Triple Fashion Fails Hit the Star Attendees at VIP Movie Premiere of A Single Rider

It’s a sigh of relief to see at least one star presence at the VIP premiere of the movie A Single Rider not look like a fashion victim. Other than Park Shin Hye, low key and effortlessly chic, everyone else got hit with either the clothing fail, the makeup monstrosity, and/or the hair woes. If I add Eom Ji Won bringing a stuffed toy ferret in her purse then even the accessorizing took a detour into WTF land. I like to think stars attending movie premieres usually don’t use their coordis and go at it alone, maybe even leaving their house to saunter over to a premiere treating it like a regular movie outing. In that case everyone gets a pass because who cares what we look like when we go watch a movie, but then again, the movie premiere is there as yet another carpeted media moment so the star should make an effort to dress prettily. Continue reading