Kim Ha Neul and Kam Woo Sung in Talks for jTBC Sad Melodrama The Wind Blows

The older I get the less incline I am to even watch a drama or movie that just sounds supremely depressing right off the bat. Yes yes, I know it may herald an uplifting and meaningful story but goodness it comes with a bucket of tears already that just brings my viewing mood down. The premise of upcoming jTBC melodrama sounds just like that, a super sad story that may be all about second chances and optimism in the face of short sticks in life. The Wind Blows is currently courting Kim Ha Neul and Kam Woo Sung for the leads, playing a pair of ex-spouses that divorced and reunite 6 years later.

The male lead believes he’s suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s and divorces his wife, who agrees because she wants to have children. The drama is from the PF of Pretty Boy (Bel Ami) and Flower Boy Next Door, with the script from the screenwriter of Mrs. Cop. I feel like Kam Woo Sung is carving out a drama niche of playing romance male leads in depressing situations from Shall We Kiss First to The Spring Day of My Life, and Kim Ha Neul’s last drama On the Way to the Airport had a sad premise too. But these two are very talented veterans and I’m sure the drama aims to be good and heartfelt for those with an appetite for some tears. Continue reading

2016 Year End Awards Roundup From Big Three Networks Capped Off Drama Year

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Poster and Teasers for Melancholy Mature KBS Drama On the Way to the Airport with Kim Ha Neul and Lee Sang Yoon

All signs point to upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama On the Way to the Airport as residing squarely in the gimmick free adult life issues category of dramas. Starring Kim Ha Neul, Lee Sang Yoon, Shin Sung Rok, Jang Hee Jin, … Continue reading

Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Ha Neul Start Filming KBS Wed-Thurs Drama On the Way to the Airport

This is one drama that fell down on my interest radar after casting panned out, and has now started filming quite under the radar. Upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama On the Way to the Airport released script reading stills featuring leads … Continue reading

A-list Actresses Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Ha Neul in Direct Competition in Late Summer 2016 K-dramas

It’s A-list actress versus A-list actress in a direct match up now confirmed for late summer 2016. KBS has signed on Kim Ha Neul to headline On the Way to the Airport in its Wed-Thurs time slot, pairing her up … Continue reading