Episode 3 of Sisyphus: The Myth Delivers More Preposterous “Action” Sequences and Halfway Exposition and Gets Ratings of 6.167%

There are viewers that claim jTBC drama Sisyphus: The Myth is a fantasy drama and not sci-fi, and by episode 3 I not only have to agree I would say it’s straight up comedy. It’s funnier than anything I’ve seen recently and every scene is (un)intentional comedic gold because it defies human behavior and basic tenets of logic. This episode was split into two parts: Escape from Convention Center and Exposition that Consists Only of Half of What Needs to be Said. The first part had creepy dudes materializing inside the conference hall with only one dude who is half re-constituted that takes a long range sniper rifle to assassinate Han Tae Sul, but doesn’t pull the trigger until like 30 minutes of him doing his transporter demo on stage and right after Seo Hae shows up to scream “DUCK!” while holding a giant Ipad over her head.

After the shooting begins the guy doesn’t keep shooting and gives Seo Hae enough time to run down the audience rows onto the stage to drag Tae Sul behind the podium. Then he chases her down but gets beat, after which she “runs away” with Tae Sul rather than leave him with police officers trying to save him, and then performs a hastily assembled zip line jump off a tall building that makes Crash Landing on You parachuting sequence seem like Oscar worthy visual effects. Then the episode goes to the two captured by slimy President Park and his gaggle of minions who we learn by the end of the episode helps future travelers to this past moment in time (2020?), not to change the future (because the future cannot change) but simply to come back and fix a regret. No wonder it’s Sisyphus, it would better to use future tech to create mind travel so the person can re-do the regret in their brains as a lucid dream then this whole hot mess.

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