Lee Min Ho Follows Kim Soo Hyun’s Recent Rounder Look and Lights Up the C-netizens Again

Call it coincidence or perhaps the contentment stemming from runaway popularity, a mere two weeks after Kim Soo Hyun lit up the C-netizens and media by looking noticeably rounder at a car show, it’s Lee Min Ho‘s turn to set the tongues a-wagging. Lee Min Ho was snapped leaving Korea headed for China, a trip he’s been taking regularly this entire year since Heirs rocketed him to new heights of fame in China, looking like he’s not been sacrificing meals recently. No one is insane enough to call Lee Min Ho fat, he’s skinny even if he’s added a few healthy pounds, but he definitely is missing the visible jaw V-line that’s so prized in Korea and his fans are used to seeing on his face.

He showed up in China at a brand promotional event still looking more square-ish around the face, which wouldn’t be cause to light up the C-news portals but for the fact that he’s soooooo popular in China the C-media would write about him if he so much as sneezed. I think he looks fine and frankly the male model skinny look is just unsustainable and does no good for anyone, whether it’s the entertainer or the fans with unrealistic expectations. I actually think he looks manlier this way. The one-two punch of Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho gaining a teeny bit of weight so close in time has given their respective C-fans more ammunition to continue their “my oppa is hotter/more popular/a better actor than yours” battle. Continue reading

Park Shi Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye Considering Cross-border Chinese Romance Movie

Don’t shoot the messenger, okay? I’m as stunned at this hot off the press news release as anyone out there, Yoon Eun Hye fan or not. She hasn’t done a drama or movie all year, with the cameo appearance in Chronicles of a Blood Merchant notwithstanding, and frankly she can afford to be picky. It’s hard to fault her for being gun shy these days in accepting projects when she’s been in a series of dud almost all of which can be chalked up to terrible scriptwriting. The live filmed K-drama system forces leads to accept a project with only a few scripts produced, praying that the story doesn’t derail in the second half, which it often does.

Movies are better since the script is completed beforehand so the chances of picking a dud is less hinged on a crap shoot. With that said, I’m going to be really wary if Yoon Eun Hye does accept this upcoming movie project. The C-newspapers are all reporting that Yoon Eun Hye and Park Shi Hoo are in talks for an upcoming joint production movie tentatively called Love After Love (爱后之爱). Nothing is known about it other than it’s a joint involvement of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese production talent and financing and described as a traditional romance movie about love and loss. Continue reading

My Lovely Girl Episode 11 Recap

Even Shi Woo’s dippy new hat-and-bowl cut look can’t dim my affection for him. He’s officially my favorite character in My Lovely Girl, and with his story line this drama rises and falls on the only interesting aspect remaining. This week had a preemption in the Wednesday night airing so episode 11 aired on Thursday and thus the big unni secret reveal will have to wait until next week. I don’t have a problem with Hyun Wook and Se Na liking each other, and neither have any obligation to like Hae Yoon or Shi Woo back respectively. The problem now is that Hyun Wook and Se Na are just so dull together, if I’m generous then I’ll say their interactions are comfortably low key, but it’s really a thin line between that and making me (and each other) fall asleep.

Which actually happened in this episode! They hung out and fell asleep next to the cancer-ridden sick Dal Bong, making me wonder if the three of them need to be shipped off to a containment ward away from the spectre of death for Dal Bong and the fear of secret outing for Hyun Wook. Whatever fondness I have for Hyun Wook’s rock-and-a-hard place plight in falling for his dead girlfriend’s younger sister went away in this episode when he went ahead to date her without telling her the very important fact she needed to know to make an informed decision. Hyun Wook has worked through his issues but he owes Se Na the same courtesy so she can decide that loving him is worth whatever shared personal tragedy binds them. Continue reading

Bike Repair Shop Drops Insanely Cute Hug CF with Nam Ji Hyun and Park Hyung Sik

I’m pleased my pimp post for What’s With The Family got some folks to check it out. Hopefully everyone likes this easy-watching weekend family drama enough to continue on with 30 more episodes to go. I’m certainly in it for the long haul, though my interest will obviously wax and wane depending on what the current story line is involving my favorite youngsters Dal Bong played by Park Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun as his adorable lady love Seo Wool. Right now the two are in a tiff over the big reveal that this Dal Bong is not the Dal Bong that promised to marry Seo Wool twelve years ago.

That one is really named Eun Ho, a character that Seo Kang Joon makes easy on the eyes but mostly has a terrible personality that makes me want to smack him around until he grows up. I’m sure my sweetie OTP will make up (and kiss? pretty please PD-nim?) soon but until then there is some new skinship goodies to tide everyone over. The youth brand Bike Repair Shop (under the Beanpole label) smartly snapped up Park Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun as the fall/winter collection spokescouple. The CF stills have been released already but the video commercial was just released called “Hug”. I squealed so loud after watching the subway segment I think I injured my throat. Continue reading

Comedic Reverse-aging K-drama Mr. Back Releases First Teaser Preview

Not bad, not bad at all. The first teaser preview is out for the upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama now officially called Mr. Back. It used to be known as Mr. Baek for the last name of the age-reversing male lead, which granted wasn’t terribly clever or memorable, but now with Mr. Back I just think baby got back for some reason. All three main leads Shin Ha Kyun, Jang Nara, and Lee Joon make an appearance in this first teaser, a comedic melange of scenes from the drama that highlight a very Korean comedic feel.

