Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Lee Confirm Breakup After 7 Year Dating

Awwww, I loved this couple! At least as much as I could from afar as simply a fan and wishing for happy endings. K-actor Yoon Kye Sang and actress Honey Lee have broken up, confirmed by their agencies today after weathering earlier rumors of breakups which were denied. They have been dating for 7 years and it’s always low key, they don’t talk about each other or do any promos together. I would say Honey Lee has changed more during their relationship, going from aspiring actress and former Miss Korea to box office winning female lead in her own right. Yoon Kye Sang has always been steady, a member of G.O.D. and a talented actress but never showy so his career is the same today for the most part. I just found these two really down to earth and adorable together but if its not meant to be I wish each well going forward.

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The Charmingly Goofy jTBC Drama Clean With Passion For Now Premieres to Cable High 4.0% Ratings

I’m going to give all the credit to young actress Kim Yoo Jung for the success of just premiered jTBC rom-com Clean With Passion For Now. She’s so effervescent and a fantastic actress in conveying any emotion that she’s the … Continue reading