Lee Byung Hun Makes an Airport Public Apology to Wife Lee Min Jung Who is Reportedly Moving Back Home

Things appear to be winding down in the public and personal side of the recent K-ent scandal where A-list movie star Lee Byung Hun was blackmail by two young ladies using a recorded racy late night conversation. One of the blackmailers was Dahee of girl group GLAM while the other being a model who claimed she was having an affair with the married Lee Byung Hun who recently passed the one year marital anniversary date with K-actress wife Lee Min Jung. The two ladies were swiftly apprehended after Lee Byung Hun reported them to the police, and even the judiciary is moving fast on this case as the trial started last week.

Since the news broke Lee Min Jung has reportedly been spending time overseas whether for work or to stay away from the media attention, and since returning to Korea she had been staying at her parents house rather than the newlywed home she shares with her husband. Yesterday Lee Byung Hun left Korea reportedly for work commitments in the US and at the airport he made a public statement to the gathered media where he apologized to his wife and family for the pain this situation caused. Continue reading

Video Preview for Episode 11 of My Lovely Girl

My Lovely Girl is headed towards it’s finale stretch and still the drama delivers only the feeling of “that’s it?” whenever the end of an episode rolls around. Oddly I can’t pinpoint exactly where things are being dulled down, much like a breadmaker would know which of the ingredients was off so the bread didn’t rise. The idol actors in the cast are serviceable, especially Krystal and L and even Hoya with his limited screen time. The veteran actors are all delivering on cue even if Rain alternates overacting (what’s with all the ugly crying, dude?) with underacting.

The Golden Retriever remains the most consistent and satisfying performer, but the story has veered from beyond predictable to checking off the boxes. I think my fondness for it is the really understated vibe, there isn’t a lot of over-the-top conflict and everything plays out rather muted. The two leads also have very sensible and low key personalities, perhaps a bit too mellow but watching them is very relaxing. I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop in episode 11 once adorable Shi Woo finds out Se Na and Hyun Wook are dating and for Jae Young to keep getting a leg up and catching Hyuk Wook unawares with his devious plots. Continue reading

Popular Mashup C-drama Heirs From Another Star Preparing for Korea Streaming Broadcast

This post is by no means recommending anyone watch Heirs From Another Star, a webisode C-drama that mashes together the titles from two of the most popular K-dramas of last year in Heirs and You From Another Star but plotwise doesn’t really have anything to do with either drama. Smart marketing move if any because in the short month since it premiered on Chinese video streaming portal iQiyi the drama has been viewed over 70 million times and has raked in unending fascination in terms of viewer interest.

Now the online drama is heading back to Korea where it got its inspiration as the production has finished dubbing all 10 episodes in Korean and is fielding a bidding war for the online airing rights. I actually watched all 10 episodes when it premiered, it’s like brainless crack, once I started watching I literally couldn’t stop. I was riveted by the skimpy production values, how bad all the actors were (though male lead Wen Zhuo is easy on the eyes), and what a silly inoffensive watch this turned out to be. All episodes are available online so watch it below without subs if you’re curious, frankly subs aren’t even needed for this hot mess. Continue reading

Fall Editions of S.Pop Magazine Highlight Current TW-drama Eye Candy

I think S.Pop magazine might be the equivalent of Tiger Beat but for the Taiwan idol fan crowd. Nothing wrong with that, the only time I ignore a new issue is if it features leads from one of the SETTV dramas I’ve avoiding like the plague. The latest two issues have been solid eye candy for me, the September one featuring more Aaron Yan (I’m still not sick of seeing him yet) while the October edition showcases the new pairing of George Hu and Yuan Ai Fei in the currently airing daily drama Love Cheque Charge. I finally have a reason to share my thoughts on LCC, the only daily drama I’ve followed all year with an allure all it’s own. It’s not as wholesome cute as Two Fathers but focuses more on the family in the same way so the OTP romance is a slow slow burn.

What’s great is the noticeable acting improvement of Yuan Ai Fei as the drama progresses (It’s fascinating visibly seeing her getting better) while George is pitch perfect in his role in both looks, chemistry, and acting. One of my faves from him in a good long while. I’m not even jonesing for the leads to fall for each other in earnest as I find their sweet uncomplicated interactions wonderfully entertaining. LCC is such a welcome breath of fresh air it even washes away the lingering stench of crazy left behind from Aaron’s Fall in Love with Me. Though the decision to pair his September pictorial with the batshit insane second female lead Beatrice Fang is an interesting choice. Not sure anyone out there was shipping those two, like, for even a millisecond. Continue reading

Tomorrow’s Cantabile First Three Episode Ratings Each Drop Double-Digits

Hate to have to say this, but maybe K-dramas really shouldn’t attempt another Japanese manga adaptation for the foreseeable future. Or at least hold off until it figures out how to delicately flesh out the source material in a Korean aesthetic without butchering it wholesale. I haven’t written about Tomorrow’s Cantabile (Naeil’s Cantabile), the Korean adaptation of the shoujo manga Nodame Cantabile, since it premiered last week. I honestly don’t have a single good thing to say about it after watching the first two episodes so refrained from piling on or raining on the parade of those who do like it. It’s not for me doesn’t mean it’s not for somebody out there.

