Press Conference and Promising Long Preview for Oh My Venus Premiering Monday

Monday is the premiere is new¬†love and weight loss rom-com Oh My Venus, taking over for Sassy Go Go on KBS Mon-Tues. While KBS continues to be the perennial ratings loser in that time slot, recently concluded MBC rom-com She Was Pretty did really good ratings over on Wed-Thurs, so perhaps that crew will migrate over to check out Oh My Venus for a continued rom-com fix. SWP didn’t work for me and I tried so hard to like it because I wanted to like it, but alas with leads I don’t connect with the whole cake ends up falling flat for me.

With Oh My Venus, I continue to hope that it’ll be right up my alley and from the long preview that certainly seems quite possible. I find Shin Mina adorable even in her fat suit makeup, but more importantly I like her character for coming across as normal and not shrill or over-the-top. So Ji Sub is also very low key and the two leads seem to have a non-antagonistic relationship from the get go which is a welcome respite. Check out the press conference pics and then watch the long preview with subs. Continue reading

K-stars Out for the VIP Premiere of Hwa Yi with Kim Yun Seok and Yeo Jin Gu

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History of the Salaryman Holds Press Conference and Releases More Previews

I have now decided that History of the Salaryman might just be so awesome it defies description and promotional materials. It’s so awesome that nothing can distill that awesome into bite sized nuggets of explanation. Which is why all the … Continue reading