Park Shin Hye’s Turquoise Stilettos Steal the Show at Mojo.S.Phine Brand Event

I feel this itch whenever I see Park Shin Hye at fashion events, as most of the time I just want to pull her aside and re-dress her. She’s herself always beautiful but more often than not her outfits are not suited for her. Too old looking, too big, too small, too short, too long, it’s like the Goldilocks conundrum but honestly there’s a world of styles that she is perfect her with her age and body shape and her coordi just doesn’t maximize the potential. This week she was at the Mojo.S.Phine brand event in Seoul wearing basically the brand’s Chanel tweed knock-off white suit dress (no digs, every career woman brand does such a knock-off these days) and looking more matronly than girly. What does work is the incredible color of turquoise that is her sky high stilettos, it breaks up the dullness and gives her a splash of her natural youth vibe. Continue reading