Lee Jun Ki Faces Off with First Big Antagonist in Episode 5 of Flower of Evil as Drama Brings in 2.973%

Okay, episode 5 of Flower of Evil cements it for me. I LOVE THIS DRAMA. It’s totaly Nice Guy in steroids and also starring Moon Chae Won and switching one of my baes Song Joong Ki for Lee Jun Ki and grounded by an interesting story with still so much ground to cover. Episode 5 got 2.973% ratings as the episode was a face off between Hyun Soo and the taxi driver murderer who thinks he knows what happened to his dead wife and where her body is buried. I already think sister Hae Soo is the successor serial killer to their dad Do Min Seok though everyone thinks Hyun Soo is the junior psycho, but that leaves him in a pickle since he’ll want to protect noona still. I hate his fake parents, who obviously hate him too but it’s so awful seeing just how terrible Hyun Soo’s life has been even pretending to be Hee Sung. The only silver lining is wifey Ji Won and OMG she is just adorable and tenacious and perfect. I love her, and I love even more her love for Hyun Soo. The ending of episode 5 is like an ending to a penultimate episode of most dramas but we’re getting it so early, which just means we need to expect stratospheric levels of pain to come.

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Go Kyung Pyo, Seohyun, Kim Young Min, and Kim Hyo Jin are Sleek and Sexy in Posters and Teaser for jTBC Drama Private Life

September looks to start off smoldering with the vestiges of the Indian summer thanks the stylish swindling efforts of the leads of upcoming jTBC drama Private Life. The drama premieres the first week of September in the Wed-Thurs time slot … Continue reading

Big Three Networks SBS, MBC, and KBS to Cut Prime Time K-drama Production in Half in 2021 After Another Lackluster Ratings Year in 2020

Sigh, this is what happens when the product value drops and people find alternative options. If I could watch K-dramas on television to help with domestic ratings I would because I love the variety available and to know that low … Continue reading

Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo Still as Adorable Reuniting in Variety Show 11 Years After Hit Drama Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance

Oh gosh, so many feels! I can’t believe that it’s been as long as 11 years now since one of the crackiest K-dramas to ever grace the small screen aired. I’m talking about Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance which forever gets to … Continue reading

It’s Okay to Not be Okay Ends with Episode 16 Ratings High of 6.224% and 7.348% and a Perfect Complete Story With Heart and Soul

Two decades of Hallyu dramas under the belt leaves me a bit jaded and always guarded for the other shoe to drop, namely a really crappy ending. Not that an ending is unhappy for the OTP, even happy endings have … Continue reading

SBS Fri-Sat Drama Backstreet Rookie with Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung Ends with Average 6.6% AGB Nationwide Ratings

This weekend’s first drama finale was on SBS with its Fri-Sat drama Backstreet Rookie (Convenience Store Morning Star) ending its 16-episode run on Saturday. The drama got it’s highest rating ever of 9.5% in the second half of the final … Continue reading

Former AOA Member Mina Recovering After Rushed to Hospital for Suicide Attempt Following Multiple SNS Posts Showing Self Harm and Alarming Statements

Whenever there is a tragedy in K-ent there is also netizens wishing there was a cry for help before making those irrevocable decisions. In this case there is a loud, repeated, and direct cry for help from former AOA member … Continue reading

It’s Okay to Not be Okay Hits Ratings Highs of 5.567% and 6.492% in Penultimate Episode 15 as the Big Bad is Vanquished and The Road to the Healing Begins

I think it’s natural viewers are confused and it’s a bit polarizing in It’s Okay to Not be Okay that female lead Moon Young’s psychotic and sociopathic mom is back, but the writer paved the way from the very beginning … Continue reading