TW-Netizens Pick Their Favorite Adorably Drunken Drama OTPs

Agree! Totally 100% agree with this voting result, which is becoming more and more a rarity these days. Sometimes I wonder if my tastes have stayed the same while the newer drama viewers are headed in a different direction, but … Continue reading

Seoul Drama Awards Lands Lee Min Ho, Lee Young Ae, and Lee Jun Ki to Attend Along with Many Drama Stars

The Seoul International Drama Awards enters its 10th year today, a milestone definitely but not yet long enough for this particular award to vault into legit cred territory. It’s not the worst one out there, and with this year’s attendee … Continue reading

Popular C-novel Silent Separation Getting K-drama Remake Along the Lines of C-drama My Sunshine

This is a project I’ve been expecting Korea to remake, and now the watch is on as rumors have started that popular Chinese novel Silent Separation will for sure be getting a K-drama adaptation. The Chinese market has already adapted … Continue reading

Movie Version of You Are My Sunshine with Huang Xiaoming and Yang Mi Hits Theaters in May

It’s crazy how popular Silent Separation (何以笙箫默 He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo) the story is lately all thanks to the hit C-drama adaptation with the English title of My Sunshine. I could do with never hearing the same name theme … Continue reading

Ranking of the Most Buzzed About Stars in China in 2014

I’ve noticed that over the years I’ve been writing about C-dramas, and C-entertainment more and more due to the rise of both the quality as well as the increase in cross-border collaborations. Some folks new to C-dramas, or haven’t even … Continue reading

Movie Version of Silent Separation Starts Filming with Yang Mi and Huang Xiaoming

The currently airing C-drama My Sunshine is beyond addicting. It’s like tasty empty calorie fluffy drama popcorn. Adapted from the popular C-novel Silent Separation (He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo 何以笙箫默), the C-drama stars suitably cast Wallace Chung and Tang Yan but … Continue reading