Shin Ha Kyun’s ridiculous 80 year old make up aside, everyone looks good in character, especially Lee Joon who I have to admit was never attractive to me until this particular look he’s sporting in MB. Jang Nara looks incredibly fresh-faced for someone who just powered through a 20 episode drama where she had to cry a lot. At least we know the performance quality will be top notch with this one, here’s to hoping the story matches the acting talent. Continue reading

My Spring Days Episode 4 Recap

Ya’ all know I adore my Kam with all my heart, but really, it’s time to send Choi Soo-young some ♥♥♥, too. After only three episodes getting to know Bom-yi, she has become one of my favorite younger female leads. What delights me is how normal the character is, though a lot nicer than I would ever be. While cheerful and kind, there isn’t a hint of the dreaded Candy. I attribute this to how intelligently the character is written, too. Yes, she works hard at her job, but it’s a career, not delivering milk. Yes, she is kind to children and old folks, but with a wink and a grin, making sure they know she’s boss.

She shines especially as an actress in one-on-one interactions with her co-stars, making it look easy when it just isn’t. Working with veteran actors like Kam, Shim Hye-jin, Kwon Hae-Hyo, and briefly in this episode with Kang Boo-ja, could be intimidating for a novice. Let’s compare dramographies – the actor playing her father has been in 56 productions to her one previous as a lead and a handful of walk-ons. It’s not like her job is to appear briefly in a scene, drop a line or two and disappear, either. She’s going toe-to-toe with Oma delivering a credible performance of the daughter on the verge of emancipation. Continue reading

Vampire Doctor K-drama Blood Prepares for Production and Spoilery Details Leak

Is anyone sick of doctors and/or vampires in your K-drama diet these days? Recent doctor dramas like Good Doctor and Dr. Stranger, or the selection of vampire dramas like Vampire Flower (see above poster) and Vampire Prosecutor. I sure hope combining the two genres is a good idea because KBS is on the verge of commencing production on Blood, the follow up drama from the production team of Good Doctor. It’s the story of the battle between good and evil taking place in a hospital where the chief of a medical department is actually a vampire. DC gall is lighting up with news this week, some of which are details about the lead characters and the storyboard, both of which are exactly the spoilers I love to get my hands on.

Production is reportedly starting background filming at the end of October moving into a Jeju shoot in early November. Considering the drama hasn’t been cast yet, I’m not sure what filming can actually take place. The drama is slated for Mon-Tues following Healer which hasn’t even aired yet since it’s following the just started airing Tomorrow’s Cantabile. The two lead characters in Blood are confirmed to be in their thirties (male lead 37, female lead 31) and the vampire concept is written as a virus that infected the male lead’s parents before being passed on to him. Check out all the Blood(y) spoilers below. My interest is officially piqued.  Continue reading

Third Preview for Pride and Prejudice Ups the Interest Level Despite Lackluster Drama Posters

I think the Korean drama Pride and Prejudice about a bunch of prosecutors fighting crime is turning out alright based on the previews and stills. It’s definitely not a romantic story about singles navigating the marriage mart but using the same famous novel title might not be that far of a stretch. I’m seeing the conflicting attitudes of pride and prejudice onscreen when the two leads Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee interact, shades of the typical K-drama bickering couple chemistry but not overly antagonistic.

Both play prosecutors, which in Korea doesn’t just put the criminals behind bars but also participates in certain aspects of solving the crime and apprehending the suspect. The previews reminds me of You’re All Surrounded viewed from the prosecutorial side rather than the cop side, with a senior played by Choi Min Soo leading a team consisting of smart good looking young men and one lone pretty female to spice up the joint. The drama posters are the standard stand in a group and stare at the camera but the third preview drops more of the promised excitement to come. Continue reading

Lee Byung Hun Makes an Airport Public Apology to Wife Lee Min Jung Who is Reportedly Moving Back Home

Things appear to be winding down in the public and personal side of the recent K-ent scandal where A-list movie star Lee Byung Hun was blackmail by two young ladies using a recorded racy late night conversation. One of the blackmailers was Dahee of girl group GLAM while the other being a model who claimed she was having an affair with the married Lee Byung Hun who recently passed the one year marital anniversary date with K-actress wife Lee Min Jung. The two ladies were swiftly apprehended after Lee Byung Hun reported them to the police, and even the judiciary is moving fast on this case as the trial started last week.

Since the news broke Lee Min Jung has reportedly been spending time overseas whether for work or to stay away from the media attention, and since returning to Korea she had been staying at her parents house rather than the newlywed home she shares with her husband. Yesterday Lee Byung Hun left Korea reportedly for work commitments in the US and at the airport he made a public statement to the gathered media where he apologized to his wife and family for the pain this situation caused. Continue reading