Kristen Jen and Kingone Wang Pair Up for King Flower-esque New SETTV Sunday Night Drama

I can’t believe SETTV has managed to excite me for its upcoming Sunday night drama again. That time slot has been four massive duds in a row starting with Love Around into Deja Vu which begat Fall in Love with Me which yield the most current stinker Say Yes Again I Do. Some have leads I don’t like and others stories lines that are terrible in an unentertaining way. SETTV has made qualitatively bad dramas that are addicting to watch, such as the ridiculous King Flower (Substitute Princess), which gets me to this upcoming drama Hearing Happiness which will follow Say Yes Again I Do. If it sucks at least be fun about it!

It’s basically a remake of King Flower but with the rich chaebol character (TERRY!) as the male lead. Hallejuah! Even better is the infusion of a new pairing that I already love on sight – Kingone Wang finally gets his due as a SETTV male lead pairing up this time with Kristen Jen. King Flower is one of my guiltiest TW-drama pleasures ever and doing a similar concept with different take is right up my alley. Kingone plays a chaebol who loses his sight and his fiancee to a coma after an accident right before their wedding, a year later he then meet her face and voice twin in Kristen (playing both ladies) and she comes to live with him as his assistant. Cue falling in love. Continue reading

First Charming Teaser for Web Drama One Sunny Day with So Ji Sub and Kim Ji Won

I was pretty nonchalant about the news last month that So Ji Sub was doing web drama filming in Jeju. I’ve enjoyed his dramas in the past and The Master’s Sun was definitely yet another career high point for him, but he’s notoriously unpredictable when it comes to picking his acting projects so it’s no surprise that he followed up TMS by releasing a mini-album instead of another acting role. I wasn’t chafing for his followup project but his fans will be happy that he is doing the web drama One Sunny Day since it’s better than nothing.

The web drama will be produced by LINE, the same messaging app brand that did the Lee Min Ho-Bea Hayden web drama earlier this year with Love Line. Even though LINE PPL was everywhere, the execution and story was breezy enough to make it an easy and enjoyable watch. The first teaser is out for OSD costarring Kim Ji Won and gives off the same vibe so I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m always amused these dramas make it seem like it’s so easy to randomly run into hotties who look like Lee Min Ho and So Ji Sub and voila a connection is born! I so wish. Continue reading

Jolin Tsai Marries Ruby Lin in Heartfelt New MV Supporting Equal Marriage

What an unexpected and lovely MV as the year winds down and people start reminiscing, maybe more willing to seek and give more warmth and affection. Taiwan’s top female pop star Jolin Tsai, basically the Hamasaki Ayumi of Mandopop for the last twelve years and going strong, released a new album this month and in her second single she once again pushes the envelope in a positive way. Jolin brought in her wellknown face twin that is Taiwan A-list actress Ruby Lin as well as veteran Gui Ya Lei (soon to play the grandma in the C-version of Miss Granny) to tearfully portray a woman who is about to lose her same sex partner to illness and still isn’t given any recognition by the world. “We’re All Different, Yet the Same” hits the best of both worlds – the song is fantastic (and I rarely like Jolin songs) and the story told hits sincerely in the gut without preaching. It’s just about love and the courage to love. Such a wonderful four minutes to share in bringing something positive in this world. Continue reading

Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won Deliver a Love Forecast with New Movie Posters and Trailer

While it’s wait and see for what the first batch of K-dramas hold come January 2015, the same goes for K-movies and one of the first to arrive feels a bit random for the winter season. Love Forecast (Korean title Today’s Love) starring Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won drops January 15th which is too late for the Christmas lovers season and too early for Valentine’s Day. The movie appears to be set in the warm spring summer months so it’s going to be a warm respite or really weird to watch it in theaters in Korea when bundled up three layers deep.

