The Charmingly Goofy jTBC Drama Clean With Passion For Now Premieres to Cable High 4.0% Ratings

I’m going to give all the credit to young actress Kim Yoo Jung for the success of just premiered jTBC rom-com Clean With Passion For Now. She’s so effervescent and a fantastic actress in conveying any emotion that she’s the sun of this drama radiating all the charisma and light. No diss to the two male leads Yoon Kyun Sang and Song Jae Rim, their characters are either the straight man or the oddball who doesn’t have a lot of screen time yet, so the first episode was really all about Kim Yoo Jung’s down-to-earth and casually messy female lead. The ratings were excellent for cable and especially jTBC standards, bringing in 4.0% to start and the episode got solid reviews so I expect ratings to go up gradually and at least hover in this range. I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode and am so excited to have a breezy rom-com to watch for the holiday season! Continue reading

Korean Male Stars Show Off their Height with Sexy Dorky Manner Legs

Manner legs, or when a super tall entertainer stands in an open-legged stance to lower himself, is such a unique Korean thing. I don’t recall seeing tall stars in other entertainment industries doing the pose to adjust for height differentials … Continue reading

Yoon Kyun Sang and Lee Sung Kyung Make Adorable Couples Cameo in Flagging While You Were Sleeping

I finally figured out the flaw of SBS Wed-Thurs drama While You Were Sleeping, and the reason why ratings aren’t higher and are in fact fading again. The drama’s two flaws are familiarity, both in screenwriter Park Hye Ryun‘s writing … Continue reading