2023 Busan International Film Festival Kicks Off with Star Studded Red Carpet Led by Top Movie Stars Chow Yun-fat and Song Kang Ho

The 2023 Busan International Film Festival kicked off this Wednesday evening with a large contingent of stars on the red carpet for the first big award of the night. HK superstar Chow Yun-fat took home the honorary Asian Filmmaker of … Continue reading

Bazaar China Rounds Up 4 of the Top Actors Gong Jun, Xu Kai, Tan Jian Xi, and Luo Yun Xi from the Summer 2023 Drama Season for an Otherworldly Pictorial

One appeal of xianxia dramas is the ethereal and fantasy dreamy visuals complete with gods, goddesses, and sprawling skies, vistas, and dreamscapes. Bazaar China is doing a modern crossed with xianxia-esque visuals with four of the top C-drama leads in … Continue reading