Young K-actresses Support Jin Ji Hee at Movie Premiere for Star Next Door

It’s nice to have friends in high places but even nicer to have friends that literally have done exactly the same thing as you so know all the ups and downs. And things are looking up for young K-actress Jin Ji Hee, who doesn’t get as much attention as the three Kims but has quite a solid acting career having successfully transitioned from her child actress days. She did well in K-drama Seonam Girls High School Investigators and this year was in Unni is Alive and a cameo in Fight My Way. With the summer being over now comes the lower profile movies and premiering this weekend is Star Next Door with Han Chae Young as a trouble-making starlet with Jin Ji Hee as her secret daughter living next week. It sounds fun and Jin Ji Hee is totally glowing at the press conference and so are her compatriots who came out to support her including Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Sae Ron, and Nam Ji Hyun, all of whom are also doing gangbusters on their own acting careers. Continue reading

Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae’s Artist Company Agency Celebrates First Anniversary with Vogue Korea Spread

Two K-ent titans forming an agency is more than enough  to garner interest and  anticipation that the effort would be a success. Best friends and top Korean actors Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung left their agencies after their … Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask Tops Suspicious Couple and Mystery Queen in Premiere

It’s new drama Wednesday, with not one but two new arrivals in the prime time slot. SBS has modern rom-com Suspicious Partner while MBC is offering up classic sageuk intrigue with Ruler: Master of the Mask, both joining KBS‘s quirky noir … Continue reading

Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun are All Smiles at Script Reading for SBS Drama Suspicious Partner

I’m so excited for upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Suspicious Partner, regardless of the leading lady casting carousel and the litany of title changes. I never got invested in currently airing sageuk Saimdang: Light’s Diary and judging from the steady around … Continue reading

K-stars Attend 2016 Asia Artist Awards in in Safe and Pretty Fashion Choices

Last week was the 2016 Asia Artist Awards, which was by all accounts a giant steaming mess with ceremony glitches and a hodge podge of categories that made the very award seem superfluous. With that said, this awards ceremony managed to … Continue reading

Press Conference and Long Preview for MBC Drama Shopping King Louie Premiering this Wednesday

The arrival of MBC‘s new Wed-Thurs drama Shopping King Louie (Shopoholic Louis) snuck up on me, a combination of W: Two Worlds ending so listlessly and this drama not getting overly promoted. I’m totally going to check it out because … Continue reading