SBS Fri-Sat Drama One the Woman Jumps in Episode 3 Ratings by 4.5% Ratings to Hit a High of 12.7%

I love me a black horse and the breakout in the second weekend of a jam packed premiere slot last week is none other than SBS Fri-Sat drama One the Woman. Starring Honey Lee and Lee Sang Yoon, the drama was lagging behind MBC action powerhouse The Veil (Black Sun) in pre-premiere anticipation but has broken out in the ratings battle. The Veil has increased in ratings in episode 3 to 9.8% but it’s the jump to double digits by One the Woman to 12.7% and the accompanying buzz that has shifted the spotlight to this drama. Naysayers say it’s Honey Lee reprising her The Fiery Priest performance but she’s definitely carved a niche out for herself as the super gorgeous visual woman with a hotblooded personality, not just in Priest but also in hit movie Extreme Jobs (awesome fun, BTW). I’m always open to a drama surprising me with its watchability which seems to be the consensus for One the Woman, it’s entertaining and delivers on all three fronts – acting, directing, and script.

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Episode 2 of Dali and the Cocky Prince Maintains the Comedy and Warm Sweet Budding Romance as the Action Moves Back to Korea

I know the Big Three networks still “try” and produce rom-coms but it’s been a steady stream of lackluster attempts that never capture the early aughts charm of the Hallyu rom-com of that era. I can’t say the just premiered … Continue reading

KBS Wed-Thurs Rom-com Dali and the Cocky Prince Delivers Surprisingly Sincere and Funny Premiere Episode with Ratings of 4.4%

This Wed-Thurs saw the return of the KBS time slot after the network took a summer hiatus post Sell Your Haunted House. This fall the time slot will be filled with the shenanigans of Dali and the Cocky Prince (Dalri … Continue reading

Production is Being Prepped for K-drama Adaptation of Hit TW-drama Someday or One Day and K-netizens Discuss the Difficulty of Casting the Right Leads

With the 2021 calendar year wrapping up all the K-dramas expected to air through year end have been announced so eyes are looking into 2022 for what is ahead. A very highly anticipated and high profile project is the official … Continue reading

SBS Releases Eye-catching Pictures of Lovers of the Red Sky Leads Kim Yoo Jung, Ahn Hyo Seob, and Gong Myung During Chuseok Off Week

Clearly I’m in withdrawal lol, and excuse my grasping at whatever straws/goodies are out for SBS Mon-Tues sageuk Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi). That the drama has overcome tons of doubts – Ahn Hyo Seob‘s sageuk acting … Continue reading

Jeon Ji Hyun is a Spirited Park Ranger with Mellow Counterpart Joo Ji Hoon in Second Teaser for tvN Drama Cliffhanger

With Hometown Cha Cha Cha doing great ratings on Sat-Sun midway through its run, made even more impressive with it’s rom-com and slice-of-life genre, the stage is looking great for its successor drama the mega high profile Cliffhanger (Mount Jiri) … Continue reading