Lee Do Hyun Shows Contrasting Appeal in May 2022 W Korea Pictorial

Of all the current twenty-something K-drama leading men, Lee Do Hyun is up there on my list of most appealing due to his range. He can play such a breadth of characters and I’m really excited to see what he’s going to produce in the upcoming Kim Eun Sook penned drama The Glory opposite Song Hye Kyo. He’s in the May 2022 edition of W Korea in two different shots, one that showcases his throwback leading man charm like he’s ready to start tap dancing in the rain and the other subdued and soulful like he’s checking you out.

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Park Sung Hoon Signs onto Kim Eun Sook Drama The Glory Joining Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, and Lim Ji Yeon

Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook typically does a drama every two years and it’s been that long since her last drama The King: Eternal Monarch in 2020. She is coming back this year with revenge melodrama The Glory, which is being … Continue reading

K-netizens Clamor for an IU and Lee Do Hyun Drama Reunion Pairing After He Presents Her the Best Song Daesang at the 2022 Golden Disc Awards

Mememememe, count me in with the K-netizens! Actually the C-netizens are also jones-ing for this reunion pairing onscreen and if Lee Do Hyun can work with Go Min Si three times now the drama gods can and must absolutely give … Continue reading

Lee Seung Gi, Lee Da Hee, and Sung Si Kyung Host the 2022 Golden Disc Awards with Many Acting Stars in Attendance as Singer-Actress IU Wins Best Song

This Saturday was the 2022 Golden Disc Awards in South Korea, after the spate of year end drama awards it’s a nice change to see the music side fete the notable achievements of 2021. Since I write about dramas and … Continue reading

Ji Hyun Woo Takes Home the 2021 KBS Drama Award Daesang for Young Lady and Gentleman as Ceremony Shines with Many Stars in Attendance Winning Awards

The 2021 KBS Drama Awards was the surprising highlight for me of the three network ceremonies, there was so many of my faves in attendance and everyone looked great! Even the black dresses were uniquely cut so it wasn’t so … Continue reading

The Hosts of the 2021 KBS Drama Awards with Kim So Hyun, Lee Do Hyun, and Sung Si Kyung More Interesting as Daesang Winner Likely a Veteran From Hit Weekend Family Dramas Revolutionary Sisters or Gentleman and Young Lady

I would love to see a talented grown up child actress like Kim So Hyun or Park Eun Bin win a year end drama Daesang but alas it’s likely not their time (yet). The KBS 2021 Year End Drama Awards … Continue reading

Lee Do Hyun’s High School Character In Melancholia Turns Adult in Time Jump at the End of Episode 6 to Remove the Ick Element From the Impending Romance

I’ll qualify that I am NOT watching Melancholia, the entire premise is wholly unpalatable for me personally and no amount of Lee Do Hyun love can induce me into tuning in. With that said, I do have eyes and when … Continue reading

K-netizens Dismayed at the New Character Posters for tvN Drama Melancholia Showing Im Soo Jung as Teacher and Lee Do Hyun as Student Staring at Each Other Intently

I understand that a story is a story and sometimes it’s taboo or uncomfortable. But in those instances the story doesn’t try to normalize or make it right, it’s narrating something as is. I don’t know which path upcoming tvN … Continue reading