Sadly for production coming in with high expectations, it’s now looking more and more like a whole lot of people may not find it a palatable either despite the big name stars and big budget. TC premiered on KBS with a decent 8.5% ABG rating for episode one but since then it’s been on a fast track downward spiral, dropping to 7.4% in episode two and now to 5.8% with yesterday’s episode three. Ouch. Every previous Joo Won drama on KBS has been a massive ratings hit from Baker King Kim Tak Goo, Ojakkyo Brothers, Gaksital, and Good Doctor but it looks like his KBS hit streak has finally come to an end. Continue reading

Park Shin Hye Singles Out Former Costars Jang Geun Seok and Lee Min Ho as Working Best with Her

Park Shin Hye is currently filming the upcoming SBS K-drama Pinocchio and as a fan I’m looking forward to what she delivers this time around. I’m sure plenty of viewers are waiting to see if she’s back on top after being so lackluster in her last drama Heirs, and especially checking out whether she has romantic chemistry with leading man Lee Jong Seok. She’s featured in a Star 1 spread this week that is fall floral centric and quite lovely actually with a good balance of flowers and feminine allure.

A minor quibble would be Park Shin Hye having the same look in every picture but otherwise she’s connecting with the camera nicely. During the accompanying interview, she humbly denied any kudos for helping turn her previous leading men into Hallyu stars, instead only allowing that perhaps she helped them to shine more. When asked which of her costars she worked best with, Park Shin Hye specifically mentioned Jang Geun Seok from You’re Beautiful (both child actors, they understood each other well and got along wonderfully on set) and Lee Min Ho from Heirs (she complimented his great personality and felt they had great chemistry together). Continue reading

My Spring Days Episode 12 Recap

Dong-ha speech to Bom-yi about wanting her to live for herself, to go out and do what she wishes and go wherever she wants intrigues me. It certainly doesn’t mean he will allow her to venture out and ne’er return. By admitting his love for her, he put his claim on her even knowing the risk of further distancing his brother . She is his and he wants her by his side. What exactly does he envision for his Bom-yi, then? Her job prospects are good, as she has skills and smarts, which means we don’t have to suffer through any study abroad baloney. God, I hope not! Maybe he is countering the fear Oma voiced to his mother earlier.

If she were to marry Dong-ha, that she wouldn’t inherit all the duties attached to running a household with children. While she would be integrated into the family, it would not become her full time job to care for them — which makes sense. No need to stop working outside the house, as Oma instructed earlier, no need to be a stay-at-home mom/cook/laundress/maid/tutor/chauffeur. Her life should be enriched by the change in status to wife, not diminished by it. Dong-ha’s biggest regret with Soo-jung was that she never finished school, never became an independent person before marrying him. Not that he believed Soo-jung was unhappy being his wife; just that she missed reaching her full potential as a person. Continue reading

Jang Nara Visits Healing Camp and Meets Face-twin Sung Yuri

This is news to me but apparently K-ent has long seen same age K-actresses Sung Yuri and Jang Nara are face-twins. Really? They’re both ridiculously pretty and don’t seem to age one whit from their late teen debut days, but for some reason I’m not seeing the resemblance much. With that said, Sung Yuri has been hosting the candid discussion show Healing Camp this year and recently Jang Nara made a guest appearance now that she’s much more active in K-ent again. Jang Nara wrapped up Fated to Love You this summer and is diving into yet another K-drama filming with Mr. Baek costarring Shin Ha Kyun.

Right now everyone is still loving Jang Nara’s chemistry with Jang Hyuk so it’ll be interesting to see how her pairing with Shin Ha Kyun is received. Sung Yuri has also worked with Jang Hyuk before in the K-movie Rabbit and Lizard so I can imagine the two lovely ladies sharing stories about working with Hyuk oppa. On a more serious note, Jang Nara opened up in Healing Camp about the stresses of being an entertainer which led to her suffering from bulimia and panic disorders leading to agoraphobia. She is much better now after treatment and that’s a relief to hear. Continue reading

Kim Ji Hoon and Oh Yeon Seo Go From Weekend Drama to Hotel Room Romp for Singles Magazine

Did anyone watch the just ended weekend drama Come! Jang Bo Ri (also known as Jang Bo Ri is Here)? I’ve only seen ten minutes of a random episode when I was recently at the jjimjalbang and watching whatever was on TV while lounging on the warm floor waiting for my massage. It happened to be Jang Bo Ri and I honestly would have no way to identify said drama other than Kim Ji Hoon showing up and I immediately made the connection to his being part of a currently airing weekend fare.

Kim Ji Hoon and his Jang Bo Ri leading lady Oh Yeon Seo graced the pages of July’s edition of Singles Magazine and it’s a photo spread that immediately reminded me of Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ah‘s risque spread for Vogue Korea while they were promoting Secret Love Affair. It’s sexy enough to share as a retrospective – Kim Ji Hoon smolders wonderfully while Oh Yeon Seo’s hairstyle is occasionally distracting. The lounging in a hotel room post-romp vibe is sexy but I wish there was more oomph between them. Continue reading