Keyeast Releases New CF Stills Showcasing Kim Soo Hyun with the High Hair

I won’t be surprised if this holiday season will see lots of Kim Soo Hyun CFs. It’s his first year back from military service and there’s a gap in the top young actors segment with a drop in hits from Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho not yet back with a new drama, Kim Woo Bin still on health hiatus though returning next year, and Lee Seung Gi‘s latest drama Vagabond being such a hilariously bad writing trainwreck. I always thought Park Bo Gum would take Kim Soo Hyun’s place during the hiatus but now both are active at the same time so I can’t wait to see the public get double doses of those two young men who give off very similar vibes with me. These latest CF stills with Kim Soo Hyun make him look like he has a massively long head because of the high hair but whatevs he’s still handsome as can be. Continue reading

Current K-drama Male Leads on the 10 Year Challenge Have Aged Like Fine Wine

The current It thing on Facebook is the 10 Year Challenge, to post a picture of yourself today versus 10 years ago on your first post when Facebook started. Some people have aged hard, some hardly at all, but looks … Continue reading