Kingdom and It’s Okay to Not be Okay Only K-dramas to Make the New York Times Top TV Shows of 2020 List

The end of year lists are starting to come out and this has been a banner year for K-dramas in elevating to a broader viewing audience with a combination of Netflix making a push on the streaming and also COVID-19 keeping people at home without the other forms of entertainment. I actually have friends who have never watched K-dramas reaching out to me, knowing my experience, asking for recommendations. The most prestigious US newspaper The New York Times, the Gray Lady herself, has including two K-dramas on its annual top TV shows of the year list: zombie sageuk Kingdom and mental healthy romance It’s Okay to Not be Okay. Kingdom was produced by Netflix and aired exclusively on the network while It’s Okay aired on tvN with a simul-stream on Netflix. I can see more K-drama productions signing Netflix deals to keep their great offerings on the streaming platform making the most investment in promoting K-dramas. Congrats to these two for getting the recognition, I loved both for different reasons.

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Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen in First Teaser and Promos for We Married as a Job SP Airing January 2021

Oh my god, hold my champagne. and you betcha I’m multi bottling for New Year’s 2021 much like using alcohol to ward off the evil spirits because hell nah is next year going to be suckier than this dumpster fire … Continue reading

It’s Okay Not to be Okay and The King: Eternal Monarch Remain Most Watched K-dramas Worldwide on Netflix in 2020 as of December

There is just one more month left to lock in the viewership on Netflix for the shows streaming on the platform and the first year there was tracking on Flixpatrol. I’m hoping a K-drama remains in the top 20 and … Continue reading

Public Kisses and Private Flirting in New Promos for jTBC Romance Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick with Won Jin Ah and Ro Woon

There are two webtoon adaptations coming soon and I much prefer the gorgeous swoony vibe of Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick over the slapstick silliness of True Beauty. It also helps that Ro Woon is freaking INSANE looking … Continue reading