Joseon Gunman Episode 20 Recap

After today there are two more episodes left of Joseon Gunman and it’s been a really steady and satisfying ride. It makes me ponder whether I like the epic crash and burn excitement or this type of slow burn reliability in my dramas. Probably both and depending on my mood, but if I were being rational then the latter is a better choice because I’m not going to be aggravated. I really do appreciate JG for everything it’s delivered so far but it’s impossible to deny that it hasn’t lived up to its potential. The romance has been beautiful but not very passionate, and goodness I need passion in my lead couple! I suppose Yoon Kang and stare with longing at Soo In until the cows come home but that lacks the oomph which elevates the pining into something more concrete. I’m also getting the weird feeling like many deaths are in store, yet there is not the lack of worry that would accompany it because both the leads and the villains have escaped the chopping block one too many times. It’s easy to criticize JG for being too rinse-and-repeat and which sageuk hasn’t done that since ultimately the same dangers abound merely wrapped in different clothing. That is true here but the kickers is keeping Merchant Choi as the one main villain through the entire narrative.

He’s fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but now I think he should have died in episode 14 and then Hye Won is elevated to the big bad in her daddy’s stead. Keeping him around makes ever dangerous encounter feel like a retread, and it shoves her into being just a cackling minion and honestly she was much more than that. Episode 20 felt like even more filler to set up the big revolutionary coup, and I can’t even support the revolutionaries all that much because history tells me they fail and even if they succeeded there is this niggling sensation that nothing will ultimately change. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Only Yoon Kang and Soo In remain my beacon of hope, an innocent and pure hope from the first few episodes when they dreamed of a future together that was exciting and filled with curiosity. Now they are left a shell of their former selves, hardened by loss and disappointment but still clinging to each other and the promise that together everything will be okay. I sure hope that happens in the end because this is a drama where I’ve stuck around this long with the promise of real romantic satisfaction. Continue reading

Rain and Krystal Start Getting Romantic in the First Two Teasers for My Lovely Girl

The first video teaser is out for the upcoming SBS drama My Lovely Girl (My Lovable Girl) and its all sorts of inoffensive and pretty. Nothing that hooks me to watch the teaser more than once but also no glaring worrisome elements anywhere in sight. My only odd comment of the day is that seeing Rain and Krystal together totally reminds me of Tom Cruise with Katie Holmes, except without the creepy Scientology element. The established older top star with a not even in her twenties rising idol actress, there is this glaring experience and power differential that jumps out at me from the screen. Of course it’s because I see them as Rain and Krystal and not yet as their characters in the drama so hopefully when the story gets rolling this visual incongruity will pass. Krystal is really looking lovely with this new hairstyle, the bangs suit her and for once transform her image a bit more than usual. It’ll be nice to get away from seeing her as bratty Lee Bo Na from Heirs. Rain is smexier than ever, being in love and dating Kim Tae Hee does a man good looking at the way he fairly glows with warmth and wholesome manly appeal. If the predominately idol cast can’t cut it, at least we know there is an adorable Golden Retriever around to steal scenes. I hope the dog belongs to Rain’s character, its been too long since a male lead got a furry best friend to hang out with. Overall this is a decent first teaser which is heavy on the romantic mood and light on any plot hints. Continue reading

MBC Prepping Kill Me Heal Me with a Multiple Personality Male Lead by the Writer of The Moon Embraces the Sun

Color me impressed that MBC is actually going forward with this upcoming drama. The network is dying for a big win as last year’s two buzziest dramas were on SBS with You From Another Star and Heirs. The sageuk Empress Ki was a decent success for MBC but one has to dig way way back to nearly three years ago with The Moon Embraces the Sun for a bona fide breakout hit. Considering the screenwriter of MoonSun hasn’t done another drama since, the fact that she’s prepping for a big comeback hit would naturally go to MBC as the network to scoop it up. The drama is called Kill Me Heal Me (I know, it’s bizarre) and is scheduled to air in January of 2015. Mental illness must be the hot concept du jour because Kill Me Heal Me is the story of a man with multiple personalities, actually 7 different and distinct personalities, and his love story with the psychiatrist who is treating his affliction. He sounds like he needs a team of shrinks much less one who is still a first year psych resident.

