First Look at Ariel Lin and Vic Zhou Filming C-movie Go Lala Go 2

It’s no secret that filming in China can appear to move at super sonic speed at times, even then I’m still taken aback at how quickly projects go from commencement of filming to releasing teaser goodies for the audience. Filming started not two weeks ago for the C-movie Go Lala Go 2, the sequel to the hit rom-com Go Lala Go, and already the first stills are out showing leads Ariel Lin and Vic Zhou on immersed in filming. Ariel is protagonist office girl Lala while Zai Zai plays her boyfriend, with the two on the cusp of getting married before third parties arise to try and break them up.

Included in the interloper duo  is Ariel’s In Time With You leading man Bolin Chen playing the new guy on the block gunning for Lala’s heart. Bolin is currently still in Jeju filming a joint Korean-Chinese produced movie with Son Ye Jin but is reportedly wrapping up and will join Ariel and Zai Zai on the Lala 2 set in the next week or so. Seeing Ariel and Zai Zai in the same frame is already a fursplosion of pent up excitement, tossing Bolin in the mix and I’ll probably need smelling salts to revive me from the overdose. Check out the first batch of filming stills below. Continue reading

The Leads of High Society Continue to Bring the Pretty Youthful Energy in Latest Preview and Stills


This probably doesn’t bode well on the quality predictor scale that I’m this excited about upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama High Society (formerly Chaebol’s Daughter and briefly flirted with being called True Romance). And then I realize that plenty of dramas I’ve … Continue reading