Kim Hyun Joong Attends Police Investigation to Respond to the Assault Allegations

Hopefully this will quell the public furor for now and let the police do their job investigating. Kim Hyun Joong arrived at the police station on the evening of September 2nd to attend the investigative summons on his assault and battery case filed by his ex-girlfriend. The allegations were made over two weeks ago but his agency Keyeast reached an agreement with the police for the day that Kim Hyun Joong would be available to for the police interview since he was smack in the middle of the overseas leg of his album tour. Not all alleged perpetrators are immediately arrested and scheduling a time to attend police interviews is a normal course of legal investigation so it’s not fair to accuse Kim Hyun Joong of using his fame or connections to dodge or delay the investigation. He avoided the media gauntlet of questions on his way into the precinct and only apologized for the scandal of the assault allegations.

The police have said that his interview will likely last all night as he will be asked in depth all of the facts and allegations raised in the two different assault complaints brought by the victim in question, namely the fight in May that resulted in bruises and a two week recovery period and the subsequent fight in July where her rib was fractured and needed a six week healing period. There is naturally a schism between those of the opinion that Kim Hyun Joong has anger management problems and totally beat up his ex-girlfriend versus most of his devoted fans who want to wait for his side of the story and are suggesting that she either faked the injuries, lied about how she got the real injuries, was herself the one who instigated or escalated any fight, and on and on the plausible denials explanations go. I’m ready for the police to gather his statements and decide whether he should be charged or the charges dropped. Continue reading

My Secret Hotel Episode 5 Recap

My Secret Hotel continues to fire on all cylinders and each episode leaves me pumped up for the next hit. More light is shed on Sang Hyo and Hae Young’s broken marriage and it becomes clear that heady passionate love still needs two very different people to work at communication and understanding. I continue to love them both more and more as individual characters, such well-written and engaging personalities with plenty of flaws and all. Sang Hyo is impetuous and headstrong but her aegyo might be classified as a weapon with how powerful it is. When her lips quiver or when she pouts, even I’m all “it’s okay, it’s okay” ready to just let whatever go. The best part is that side comes with the whole package of how smart and capable she is as a hotel event planner, climbing up the professional ranks on her own ability and even against the odds if that is one reason why her marriage ended with Hae Young.

I like that this drama doesn’t try to apportion blame on a broken marriage, a very personal union that is too easily painted in black and white in drama land but in truth is almost always shades of gray. This also makes me crack up just thinking that Hae Young might’ve given up on marriage to the degree that he’s willing to get leg-shackled to the spoiled snot that is Soo Ah. This episode lets the murder mystery take a breather, though a few clues arrive such as Gyung Hee being cleared and the three gamblers that Manager Hwang stiffed still thinking he’s alive. The story is moving at such a good pace I pinch myself, wondering if it’s really happening that a story retains its unique mood and flavor while hitting the typical required beats of K-drama narrative. It’s a relief to see Sung Gyum crack open even more so that I can stop worrying he has an ulterior motive to get closer to Sang Hyo and just swoon over his smexy moves in how he flirts madly with her in his tightly strung way. Continue reading

New Stills From My Lovely Girl Show Rain and His Dog Bestie along with Partying Idols

I love dogs and I very much like Rain, so these new stills of the upcoming SBS drama My Lovely Girl (My Lovable Girl) are a good thing, yes? Too bad I still have major reservations about this drama, but at the same time the reservations don’t rise to the level of the bracing for an immediate impact stance that comes from waiting for Iron Man over at KBS. I think if it wasn’t for this drama being Rain’s first drama since he entered the military, and in four long years, the expectation wouldn’t be as high and conversely the worry as well. It probably works better to see this as yet another Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) with a bit of What’s Up? thrown in. The new stills show Rain’s agency CEO character spending plenty of quality time with his canine companion. One can crack jokes about how he has more chemistry with the retriever than with leading lady Krystal of f(x), but I’m still willing to give her a chance to show her readiness to be a leading lady. Plus Rain has to connect with his canine otherwise how can he sell the doggie cuteness. Apparently the dog is quite an important member of the cast and will play a pivotal romance matchmaker role in bringing Rain and Krystal’s character together. There are also new stills out (below) of the youngsters in this drama, a scene filmed at a nightclub with Hoya and L of Infinite along with Haeryung of Bestie and Krystal. Continue reading

Knives and More Knives in the Official Drama Posters for Iron Man

Not gonna lie, I kinda dig these posters of Iron Man…..if you take away with knives on male lead Lee Dong Wook. Taken as a non-supernatural romance melo between Lee Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung, these official drama posters are actually decent. KBS likes to do saturated colors and expansive backdrops and the one with Lee Dong Wook sitting on the rooftop ledge with the city behind him reminds me, in a good way, of the solo poster for Kim Hyun Joon in Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation) where he was standing alone with a vast city before him. There’s depth and an attempt to give the story some grandeur. I’m not sure why this drama keeps using the skyscraper element though, in the first teaser Lee Dong Wook is scaling the outside of a building using his arm knives while in the posters the two leads are posed by the rooftop of a building.