The male lead is a third generation chaebol and through the treatment process the truth about his family’s cruel past is revealed. His main personality will also fight with the other 6 personalities as it tries to take over his body more and more. The drama feel is described as at times thrilling, at times funny, and at times very touching, and will be a healing romance. As opposed to My Secret Hotel‘s motto of “a killing romance” I suppose. Casting isn’t underway yet but the noisy netizens are calling for Kim Soo Hyun to be the lead since this drama is coming from his MoonSun screenwriter. I’m not down with that. Hyun Bin‘s name is also floated since he hasn’t done a drama since leaving the military and his last drama had him playing a dude with serious claustrophobia. I think it could be Kim Jae Won since he’s always working with MBC and has also been in this screenwriter’s two even earlier works in Wonderful Life and the fantastic She is Nineteen (My Sister-in-law is 19). This one looks like a big-budget production with difficult aspirations so have fun speculating away! Continue reading

Joseon Gunman Episode 19 Recap

I always wonder why it comes across romantic when drama leads spend the night outdoors in each other’s arms like in Joseon Gunman, even when they are dirty and likely smelly I think it’s super swoony. Of course if it was Lee Jun Ki letting me use his shoulder as a pillow, I would sleep in a swamp and still think it better than a 5-star hotel room. JG kicked it up a notch in episode 19 as the enlightenment faction’s revolution starts getting underway, but most of the time was spent with Yoon Kang and Soo In on the run (yet again) and then this time it’s her turn to play the noble idiot for a change. I do wonder if it’s idiocy when it feels like both of them are cornered with no way out, but then I call it as idiocy because there was no reason for her to throw her lot in with Scholar Kim and become his spy in the palace as an officially court lady. Soo In is taking herself out of Yoon Kang’s reach so that she can one day be with him? That’s putting a lot at stake, girlfriend.

I did love how this episode was stuffed to the gill with Soo In and Yoon Kang sweet moments even if I’m still seeing no kissing! I guarantee that Soo In would have kiboshed her court lady idea had Yoon Kang kissed the stuffing out of her brain at the end of the episode rather than just get all “whut the hell are you doing, woman!” with her. Ho Kyung and Hye Won are totally useless at this point, one looking like the walking dead with no hope in life and the other just being her dad’s new minion and giving everyone the eye bulging glare. I still love this drama but it really needs to deliver some major catharsis soon, and Merchant Choi or Minister Kim’s body on a silver platter wouldn’t hurt. And maybe the King gets stabbed a few times during the revolution (but not killed) just as payback for showing us that he’s a spineless amoeba. Overall I’m satisfied with even the latest plot turns in JG but still want more righteous vindication to come in equal parts with all the exciting escaping that keeps our hero busier than ever. Continue reading

SM Drops Insanely Catchy Dance Teaser for Super Junior’s “Mamacita” Title Track

If there was a limit to pressing the replay button I would have broken it on the dance teaser MV for Super Junior‘s upcoming first single off its 7th group album. I called them the sunbaes on the K-pop scene in my last post but they really aren’t what with Shinhwa back together and celebrating its 6000th debut day anniversary not to mention G.O.D.‘s reunion this year. I’m still excited though because I actually know who at least half the members are in SuJu and knowing their body of work makes the whole singing-dancing in sync process that much more entertaining. I’m loving how hot Donghae looks in the just released dance version teaser for “Mamacita (Ayaya)”, both in the red outfit and with blue tinted hair matched with the blue outfit. Heechul is eye-sexing up a storm already and Eunhyuk I feel is about to bust out with how into it he is. All that is just ancillary to the fact that holy bejebus I love the track!

