jTBC Drama The World of the Married Leaps in Ratings as Second Episode Gets 9.979%

Holy momma bad cheating husbands and horrible marriages must be all the rage because jTBC hit on an even bigger ratings gold mine with its new Fri-Sat drama. The World of the Married brought in an insane second episode ratings of 9.979%, a 3.719% increase from episode 1 and the record setting ratings for the highest premiere of any jTBC drama. I never thought this drama got any lift from predecessor Itaewon Class, it rarely works that way anymore that a highly rated drama would help the next since viewers are savvy enough to watch only what interests them. Itaewon also didn’t hit 9% until episode 4 and here The World of the Married already double speed it and could now vy with vaunted ratings champion Sky Castle. Let the race begin, and if anyone is watching this seemingly makjang bit do share why it’s getting so many viewers because I no longer have the patience for dramas about shitty marriages. Continue reading

Classic Style Official Drama Posters for Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun’s Parallel Universe Romance The King: Eternal Monarch

The upcoming SBS drama The King: Eternal Monarch will be taking over the Fri-Sat time slot from Hyena so it’ll be a new spot for Kim Eun Sook when she collaborates with the Big Three networks. There is no way … Continue reading

Jang Ki Yong, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Jin Se Yeon Cross Paths in Two Different Lifetimes in Stills and Teaser for KBS Drama Born Again

When I see the stills for the modern day versions of the three leads for upcoming KBS drama Born Again, I just marvel at their perfectly tailored outfits and impeccably chic winter coats. Then you plunk the leads into the … Continue reading