Sammi Cheng Goes Dark on SNS and Kenneth Ma Releases Gracious Statement on the Cheating Scandal of Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong

HK-entertainment news is basically 99% about the cheating scandal of singer Andy Hui and actress Jacqueline Wong, and 1% about everything else. This really is big news as Andy and his singer-actress wife Sammi Cheng are TOP STARS for the last three decades, anyone growing up in the mid-90s knew them and watched their fame and popularity rise and stay on top. Jacqueline came in second in the Miss Hong Kong pageant a few years ago and by all accounts is a social climbing actress (nothing wrong with that) with a penchant for seducing much older more famous male stars (something wrong with that).

Since the news broke, Andy offered a teary apology press conference and called a halt to his activities, and a day later Jacqueline issued a mea culpa apology on her SNS account and reportedly TVB has removed her from her drama and even pulled theme songs sung by her. Today Jacqueline’s boyfriend actor Kenneth Ma finally released a statement and it’s super long but also super mature, kind, understanding, and all in all what a class act. He accepted what happened, is moving on, asks the public not to castigate Jacqueline because she’s still very young, and also asked the media to stop hounding his non-celeb parents for their reactions. Sammi, on the other hand, turned her FB cover photo black, has moved out of her home with Andy, and is reportedly not eating or talking to anyone. Sigh. Continue reading

Jung Joon Young Led Chat Group Messages Include Disparaging Conquests and Comparing Them to Korean Comfort Women

I’m sure some folks are tired of the still ongoing criminal investigation in South Korea over the alleged lawbreaking misconduct of various celebs. There’s Seungri for tax evasion, embezzling money, distributing illicit material (sharing hidden camera sex videos and pictures), … Continue reading