Script Reading Stills for Upcoming 18 Again with Kim Ha Neul, Yoon Sang Hyun, and Lee Do Hyun

When I first heard the synopsis of K-drama 18 Again it sounded just like the Hollywood movie 17 Again and lo and behold it’s totally a remake so yay for confirming that. 17 Again was surprising good and I think expanding it to a 16-episode length and in a K-drama setting is a smart re-imagining. Starring Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Sang Hyun as married with a teen kid, his middle aged career stagnation leads to marital problems and his return to 18 years old played by Lee Do Hyun. Directing is the PD of Go Back Couple which is even better because he tackled similar subject matter before and the drama got great reviews for the capable directing. I also loved the K-drama Second Time Twenty Years Old and Knowing Wife which also deal with second chances leading to an appreciation for what’s already in front of us.

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