Yoon Kyun Sang Gets His Media Spotlight Post Pinocchio Success

I wish K-ent had more talented actors like Yoon Kyun Sang these days. Tall, strapping, manly actors who command the screen even in a small role, elevating limited screen time into an unforgettable performance. It’s not that he is in possession of extraordinary acting prowess per se, akin to method acting gods such as Kim Myung Min, but he has in his arsenal a potent connection with the camera paired with very substantial screen presence with his towering height and build. I know there are plenty of shorter and/or slighter leading men out there, especially with the flower boy craze these last few years, which is why he’s an outlier in the pool and one I greatly appreciate having around.

Now the watch is on to see whether the huge uptick in popularity and good reviews he’s gotten from Pinocchio will be followed with acting offers in projects that don’t suck. I would rather he do supporting roles a bit longer than to jump at the first leading man role in a whatever project. It used to be hard finding good promo stills for him since he had so few projects under his belt but thanks to Pinocchio he’s done ever major media outlet post-drama interview so nosh to your heart’s content on all the Yoon Kyun Sang stills below. Continue reading

Lee Dong Gun Goes All Out Man-boy in New Teaser and Stills for Super Daddy Yul

I’m hesitantly looking forward to upcoming tvN drama Super Daddy Yul. The looking forward part solely for Lee Dong Gun‘s return to drama land headlining his own drama, and the hesitant part hinging on the story being about a single mom with terminal illness grooming a future father for her young daughter. I’m not adverse to dramas where death is built in or even greatly hinted at from the beginning and the story develops naturally to that bittersweet conclusion. I just find Super Daddy’s super bright comedic stills and teasers counter to that type of storytelling where poignancy and tears are just around the corner, and that worries me the story will have a hard time balancing the two disparate moods.

With that said, I’m game to hang my hat on the optimism holder for now, even if it’s purely to cheer Lee Dong Gun on after the ordeal he was put through in his last drama. This time he’s got a fantastic leading lady in Lee Yoo Ri plus an adorable moppet in child actress Lee Re, not to mention playing against his real life dashing leading man image to play a loser-ish bum who can’t grow up. Seo Jun Young and Seo Ye Ji round out the cast as the obligatory second leads but the story is clearly centered around the mommy-daughter duo’s attempts to make a daddy/man out of Lee Dong Gun’s character. More stills are below along with a hilarious second teaser involving a fart and an elevator. Continue reading

Lee Byung Hun Apologizes at the Airport Upon Returning to Korea with Lee Min Jung

Oh boy, that kid’s face says it all, doesn’t it? Incheon airport was a frenzy yesterday as A-list but scandal prone actor Lee Byung Hun returned to Korea with his pregnant wifey actress Lee Min Jung in tow. The two have spent the last two months in the US likely to lay low as the legal proceedings wrapped in the blackmail case where Lee Byung Hun was extorted by two young aspiring starlets. Now that Lee Min Jung is about two months away from giving birth the couple have returned to Korea for the remainder of her pregnancy.

The media frenzy at the airport was no joke, which leads me to wonder who told the press beforehand they were coming back that day. The expressions say it all, and not just of the random kid in the picture above staring in “da fuq is this?” shock at the proceedings. Lee Min Jung’s “I don’t give a fuck bitch face” is pretty epic while Lee Byung Hun looked like he hadn’t slept or shaven for a few days, either in severe agony or helping the apology tableau look more authentic, take your pick. After whisking the unamused wifey away to the waiting car, Lee Byung Hun returned to directly address the media and gave his first direct apology to the Korean public for his actions in this entire mess. Continue reading

Kim Soo Hyun Offered Role in You From Another Star Screenwriter’s Upcoming KBS Drama

I’ll believe this casting will happen after I see the signature on the dotted line. Until then, any drama (or movie) casting mentioning Kim Soo Hyun gets taken with a huge grain of salt from me. Even one like this, which sounds like it could happen, as opposed to the random Dr. Frankenstein offer from late last year. K-ent is reporting that Kim Soo Hyun has personally met with the screenwriter of his last mega-hit K-drama You From Another Star and been offered the role for her upcoming KBS drama.

The drama is tentatively titled “Producer” and will be set in the entertainment world. More specifically, it’s set in a entertainment production division and the role offered to Kim Soo Hyun is the male lead who is a PD. Screenwriter Park Ji Eun has been a K-drama writing darling even before YFAS, she wrote the huge weekend hit You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly as well the the surprise hit Queen of Housewives, but YFAS has got to be her crowning glory work on the resume seeing as it was a beyond Korean hit in ways her other dramas never achieved. Kim Soo Hyun seriously considering her next work is believable and if accepted will train all eyes on Producer. Continue reading

Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung Confirmed for SBS Drama Sensory Couple

The tables are finally set for the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Sensory Couple, aka The Girl Who Sees Smells, and the question is whether the audience will take a seat at the table. Just as Hyde, Jekyll, Me rounds the corner on episode 12, leaving only 8 episodes remaining before my Hyun Bin is freed from captivity, SBS can breathe a sigh of relief that the follow up dramas has its leads at long last. Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung are officially confirmed for the drama, making it one expected casting with one last minute arrival. Whether it works or not, let’s all keep our fingers-crossed since I don’t want to write off yet another drama before it even airs.