I challenge you to watch the teaser and then try to get “Hey Mamacita naega, ayayayaya” out of your mind. I think I even dreamt that very verse last night. The boys are back and looking better than ever, even if they have been put back in the box after being let out to do the comedic Western themed teaser. I do want to enjoy it while it lasts since the age bracket of SuJu marks them for quiet transition to hiatus soon with perhaps a reunion tour 5-7 years later. There is a time and place for every group and no one can bop and pop in unison forever (those knees need some rest!) but for now I think SuJu has plenty in the tank for this 7th album and they are off to a great start with cute teasers and an insanely catchy first track. Mamacita is really primed to hit big and comes with really solid cred from the songwriter who write “Mirotic” for DBSK, “Genie” for SNSD, and “Sorry, Sorry” for Super Junior, easily some of the most popular K-pop tracks recent memory. Continue reading

Photographic and Medical Records in the Kim Hyun Joong Violence Case are Released by Dispatch

Whelp, shit got real and got there fast for the biggest mess of Kim Hyun Joong‘s career. If it’s of his own making, i.e. courtesy of his fists and feet, then he’s going to have to take responsibility in the end whether through settling with the accuser or actually getting probation/jail time. Either way it’s really between him and his now ex-girlfriend who accused him last week of two separate incidents of domestic violence. I don’t have an opinion on whether a victim ought to settle or press charges all the way, accepting financial recompense does NOT make the victim’s allegations any less valid and the decision to settle or not involve a bajillion factors most of which are personal. The police have summoned Kim Hyun Joong in for questioning and reportedly he is scheduled to attend in early September after he returns from overseas after completing his concert promotions.

I have no problem with that since the allegations are not over a crime that poses a threat to the public and there is no urgency sake since the victim is not laying on her death bed or anything or the investigation needs to be sped up. If he was in Korea this week he would probably have to make time to testify but his long scheduled concert tours really can’t be cancelled over this particular allegation since the fallout involves other parties financially tied to the tour. Dispatch continues to take the side of accuser “A” and this time released her medical report and pictures taken at the hospital when she was admitted for the injuries sustained in one of the domestic violence incidents. This is the one where Keyeast claimed the two got in a verbal escalated to physical fight. The agency has been asked to respond to these pictures as well as the text messages released earlier that appear to refute the first official response given and this time Keyeast said that it will no longer respond to the media and will let the facts be revealed through the investigation. A warning before you click that the pictures below might be upsetting to see. Continue reading

New Video Preview for Episode 19 of Joseon Gunman

I’m starting to get wistful over Joseon Gunman heading into the second-to-last week of its run. Thanks to Iron Man this drama got a 2-episode extension to end next week at episode 22 rather than saying farewell this week already. I’m quite pleased with everything about JG even including the extension which hasn’t sapped the energy away from the story as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think I’m looking at this drama with rose-tinted glasses simply because I love Lee Jun Ki, all my love for him couldn’t keep me going with Arang and the Magistrate which felt more like world building without any real narrative momentum until the very end. JG has been good from the get go and continues to deliver solid storytelling. I’m a bit sad more people aren’t watching since it’s more fun to have chat groups but I’m just grateful I get a good drama to recap that have an OTP that I love played by two actors I adore.

The new stills and preview are out for episode 19 and this drama doesn’t seem ready to slow down one bit. Yoon Kang goes from being on the good side of the royals to being on their bad side for inconveniently NOT being okay with their acceptance of murdering bastard Merchant Choi. I love my boy’s morals and conviction, I hate that the royals have none when essentially both Yoon Kang and Soo In lost their respective fathers for those a bunch of self-serving tools. JG is way more fun when Yoon Kang is on the run since he’s always finding ways out of a bind and I’m constantly amused and impression with how he drop kicks or shoots his way out of a tight spot. I also need him and Soo In to be in dire straights because maybe that will spur them on to take their relationship to the next level. You know, the whole “we might die soon so let’s get busy now while we still can” option? I know he’s a gentleman and she’s a lady and this is Joseon and all, but these two have so much chemistry and love for each other, can we just dial up the romance at the same time the story heads towards yet another potential revolution brewing. Continue reading