Taecyeon, Ha Suk Jin, and Jung Eun Ji Investigate Murders of Jury Members in Upcoming tvN Fri-Sat Drama Blind

Can’t believe the summer is quickly coming to a close so it’s time to look at the early fall K-dramas on the horizon. tvN Fri-Sat is currently airing I Have Not Done My Best Yet which aired earlier on streaming already so it’s basically a place holder for the time slot. Once its done the mystery drama Blind will arrive in mid-September to deal with the cross section of police investigation and judicial process. Taecyeon plays a cop and Ha Suk Jin plays his older brother who is a judge, and the two must work together to solve a spate of serial killings targeting jury members. Jung Eun Ji joins as a social workers caught up in this dangerous web. The drama is from the PD of Voice 4, Cross, and Tunnel so a familiar hand with the procedural thriller genre. I like the moody posters and first teaser so far.

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Netflix Asks Viewers to Choose Between A or B if You are the Lead Character in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Nevertheless, Itaewon Class, and Hotel Del Luna

This is a fight as old as time, but I do appreciate the levity of throwing in more than just lead and second lead choices. Netflix asked its viewers of four of its streamed K-dramas if you would choose between … Continue reading

Slightly Better Character Posters for Confidential Assignment 2 with Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae Jin Back for Round 2 Against Jin Seon Kyu

Haha, maybe the graphic de signer on the movie Confidential Assignment 2: International Cooperation heard all the complaints about how low budget and dumb the official movie posters were. So for the individual movie character posters at least each character … Continue reading

Anna PD Lee Joo Young Publicly Airs Grievance Over Coupang Play Unilaterally Editing Her Drama and Broadcasting it Over Her Objection

This is a frequent occurrence in the world of entertainment but its still so frustrating and demoralizing. I’ve heard of scripts getting re-written, dialogues getting changed, character trajectories getting changed midway through, and of course a final product getting re-edited. … Continue reading

First Teaser for Allen Ren and Li Qin’s Xianxia Meets Republican Era Romance Thousand Years for You Checks All My Likes

Holy, this sounds like a fanfic made solely for all my C-drama kinks because the stuff I don’t like much are minimized and the stuff I love are maximized. The first teaser video is out for upcoming xianxia meets Republican … Continue reading

Jeon Ji Hyun Leaves Culture Depot Along with Kim So Hyun, Seo Ji Hye, and Yoon Ji On to Follow CEO to Newly Formed Agency Ieum Hashtag

It’s rare to see a group agency move in tandem but that’s what has happened this week with a quarter moving to a newly formed agency. Jeon Ji Hyun is the biggest name that left Culture Depot and going with … Continue reading

Rookie Actress Joo Hyun Young Breaks Out with First Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo Playing Park Eun Bin’s Best Friends and Nets 13 CFs in One Month

The largesse of the Extraordinary Attorney Woo success isn’t just reserved for the core leads but a rookie actress in a supporting role is gaining noticeable momentum. Joo Hyun Young hit a homerun on her first at bat as this … Continue reading

Writer Kim Eun Hee Preps Early 2023 Horror Drama The Demon with First Casting News of Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se, and Hong Kyung

I applaud writer Kim Eun Hee for continuing to challenge herself and this genre of horror is in she’s been tangentially dabbling with in her recent dramas. Jirisan had spooky bits and zombie sageuk Kingdom was scary as heck at … Continue reading