Taiwan Starts Filming Military Themed Romance Drama The Best Choice Modeled After Descendants of the Sun

Filming has commenced for what is being billed as Taiwan’s adaptation of hit K-drama Descendants of the Sun, but really I think that’s a stretch and more of a marketing ploy. DotS has been referred to as a homage and glorification of military service in Korea, turning what is a mandatory two year purgatory of sorts of all able bodied men into a rah-rah maschismo patriotic litmus test. Nothing wrong with that, and if Taiwan’s own military department wants to sponsor a drama similar to DotS that highlights the positive elements of serving in the Taiwanese military then so be it. The drama is called The Best Choice and stars Yuan Ai Fei with model-actor Allen Chen, with the two leads way more model-esque than their Korean drama counterparts Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. Allen is playing a military officer but Yuan Ai Fe’s character is a music teacher rather than a doctor. Continue reading

Legend of the Blue Sea Tops Chosun Daily Readers Poll of Favorite 2016 K-drama

Another poll result has hit the internet waves and this one feels like the readers had their hands on the pulse the entire time. Online newspaper Chosun Daily which despite it’s name is a Chinese publication covering all news in … Continue reading

Descendants of the Sun Highest Rated K-drama Broadcast in Taiwan in 2016 Followed by 4th Airing of The Master’s Sun

I was nearly bored to giving up on TW-dramas this year in 2016, the only one I finished entirely was Love @ Seventeen with Lego Lee and Nikki Hsieh. The depressed ratings for domestic dramas speaks the same for audiences … Continue reading

C-ent Discusses the Most Popular Chinese and Korean Onscreen Bromances of 2016

Recent years have had no shortage of small and big screen bromances with male leads sometimes stealing the show from even the central OTP romance. It proffers the guys being guys camaraderie tinged with wink wink emotional connection, the best … Continue reading

K-media Discusses How Descendants of the Sun is the Only Ratings Success Pre-produced K-drama in 2016

K-media is taking stock of 2016 and the results are not exactly promising for the future of pre-producing K-dramas. What was once a rarity such as the mega budget Legend felt like a norm in 2016 with a slew of … Continue reading

K-audiences Pick a Goblin and Another Oh Hae Young as Characters Most Desired as Christmas Date

This is the oddest poll ever even in the world of K-ent where anything can become the subject of a poll. With Christmas around the corner, typically polls are about which star the average Joe or Jane wants to spend … Continue reading

Descendants of the Sun Special Episode Dominates Wed Ratings with 17.7% and Entertainer Premieres with 6.1%

I thought the Descendants of the Sun ratings gravy train was over for KBS but apparently not. The production team and network wisely elected not to extend¬†DotS, not that it was realistically even possible anyways since it was fully pre-produced, … Continue reading