Sensory Couple is adapted from a popular webtoon, much like its predecessor Hyde, Jekyll, Me, and like that production has also elected to change the drama title from the original webtoon title. All the make it more confusing to search around for source material is my take. Sensory Couple tells the healing romance of a girl who develops the supernatural ability to see smells after surviving a serial killer attack a few years ago with a cop who has lost the ability to feel anything after losing his younger sister to the same serial killer. Shin Se Kyung is making a niche for herself as the healer of broken men after Blade Man, while Yoochun is similarly doing his third turn as a drama law enforcement officer. Continue reading

Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 12 Recap

There might be a new sheriff in town, and other than having a snazzier name than bland sounding Robin, he might actually be the missing link in this whole story. Hyde, Jekyll, Me has been underwhelming from the first moment on but those still watching (like me!) have bene holding out for an eventual reward however small. I see a glimmer of it even if wading through the continued narrative plod is a bit soul crushing. I didn’t care to read too much into the drama title after it started airing since I wanted the writer to get her pacing and intrigue up to par, not expecting a twist may have been built in from the start. I teasingly nicknamed the drama Hyde, Jekyll, Tree for Ha Na’s lumbering presence but now that’s totally not appropriate because the three identities in the title clear refer to Seo Jin and his TWO alter egos. Welcome to the party, Terry!

At first blush I hated episode 12, and even after recapping it the disappointments outweigh the pluses. Except recapping it gave me time to really delve into the elements that are slowly coming together, namely Seo Jin’s no-holds-barred confrontation into his own scarred (and scared) memories and his in control way of dealing with the current predicament. He steps down from running Wonder Land on his own terms, making Young Chan proud and showing the audience that he’s ten times the man that Robin is. I know Robin is the savior personality and find no fault with that, but Robin is so stunted in his outlook and world view, living only to help and to love. It makes him seem like a child living in his own little bubble world, which is dangerous when the cold reality intrudes. It’s in that zone where that only Seo Jin is equipped to deal with it, and I sure hope he keeps on impressing me with his capable thoughtfulness. Continue reading

Lee Jong Seok and Suzy Adorably Entice Viewers to Crave Fried Chicken

I wonder if the casting director was aware of the debunked dating rumors last year, or simply thought these two popular youngsters would be great paired up together? Regardless of the reason, I totally dig the new fried chicken CF featuring Lee Jong Seok and Suzy beaming with youthful cuteness. This is exactly how to package these two together, in short snippets where Suzy can be cute but not be required to act LOL. I don’t follow her every CF move otherwise I’d probably be sick and tired of seeing her in every other ad in Korea, as is she’s still super adorable in the right context.

Lee Jong Seok is coming off a well-received drama Pinocchio, and it appears he wandered from the set of the drama to the set of this CF because he just looks like his Ki Ha Myung/Choi Dal Po character. I’m getting a teensy bit of whiplash wondering if Ha Myung is cheating on his In Ha! I sometimes forget Suzy is as young as she is since it feels like she’s been around forever, not to mention her popularity is really amazing for someone of her age and years in the industry. This ad actually made me crave fried chicken so kudos for the two pretty spokes models for their jobs. Continue reading

Seo Jin and His Ha Na Tree Take a Longing Walk in Hyde, Jekyll, Me

I swear my “Ha Na is like Seo Jin’s special tree” metaphor came completely organically. I kept wondering how best to really capture her presence in Hyde, Jekyll, Me (or Hyde, Jekyll, Tree) so far and her stiff and blank facial expressions (or non-expressions) totally landed me in the tree comparison realm. Even better is Seo Jin having an indoor atrium/hothouse in his sprawling residence, all the better for the flora analogizes to take root. I’m so on a roll here LOL. The production is even making my case by releasing stills from episode 12 showing the two leads walking through a tree lined outdoor boulevard, a scene where Ha Na blends in with her surroundings in ways that are exactly opposite to how she doesn’t blend into this drama at all.

I’m growing increasingly fond of the drama as Seo Jin’s story takes flight, not to mention crazy vengeful Tae Joo adds to the limited excitement onscreen. I can even root for Seo Jin and Ha Na as an OTP (totally don’t feel Ha Na-Robin one whit) because narratively that has been established as part of Seo Jin’s breakthrough and opening up. Like I said, Ha Na’s his special tree and he’s finally going to take care of her himself rather than let Robin get all the potted fun. That doesn’t mean I now like Ha Na, or that Han Ji Min has improved her acting. Her character remains woefully written and Han Ji Min’s acting continues to be shockingly lackluster. Her way her speaking her dialogue at times like this (A….re…you….Ro…..bin…..?) with a totally blank face drives me nutters. If the PD is directing her as such then boo on creating the whole Ha Na mess. Bad tree, bad tree, you go timeout over there! Continue reading

Lee Jin Wook Returns to KBS with Upcoming Mon-Tues Drama Hello Monster

This casting news feels like three steps too early but that’s hardly a problem when the bigger issue is recent dramas seemingly not being able to cast leads. The upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama has now been confirmed to be an out-of-the-blue selection called Hello Monster. Originally the personality disorder medical drama Dr. Frankenstein was supposed to follow behind the currently airing Blood but clearly that’s not happening when DF can’t find a leading man after both Kim Soo Hyun and Yoo Ah In passed on the drama. The current KBS Mon-Tues slot is the rating pits no thanks to the critically eviscerated Blood so it’ll be an uphill climb for the successor drama.

Luckily for Hello Monster, the drama is on the right track by inking a leading man already, and one that is both good looking and talented to boot. Lee Jin Wook is returning to prime time as the leading man of Hello Monster after doing tvN cable dramas I Need Romance 2, Nine: Nine Times Travels, and Three Musketeers after his military discharge. He’s returning to the scene of the crime KBS, namely his last big network drama was the still insanely bad Spy Myung Wol, which actually gives me hives just remembering the experience of watching it. I’m iffy on both the KBS track record of late and the short snippet synopsis of Hello Monster. The bright side? It doesn’t involve personality disorders or vampires, yay! Downside? Read on and see for yourself. Continue reading