My Secret Hotel Episode 9 Recap

At this point My Secret Hotel is lucky leading lady Yoo In Na kissing her two equally hot leading men in alternating episodes. Then the random and randomly funny both add to the off-kilter feel this drama delivers, always making me wonder what the heck is really going on while enjoying the little bits dribbled forth. Episode 8 ended on an intense moment when Sung Gyum was so close to realizing he may have lost Sang Hyo even before he really won her, then the drama picks up with a bit of a lull until the action kicks into gear and Sung Gyum learns just how much a short business trip cost him. I still find him alternatively smexy and shady, and the shady increases exponentially here with tiny throwaway moments where I think he’s restraining this fierce anger inside of him. Whether it’s anger from a thwarted romance or more than that, we’ll have to wait and see and the waiting is starting to worry me since I like Sang Hyo’s interactions with both her guys so much. I have no problems with Sang Hyo kissing Sung Gyum and trying to move on from the crazy that happens whenever she’s around Hae Young.

That might be true love but it has proven absolutely devastating in the past and fell apart majorly at the seams. Sang Hyo is not being bitchy when she doesn’t give Hae Young a chance again, learning more about their break up reveals that it was immaturity on both their parts but Hae Young was the one who made the decision to put career over marriage when push came to shove. Sang Hyo’s hesitation and fear is understandable and there is nothing wrong with giving the hot sexy smart new guy in her life a chance. Hae Young has major work to do in winning back Sang Hyo’s trust because the love is still there but the worry of repeating the same mistake is the overriding wall between them. I loved everything about episode 9 from Sung Gyum and Hae Young’s epic mano-a-mano showdown in the hotel room to Soo Ah bonding in her way with Sang Hyo and then calling her unni. Soo Ah may have the brains of a sea urchin but she’s not manipulatively cruel and her self-absorption could be channeled to learning humility through the struggle for true love. I think Sang Hyo and Hae Young need more than his solo effort alone to succeed, it might actually take an entire hotel to bring this divorced couple back together. Continue reading

First Look at Oguri Shun Leading Star-studded Cast for Time-travel J-dorama Nobunaga Concerto

Holy mamacitas what is this crazy star-studded cast of what is shaping up to be the biggest fall J-dorama around. Oguri Shun is headlining the upcoming Fuji TV 50th anniversary special dorama Nobunaga Concerto, a time-traveling story based on the popular same name manga. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, wait til you hear the line up for the entire cast. With Oguri Shun playing a dumb jock high school teenager who time-travels back to 16th century Japan during the end of the Warring States period, he’s joined in the main cast by real life best buddy and phenomenal leading man Yamada Takayuki as his rival, heartthrob Mukai Osamu as Oda’s retainer, most gorgeous man over-40 Fujiki Naohito as a genius consigliere and battle strategist, and forever charming Shibasaki Kou as Oda’s put upon wife. Rounding out the cast is Hamada Gaku, Kaho playing Kou’s maid, Saotome Taichi, third generation Zainichi Korean actor Arai Hirofume, and grown up child actor Yagira Yuya.

I think my brain started short circuiting when I heard Shun and Takayuki were reuniting in a dorama, forever those bromance feels from Crows Zero plus their travelogue hilarity over the years. Then it basically fully fried itself once Mukai Osamu and Fujiki Naohito were added to the cast. This is actually the second time-traveling dorama in the last year involving Oda Nobunaga, which begs the question of why no one is time-traveling back to the era of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu? The earlier time-traveling dorama I’m talking about is Nobunaga no Chef with perpetually wide-eyed Tamamori Yuta where he plays a chef who time travels back and becomes Oda Nobunaga’s head chef. Talk about random. The dorama even got a second season so clearly there is interest in the topic so Nobunaga Concerto might actually be arriving at the perfect time. The dorama premieres October 13th as a getsu9 so get ready for hilarity and awesomeness on your Monday nights! Continue reading

Aaron Yan Drops New MV and Major Shade on Two Fahrenheit Group Mates

I wonder what made puppy shoot his mouth off like this but one thing for certain is that Aaron Yan isn’t afraid of rattling up controversy by speaking bluntly. Last week Aaron was in Singapore to attend the Golden Awards and that was followed by the release of his new official MV for the single “The Unwanted Love”. The song has been out for awhile since it was used in the drama Fall in Love with Me with Tia Li but now he’s released it with an Aaron-only MV. Thankfully this one doesn’t involved awkward dancing like the last MV he dropped with guest star Puff Guo. Those two need to make out, not dance. The MV for “The Unwanted Love” is all photoshopped with two Aarons in front of the dry Utah desert outcroppings but what makes it work is Aaron’s gorgeous profile and the face-off on top of the ledge plank. Plus the director clearly had a valid reason to get one Aaron topless even if the other was wearing a hideous checkered suit and ought to have been topless as well.