If Lee Dong Wook’s character can fly then perhaps the high up on a skyscraper motif might work, now I’m just more perplexed trying to suss out hidden mean. If there is one. Shin Se Kyung’s solo poster (below) is comparatively less visually arresting than Lee Dong Wook, partially because he has body knives sticking out of him while she’s just an ordinary girl, but mostly because Lee Dong Wook has an expression that catches the eye (angry? petulant? plotting murder?) while Shin Se Kyung continues to look sweet and gormless. The main drama poster that shows the two leads in what would normally be a romantic-leaning pose, he stands with his back to her while she reaches out for him, instead makes me clap my hands like a trained seal while screaming “lean back into her, Lee Dong Wook!”  Continue reading

Sooyoung and Kam Woo Sung Fall in Love in Teasers for MBC’s My Spring Days

I have nothing against the upcoming MBC drama My Spring Days, and in fact quite like the leads Sooyoung of SNSD and Kam Woo Sung. Not to mention the return to acting of second male lead Lee Joon Hyuk who has been in the army for the last two years. I’m just mostly uninterested because MBC dramas by and large have been a snoozefest for me ever since Miss Korea, and yes that includes mildly cute but totally been there-done that Fated to Love You. The kicker is that My Spring Days sounds exactly like a very well known Hallyu classic melodrama Summer Scent, a drama I’m not ashamed to admit I watched more than once because of my love for Song Seung Heon and because Son Ye Jin was so glowing and luminous in that drama it was like watching blooming female beauty in motion. But SS was as slow and plodding as it comes, about as exciting as watching your toenails grow, the story of a man who falls in love with the woman who got a heart transplanted from his dead ex-girlfriend.

Here in MSD the ex-girlfriend is actually the dead wife of the male lead and there are even poor motherless children to boot. Talk about upping the stakes. I found Sooyoung charming and winsome in last year’s frothy cable drama Dating Agency: Cyrano and have no problems with the age gap between her and Kam Woo Sung. I’m just totally blanking on whether my like for them is enough to induce me to check out a drama that I feel like I’ve seen the entire story before already. They fall in love, angst ensues after they discover she has his dead wife’s heart, but through perseverance they convince everyone around them to accept this “fated” relationship, and then they live happily ever after. Oh yes, somewhere towards the end there will likely be a moment when her new heart fails and she might die, but through the miracle of maybe the dead ex-wife’s holy blessing, she pulls through and it convinces the leads more than ever that their love must be cherished. Continue reading

Second Teaser for Iron Man Goes the Comedy and Heartwarming Route

As Iron Man gets closer and closer to arriving on our collective cringing doorsteps, there is a part of me that wishes to be proven wrong. To have my first impression vacated for what turns out to be the surprise K-drama of the century in terms of awesome. I remember joking with other K-drama lovers years ago about the possibility that K-dramas would have the budget and production expertise to venture into new genres. Space travel missions like Battlestar Galactica, fantasy anime as a live action Robotech, and of course the superhero genre that is a proven winner across any culture or country. Everyone wants to see someone with amazing powers doing amazing things, a very childhood onward wish fulfillment fantasy. I never imagined I would actually be wishing that Korea not attempt it now after seeing just how godawful all the teasers and stills from IM looks. Oh yes, the whole concept is weird as well and this is coming from me being a consumer of Western superhero dramas where people get bitten by radioactive spiders, hit by gamma radiation, wear a cape and underwear to save people, or pretend to be a giant bat.

When the special effects are chintzy in K-dramas, I find it quaint in most of the stories since it’s not a genre where the special effects are critical to the world building. IM is totally not able to skate on bad special effects since Lee Dong Wook‘s character is in so much emotional pain that he sprouts knives from his body. He’s supposed to look dangerous and fierce but instead in the first teaser where he’s climbing a building using his body knives I swear he looks like a rabid human porcupine. The second teaser has just been released and the four facial stills of Lee Dong Wook above speak for itself. I can say there is a serious case of whiplash when you watch the first teaser with the tense music and the scary crazy man climbing a building with knives compared to the second teaser which is all comedic and heartwarming. Or at least it’s trying to be comedic and heartwarming but instead left me jawdropped again in wonder that the two leads can act in this drama without losing their marbles. Shin Se Kyung got a lot of screentime in the second teaser and there is nothing I see that would make me change my mind about her. She still can’t act and still has no chin. Continue reading

Qi Wei and Lee Seung Hyun Continue the Cross-border Love with Cute and Classy Wedding Pictures

I’m calling this a threesome or three-fer what with the third set of wedding pictures to drop within the span of two weeks for yet another celebrity cross-border couple. C-actress Qi Wei and her Korean-American actor hubby Lee Seung Hyun (Nathan Lee) made headlines last month when he surprised her on the island of Saipan with a very romantic beach proposal. Even I was quite charmed by the effort he made, flying his family out from the US and her mom and closest friends from China, just to make the occasion even more memorable and special for Qi Wei. The proposal was followed by an impromptu beach wedding but like all marriages it’s not legal til the paperwork is filed so the couple hasn’t filed their marriage registration yet until their upcoming official ceremony in Las Vegas scheduled next month in September.

I sorta chuckle when I hear a couple is holding a wedding banquet in Vegas since that’s the very place I associate with NOT holding a banquet and eloping to avoid the hassle. I’ve only seen Lee Seung Hyun act in a C-drama opposite his ex-girlfriend Ady An and he’s easy on the eyes but not a good actor by a long shot. Still he has a decent charm onscreen and if he gets lucky maybe he’ll do more projects with wifey Qi Wei who is totally a shining star in C-dramas nowadays. Her last drama Love Returns was a big hit plus she’s also got her singing career which recently took another step forward with a collaboration with Junho of 2PM on a breezy peppy single. Their wedding pictures are some of the most unique I’ve seen taken in black and white like a series of head shots but capturing their quirky personalities and shared appeal. Too cute! Continue reading