Park Shin Hye to Make Cameo in SBS Mon-Tues Drama Temperature of Love

The somnambulant progress of SBS Mon-Tues drama Temperature of Love is about to get a much needed but likely too brief sizzle shot. Actress Park Shin Hye will be making a cameo appearance in the drama as a favor to screenwriter Ha Myung Hee after they worked on the highly rated Doctors together last year. Park Shin Hye will be rearranging her schedule for the cameo filming taking place next week, which means her scene will likely not be shown until the week thereafter.

The problem for me on Temperature is neither leads are all that interesting as characters, and frankly not terribly likable as well. Seo Hyun Jin is wound up too tight and too self-absorbed, Yang Se Jong is like a wet rag both the character and his acting, Jo Boa is just annoying and shrill, and Kim Jae Wook is the most engaging presence but can’t pull everything up to his level. This leaves Park Shin Hye’s cameo hopefully one that is worth her involvement in an interesting scene or interaction because the drama has a whole is even more boring than screenwriter Ha’s last misfire High Society which at least had two interesting second leads and their own romance. Continue reading

Ladies Steal the Red Carpet at the VIP Premiere for A Taxi Driver with Song Kang Ho, Yoo Hae Jin, and Ryu Jun Yeol

Ladies ruled the red carpet, with a surprising easy on the eyes green movie poster background, at the VIP premiere of K-movie A Taxi Driver. This movie pairs veteran Song Kang Ho with German actor Thomas Kretschmann for a real life … Continue reading

Unattractive Outfits and Makeup Steals the Spotlight at the VIP Star Premiere of Real

The VIP movie premiere for Kim Soo Hyun‘s summer 2017 thriller movie Real is as much a hot mess as early critic reviews of his movie has been. Namely, a whole lotta raw material but presented all wrong. Even weirder … Continue reading

Top K-Stars Attend Chanel Exhibit at the D-Museum in Seoul

Another high end couture media event in Seoul and another reason for the fashion conscious Koreans stars to don their brand outfits out for a strut. This time it was the Chanel exhibition titled Mademoiselle Prive held at the D-Museum. … Continue reading