Pinocchio Episode 6 Recap

Whatever far flung hope that hyung Jae Myung didn’t go all vengeance killer on us went out the window with episode 6 of Pinocchio and the latest reveals. It hurts so much because he was completely a victim until he became a perpetrator. The pain is magnified even more because Dal Po is such a beloved character already and whatever happiness remains in his life is something precious that we want for him. Becoming a reporter was In Ha’s dream that has morphed into Dal Po’s means to an end. But even then it doesn’t feel like Dal Po understands the job aside from having the intelligence to work the system. There is still so much left to learn for these two.

I’m feeling nicely in the dark about how this drama will unfold. The macro might seem predictable but this story is about the little details and those are the elements that always appear surprising. I don’t know how In Ha and Dal Po will go forward when they are stuck in this rut as long as In Ha remains a reporter. It feels like Dal Po has to come around but that’s rather unfair when In Ha doesn’t know how much turmoil he’s enduring because he loves her. At least the drama is now dishing out the angst equally with In Ha weathering her own fair share of what she believes to be a one-sided crush. She’s so clueless to think that her feelings are light enough to get over, the best remains yet to come once she understands the depth and breadth of what Dal Po means to her. Continue reading

Lee Jun Ki Romances Zhou Dong Yu for His First C-movie Under the Sicilian Sun

Lee Jun Ki has been active in all three mediums of singing, movies, and dramas so sometimes I think he’s done something already when he hasn’t yet. After doing three well-received K-dramas a year for the last three years, Lee Jiun Ki is finally returning to the big screen and making a jump across the border. He’s signing on as the leading man opposite rising C-actress Zhou Dong Yu in the romance C-movie Under the Sicilian Sun.

Lee Jun Ki has hinted at his fans that he’ll be doing a pure romance acting project next but as usual he managed to surprise everyone with this unexpected pick. He remains a savvy project picker as this movie is helmed by critically acclaimed Taiwan director Lin Yu Hsien who rocketed Eddie Peng to even greater popularity in the gymnastics movie Jump Ashin! Filming for Under the Sicilian Sun starts in December and Jun Ki will have to toggle it with his upcoming series of concert fan meetings across Asia. Busy busy guy! Continue reading

Cha Seung Won in Talks to Join Lee Yeon Hee in Fantasy Sageuk Splendid Politics

Well this is quite a casting surprise, coming this year it only elicits a happy reaction from me whereas the same casting last year would have left me screeching nooooo. Cha Seung Won is in talks to return to MBC after four years and his most memorable recent role with Dokko Jin in Best Love. It’s going to be a totally different experience this time around as he’s primed to join Lee Yeon Hee in the upcoming fantasy sageuk Splendid Politics (also floating around called Princess Jeongmyeong). It’s not confirmed yet and Cha Seung Won’s last possible sageuk drama ended up being the shelved Unprecedented so who knows.

It’s quite a ways away before Splendid Politics airs in Spring of 2015 as it’s following yet another fantasy sageuk Shine or Go Crazy with Jang Hyuk and Oh Yeon Seo. If Shine does well then MBC will extend audience interest in similar dramas, if Shine tanks then Splendid Politics will have an uphill battle. It’s billed as a fantasy sageuk but sounds more like the revisionist sageuk style of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Live - in this case the historically noble Gwanghaegun (Prince Gwanghae) becomes the evil villain throne usurper. The King’s Face on KBS about Gwanghaegun isn’t doing so well in ratings right now so it’ll be interesting to see if audiences welcome a different take on the same era. Continue reading

Written and Video Preview for Episode 6 of Pinocchio

A bit overshadowed in the fantastic episode 5 of Pinocchio where Dal Po and his hyung Jae Myung’s resolve towards vindicating their family tragedy took radically different turns, In Ha’s big confession to Dal Po was really a major game changer though it didn’t play off that way. Sure Dal Po never let slip that he also liked her back, and beyond that, even hint that he loves her so much he would basically die for her other than the whole “her mom had a hand in his family misery” thing.

It changes the dynamic by making In Ha suddenly the one who struggles with her feelings while Dal Pa gets to put on a cold act. I enjoyed upending expectations and having feelings out in the open especially since it doesn’t change anything. They are still family in name and she’s still someone that he’s going to have to get over her motherly connection to love without reservation. Yet they remain synergistic in ways a lot of drama OTPs never even achieve even by the end of a story. I hope Dal Po’s cold shoulder treatment ends soon because it hurts him as badly as it’s painful for me to watch. Continue reading

Pinocchio Episode 5 Recap

Pinocchio keeps toggling light and dark with equal aplomb, not to mention sucking the wind out of me with each episode ender getting more and more intense. That makes sense as the story heads into the central world of network reporting and all the conflict and complications it entails. I appreciate In Ha’s candor more than she does because it’s a detriment to her that she’s not allowed even the luxury of a little white lie. But in dramas where so often characters lie for no reason other than fear, In Ha is the breath of fresh air of transparency where we see her admit her feelings for Dal Po and yet try to work through it.

