Song Jong Ho Exits Smelly Girl Cameo to Become a Vampire Teacher in Orange Marmalade

It’s a relief that Song Jong Ho‘s memorable exit from his guest starring turn in The Girl Who Sees Smells isn’t the last we’ll see of him in the near future. He’ll be back on the small screens next month on the KBS Friday night vampire youth drama Orange Marmalade. He’s much too long in the tooth to play a high school student, of course, so he’s been cast suitably as the high school teacher. He’s not just any ole high school teacher, like two of the other leads he’s also a nice vampire trying to make his way as a minority in the human majority controlled world.

I’m going to miss him in Smelly Girl but he certainly left on a high note, doing his job and then some as the suspicious doctor who turned out to be guilty only of bad intentions. He’s such an underrated actor but I wonder if he’s found a great niche playing super memorable limited turns in dramas, he also guest starred in the second half of The Suspicious Housekeeper in an awesomely creepy turn as the resident psycho who wasn’t just acting shady but really was super shady. He’s actually the other reason I’m even keen to check out Orange Marmalade, the other being grown up child actor Yeo Jin Gu. Continue reading