as his female lead, making this her first leading lady role and a huge upgrade from her last drama Manhole. Doubtful victory is about a man masquerading as a cop who battles monsters (figurative) and conquers his own demons. Continue reading

While You Were Sleeping Gets Big Name Guest Stars Kim So Hyun, Yoon Kyun Sang, and Lee Sung Kyung

Now that Reunited Worlds has premiered on the SBS Wed-Thurs time slot it means the pre-filmed While You Were Sleeping is on deck. The drama will take over from Reunited Worlds in early September and with it show whether screenwriter … Continue reading

Yoon Kyun Sang and Kim Ji Suk Contrast in First Stills of MBC Drama Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People

Even without SBS drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim being a big ratings hit, MBC is still woefully bringing in negligible viewership for its Mon-Tues drama Night Light in the low single digits. There’s still another month to go before the … Continue reading

MBC’s Traitor Hong Gil Dong Finalizes Cast of Yoon Kyun Sang, Chae Soo Bin, Kim Ji Suk and Honey Lee

After a few rounds of casting maybes from Namgong Min to Ji Sung, the titular Traitor Hong Gil Dong (or Rebel Hong Gil Dong) has found Yoon Kyun Sang as the famed Korean Robin Hood. SBS loves Yoon Kyun Sang and … Continue reading

Song Joong Ki Takes Home Daesang at 2016 APAN Star Awards

It’s not exactly awards season yet in K-ent but the chips are falling as expected even for the one-off awards event such as the just held APAN Star Awards sponsored by the Daejeon Drama Festival. The big winner was Descendants … Continue reading

Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye Lead the Script Reading for SBS Drama Doctors

I never thought I’d see Park Shin Hye in a doctor genre drama, and conversely I’ve wondered why Kim Rae Won hasn’t done one yet since all his generational male colleagues have wielded the scalpel already. Filming started on upcoming … Continue reading