Kim Jung Hyun Posts Handwritten Apology Letter for His Bad Attitude and Behavior Surrounding K-drama Time

When a time in your life comes when you behave in a way that is screwing up so bad, the only way forward is to own up to it completely. Apologize, reflect, learn, grow, and don’t ever repeat. K-actor Kim Jung Hyun‘s career in the last four years has been such a rollercoaster and while I really like him as an actor for his performances it’s clear as a person he has much to take responsibility for when it comes to his professional conduct as an actor. He broke out first with School 2017, then headlining MBC drama Time, dropped out midway, took a year off, returned with the mega hit Crash Landing on You as the memorable second male lead, and followed that up with the big hit Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) as the male lead. It’s as wild a drama script and turns out his behavior on the set of Time was indeed that, like a boyfriend willing to do anything his girlfriend asked of him including attitude and actions which ended up tanking a drama. He has now come out with his response to the revelations this week that his misbehavior on Time was due to his then girlfriend Seo Ye Ji demanding no skinship scenes with his costar or interactions with female staff. His full apology, handwritten, is translated below. He basically took full responsibility for his actions, did not mention Seo Ye Ji at all, and every other word is contrition and acknowledgment that he did what he is being called out for. It’s the right step, no clue how his career will go from here.

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