What’s more buzzworthy to the TW-media over topless Aaron is his recent interview where he went Full Monty on revealing the dirt behind the Fahrenheit sorta split as well as his current relationship with his group mates. Aaron revealed that Wu Zun was always the most popular but it wasn’t just Zun who wanted to leave Fahrenheit as Calvin Chen and Jiro Wang also wanted the group to disband. Aaron was very hurt by that because he was the maknae and felt like they didn’t care about what would happen to him if the group split up. Over the years everyone has done well in their individual careers but now Aaron only keeps in touch with Wu Zun who he describes as the only one who treats him like a good friend that he’s gone through career building hardship with. With the other two there is simply courtesy contact when a new project comes out. The open shade on Calvin and Jiro is undeniable but since all four are doing well I suppose no one would think Aaron was knocking others down. I guess Fahrenheit fans can kiss reunion tours or future albums goodbye. Continue reading

Kim Sun Ah Posts Adorable Selca of Her with Good Friend Jang Hyuk

It’s been awhile since Kim Sun Ah has been out in the public eye and that’s mostly due to her working less these past two years. This year she did have a headlining K-movie called The Five and drama-wise her last television appearance was two years ago in I Do, I Do with Lee Jang Woo. I miss her both for her brand of powerful woman acting and for the fact that it would be sad to see her career declining because of her age or other such lame reasons. Kim Sun Ah updated her SNS account this past week after months of silence as she posted a picture of her and Jang Hyuk. I’ve known Sun Ah and Hyukkie are really good friends since I love them both and follow their careers, but this might be news to some newer drama fans especially since they have never done a project together. Kim Sun Ah actually discussed her over a decade long good friendship with Jang Hyuk last year when she was interviewed during the filming of her movie The Five. They started out in acting at the same time in the same company and are almost the same age so they quickly became fast platonic friends and over the years their friendship involved discussing work projects and giving each other acting support.

When Sun Ah was filming The Five, she revealed that Jang Hyuk visited her on the set while he was in the vicinity while filming his drama IRIS 2, and even more heartwarming was that he was the only one of her close friends to visit her twice on the set for that movie making. I love that they can sustain a genuine different gender friendship that has lasted even after Jang Hyuk got married and is now the daddy to two boys. They also look sooooo cute together in that selca above that I now want them to do a drama together! I know folks loved the K-version of Fated to Love You but it was just okay for me in terms of keeping my interest and it’s 99% due to me watching the original and knowing the whole story already. Jang Hyuk and Kim Sun Ah are two of the actors in the industry that I find almost always have raging hot chemistry with their costars so why not with each other for once? C’mon drama gods, make it happen! Two years ago they even attended mutual good friend Go Soo‘s wedding together so have some throwback pictures below, as well as some recent solo media pics of Kim Sun Ah as she made the rounds for her movie promos. Continue reading

Yoo Seung Ho Wooed with Over a Dozen TV and Movie Projects Including the K-movie The Joseon Magician

As expected, the impending release of Yoo Seung Ho from military service is already generating major industry buzz. Everyone knows one thing for certain, he went in a boy and is coming out a man. Whether or not he’ll have abs to show is irrelevant, he’s officially done with tween or teen roles and is returning to the welcome embraces of leading man territory. He already played adult roles in his last few projects before enlisting such as Flames of Desire when he was still too young to be believable, Operation Proposal where I liked the high school portion more than the adult, and Missing You where he made crazy obsessed his own brand of fascinating. There are big budget K-dramas on the horizon in 2015 such as MBC‘s Kill He, Heal Me or SBS‘s Descendants of the Sun that might be courting Yoo Seung Ho for all I know, but for now the first publicly announced project offer extended to Yoo Seung Ho is a sageuk K-movie called The Joseon Magician.

