Zhao Li Ying Hides Belly in Latest SNS Pic and Alleged OB/GYN Pregnancy Report Leaked Online

At this point married C-ent couple Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng need to announce they are expecting a baby before there is even more intrusive digs by netizens or tabloids into their personal lives in order to prove they are. Zhao Li Ying posted an update on her Weibo account showing off a new cell phone the Magic Z for a brand she is repping and it’s so obvious with her covered up in a hoodie while holding the brand folio over her front belly to fully conceal herself.

The awkward pose is clear she wants to hide her much discussed pregnancy, as she did earlier in August when the rumors were swirling and she posted a picture of herself with a wide leg stance as if to refute being pregnant with standing with her legs split. I feel bad the couple has this need to stay silent on it because netizens are annoyed and want to prove they are indeed expecting and this week upped the ante by posting online a OB/GYN medical report allegedly for Zhao Li Ying at a six-week pregnant checkup. If that is indeed a genuine medical report then it’s such a violation of her privacy, and if it’s fabricated then it’s just plain frustrating to see how much churn is in this story. Continue reading

Cyrstal Liu and Jing Bo Ran Display Plenty of Chemistry in First Teaser for C-drama Records of the Southern Mist House

Consider me pleasantly surprised and now even more excited for 2019 period C-drama Records of the Southern Mist House. I already loved the bookish and lyrical title, taken from the same name manhua that is the original source of the … Continue reading