Jo Jung Seok and Yoona Gift Fans of Exit with Cute Dance to Celebrate Hitting 9 Million Ticket Sales

As I am writing this, the ticket sales for the comedy disaster movie Exit is at 9.7 million so it even has a chance to break 10 million which is a incredible milestone beyond what it has already accomplished. The movie is the summer 2019 hit of the Korean box office but unfortunately will not get the title of biggest hit of 2019 which is held by chicken/cop/surveillance comedy Extreme Jobs which is the second highest ticket sales K-movie of all time at over 14 million and just behind The Admiral: Raging Currents at 17 million. I caught Extreme Jobs on a flight to Rome and it was awesome, so funny with an even better ending twist. I hope to see Exit soon and am thrilled for leads Yoona and Jo Jung Seok to have landed and contributed to the success of this movie. Enjoy their cute dance which also ends with Chuseok well-wishes. Continue reading

First Teaser for TV Chosun Remake of Leverage Starring Lee Dong Gun, Jeon Hye Bin, and Kim Sae Ron

Smaller cable network TV Chosun has picked up the K-drama remake of US show Leverage, calling it Leverage: Fraud Control Operation and made it all sleek and shiny. The first teaser is out and shows the five leads walking purposefully … Continue reading