The drama loves to torment Dal Po and this is one love confession that’s going to eat him up even more rather than ease his heartache. There are a million reasons for it not to work between Dal Po and In Ha and both are equally aware of it. Beyond the romance aspects of the story, the anger and resentment burning up both Dal Po and his hyung Jae Myung manifests itself in starkly different ways in this episode leading to a shocking moment of no return. I’m sad that the Ki family tragedy continues on when it appeared so close to wrapping up after the discovery of the fire captain’s remains. It goes to show that one wrong word can have far far reaching consequences that morph beyond recognition. Continue reading

Best Love Costars Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won Reunite in Hong Kong for Prada

Gong Hyo Jin seriously rocks the onscreen chemistry with all her male leads, so much so that the most recent pairing starts to obliterate memories of her previous couplings. I’m sure some drama viewers are still riding on an emotional high from her electric pairing with Jo In Sung in this summer’s It’s Okay, It’s Love, but before that last year she was heating up the screen with So Ji Sub in The Master’s Sun.

I still vividly remember her with Cha Seung Won in Best Love (The Greatest Love), which is why it’s a surprise to see them together this week in Hong Kong for a Prada event and realize Best Love aired nearly four years ago. If Jo In Sung wins the SBS Daesang this year for IOIL then it’ll be the second time Gong Hyo Jin pushes her leading man to the greatest heights as the Daesang for MBC in 2011 went to Best Love. She’s a playmaker alright, and even nicer is seeing how Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin look just as beautiful together even four years out.  Continue reading

First Charming Movie Teaser for Rom-com Today’s Love with Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won

Having a measured expectation towards Lee Seung Gi‘s first movie is a good thing because I found the just released first teaser absolutely charming. Sure it’s got nothing that hasn’t already been done before in countless rom-coms but once again it’s all about execution rather than freshness and here it’s plenty smooth going down. The movie is called Today’s Love and reunites Lee Seung Gi with his Brilliance Legacy/Shining Inheritance costar Moon Chae Won and boy are they ridiculously adorable together.

Lee Seung Gi seems to have resurrected the hideous bird’s nest front mop hairstyle from BL, but there it was to indicate his character Hwan’s hipness but here appears to show what a square school teacher his movie role is. That explains why Moon Chae Won’s weathercaster fun gal can only friendzone Seung Gi, calling him when she needs a drinking buddy and a piggyback ride home but saving all the flirting for other guys. I don’t feel bad for Seung Gi since he drops her right on the tush after getting fed up, and if they both dish about equally then this is the perfect dynamic believable romance sparks to fly. Continue reading

Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu Episode 6 Recap

Gomen for the delay on the episode 6 recap for Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu. It’s not for a drop in quality or dropping the recaps, with the holiday season descending, and revving up, my posting schedule will be less consistent. Episode 6 continues to be uproarious and sweet with the arrival of the infamous shouja manga stable the Kabedon (wall press) as well as Hanae and Mamoru reenacting the orphan in the snow classic scene. It also picks up right where the awesome episode 5 left off, the moment when Hanae finds herself stuck in some random boondock locale with Yu, a car, and no car keys.

The story subverts and doesn’t act on all the rawr potential and viewer swooning over Hanae’s opportunity for alone time with smoldering Yu since one-track minded Hanae can’t wait to go back to her placid boy toy Yuto. Usually the older man option is the stable and secure one Hanae actually reverses the situation and it’s Yu who leaves her frazzled. That’s why I love her and Yu so much, every time they are together there is so much rat-a-tat-tat back and forth, the stuff that makes me think two people are learning about each other while growing at the same time from the difference in viewpoints. Continue reading

Lee Byung Hun Testifies in Blackmail Trial and Claims Romantic Texts to Model were a Joke

The legal proceedings in the Lee Byun Hun blackmail scandal and trial are nearing the final wrap-up stage and this week Lee Byung Hun attended court to testify as a witness against the two ladies accused of trying to extort him for cash. The two ladies, Dahee of girl group GLAM and newbie model Lee Ji Yeon, have mounted a defense that Lee Byung Hun was trying to get in Lee Ji Yeon’s pants by buying her all sorts of presents (Lee Santa), offering to buy a condo for her, and generally doing everything that rich older married men do when trying to land a lightskirt on the side.

Lee Byung Hun’s side has denied any and all assertions that he had any relationship with Lee Ji Yeon other than trying to be friendly with youngsters in the industry as a mentor figure. Oooookay. Lee Byung Hun certainly didn’t make a persuasive rebuttal when he testified this week – when presented with the text evidence between him and Lee Ji Yeon all pointing to a romantic relationship, he told the court that it was all a joke and he didn’t even remember those texts anymore. Which basically means he admitted the authenticity of those texts and is merely claiming the contents do not mean what it means (i.e. it’s all a joke, people!). *headdesk* Continue reading