Nothing else is known about the movie other than the director has zeroed in on Yoo Seung Ho as his number one leading man choice and a top A-list actress is also in talks to star. Yoo Seung Ho’s management company has confirmed that he received the offer for The Joseon Magician but it’s merely one of the over a dozen scripts for upcoming 2015 dramas and movies that have been offered to Yoo Seung Ho recently. A veteran entertainment insider revealed that Yoo Seung Ho is one of the the most coveted leading men right now and there is a heated wooing war going on with competing television and big screen projects wanting to land him as his first comeback role. Yoo Seung Ho’s agent revealed that he’s still serving in the army and hasn’t taken time off to review all the project offers so there is nothing confirmed at this time about what Yoo Seung Ho plans to do after he’s discharged. Continue reading

Sound of the Desert Releases Poignant Official Drama Theme Song MV by Hu Ge

I’ve been thinking about the most wonderful yet thoroughly depressing to read male leads in Tong Hua novels and she’s done a fantastic job of creating many unforgettable such men. 8th Prince got it bad in Bu Bu Jing Xin since he had the girl until the tides of history kicked him in the arse and she left him rather than walk the doomed path by his side. She was pragmatic and he was screwed. Meng Jue in Yun Zhong Ge screwed himself over by having the girl and then cheating on her however briefly before realizing what he wanted was just her. Lu Li Cheng in Secrets Hidden in Time could never win the heart of the girl due to a lame memory and a grade-A douchebag for a rival. And I can’t even talk about Lost You Forever. All of these men were awesome but ultimately heartbroken, but looking back now it’s clear that Jiu Ye (Meng Jiu) in Da Mo Yao might be the single most selfless and woebegone Tong Hua male lead out there. And he starts off being crippled to begin with! Oh the unfairness of life.

All the gears are turning for the imminent arrival of Sound of the Desert, the drama adaptation of Da Mo Yao starring Liu Shi Shi, Hu Ge, and Eddie Pang. There is a brand new official video arriving this week in the form of the MV for the drama side theme song “Please Live Well” sung by Hu Ge. Even though Hu Ge was not in the sprawling cast of BBJX, he actually performed the opening theme duet “A Persistent Mind” with Alan. I quite like his singing and having him contribute to the Sound of the Desert OST was a great decision…..if you like having your heart and guts ripped out through your throat. This song from the lyrics to the melody just screams “why are the fates so cruel to Jiu Ye!” and will likely leave you making agonized faces at the screen while tamping down the urge to write your own DMY fanfiction. Check out the Shi Shi-Hu Ge only official MV below and bring some tissues. Continue reading

The Faye Wong-Nic Tse Reunion Story Gets Even Juicier with Pregnancy Rumors

If the recent explosive rumors about Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse are all true, then real life is surely way more fantastical than even fanfiction. Hot on the heels of an intrepid paparazzi team that staked out HK singer-actress Faye Wong’s Beijing luxury condo to capture a four day stay-in love fest with her reunited ex-boyfriend Nic Tse, there has been another bombshell rumor that rockets this particular story to never before seen heights of shocking. A reputable Chinese entertainment industry production blogger posted on his weibo account that Faye is carrying Nic’s baby and the two reunited months ago already. To say the Faye-Nic relationship circa 2000 was the biggest dating news in HK-ent back then is an understatement – she was a minted singing goddess the likes of Beyonce today, he was a brash rebellious son of a HK-acting legend and just starting out in his career, and to cap it off there was a 11-year age difference between them with Faye being 31 and Nic 20 when they started dating. For her 32nd birthday present, Nic bought a custom license plate for Faye that read “FE1″ which cost him over $100,000 US dollars.

Theirs was a romance that burned so hot and bright when it ended there was a palpable sadness that such a wild and unexpected couple couldn’t make it work. Over the years Nic has kept a torch for Faye and publicly admitted he loved her the most of all his exes. When Faye divorced her second husband C-actor Li Ya Peng, he wrote a very sad post on his weibo where he described his marriage with Faye as this “I wanted a family, she was a legend, I wanted a wife, she was a goddess.” If the new rumors are true and Faye really is nearly 3 months along with Nic’s baby, this would mark her third child (and each with a different baby daddy) and his third child (after two with ex-wife Cecilia Cheung) and she would be a very high risk expecting mother at 45 years old. Even if the pregnancy rumors aren’t true, they are definitely back together after Nic’s manager raged at the media for the sleazy invasion of privacy in photographing his client last week through the window, thereby confirming that it was indeed Nic at Faye’s condo for those four days. Since this dating news is all good, imma going to grab some popcorn and sit back to keep watching the show. Continue reading