At least the production company is lavishing promotional attention on the movie, after releasing two adorable movie posters featuring the two leads, this week two more have arriving showing the odd couple in awkward moments. One shows Moon Chae Won force kissing Lee Seung Gi and the other has her hollering while getting a piggyback ride. I hope this movie doesn’t turn into a one-trick pony, in which case it’ll need to rely on how warm and likable the two leads are to sell the romance. Continue reading

MBC Returns to Sageuks with First Romantic Wedding Still from Shine or Go Crazy

While the Wed-Thurs time slot will be a showdown between multiple personality plagued male leads, the Mon-Tues slot gets back to sageuk business for MBC after Pride and Prejudice wraps up. The first stills are out for the upcoming Shine or Go Crazy, the literal Korean title that sounds like a mouthful whatever the language. Starring Jang Hyuk, Oh Yeon Soo, Im Joo Hwan, and Honey Lee, I’m treading carefully with this one because while I love both males leads especially because of their previous sageuk successes, Chuno for Jang Hyuk and Tamra the Island for Im Joo Hwan, I’m really blah about the ladies here. With that said, seeing Jang Hyuk back in period costume during a wedding nigh scene with his lucky bride is super exciting especially since he’s rocking the more warrior prince look. Continue reading

Written and Video Preview for Episode 12 of Pinocchio

I’m so delirious it’s not even funny. I was up all day then hopped on a fourteen hour flight only to land early morning and then spend another 12 hours up and about with family and friends. That’s nearly 48 hours without proper sleep and my internal clock is so off I actually thought I watched episode 11 of Pinocchio last week LOL. There’s no way I can crank out a recap so a preview for episode 12 is the best I can do even if the actual episode airs in mere hours.

Episode 11 continues the drama’s epic and heartfelt storytelling, once again elevating the tension of the brothers reuniting to tie into Dal Po’s own reporter journey and his romantic relationship with In Ha. The way it’s handled works on both an emotional and practical level I’m just in awe that the thoughtfulness remains even if the events happening onscreen are so very television story dramatic. Love this drama so much it hurts, just like In Ha and Dal Po find loving each other worth accepting the pain so the other doesn’t suffer. Continue reading

Competing K-dramas Hyde, Jekyll and I and Kill Me Heal Me Release Script Reading Stills

Churning out the 2014 year end drama review puts the closing remarks on this year and really starts steering the conversation to what’s coming in 2015. First out of the gate will be exciting to see as two big budget dramas with very VERY similar concepts go head-to-head. It’s fitting then to see both dramas release script reading stills on the same day. I’m planning to check both out so right now I don’t have a particular preference for either but it’s nice to see them side-by-side.

After Pinocchoi on Wed-Thurs, SBS is bringing the return of Hyun Bin to dramaland pairing up with Han Ji Min in Hyde, Jekyll, and IMBC is scrambling to catch up Kill Me Heal Me with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum which will take over the Wed-Thurs time slot from Mr. Back in a few weeks. Both dramas released script reading stills today and I’m getting more and more excited with how fantastic both casts look. Even better than both sets of promising leads, the two dramas also have second leads I love in Park Seo Joon and Sung Joon. Can’t wait! Continue reading

Jo Seung Woo Returns as Stage Jekyll and Hyde for the Korean 10th Anniversary Musical

Good news for those in Korea, and total envy for the rest of us not there and don’t have a plane ticket in hand for the near future. Musical theater is robust in Korea and one of the stage’s most charismatic and talented leading men is none other than Jo Seung Woo. His singing and acting is almost without par among his generation and most of the time in his film and television career it barely taps into it. Occasionally he sing onscreen but it is a pale facsimile of his robust soul-soaring performances belting his heart out on stage.

The upcoming 2015 calendar year marks the 10th anniversary of Korean tour of the stage musical Jekyll and Hyde, which starred Jo Seung Woo as the titular split personality doctor during the first fun in 2005. For the 10 year anniversary Jo Seung Woo will be returning for a 5 month long run starting this December through April of 2015. That also means no dramas for the near term so no more healing from the trauma of the God’s Gift: 14 Days ending yet. It’s funny that the stage Jekyll and Hyde is getting big splashy publicity at the same time that K-drama is gearing up for its own take on the classic with Hyun Bin. Continue reading

Live-action Attack on Titan Releases Colossal First Movie Poster

Gomen ne if anyone arrived at the playground and had a momentary freak out to see the scary exposed muscle giant monster head above in the poster. That’s a Titan, and not just any Titan as we’re getting the first look at the live-action Colossus Titan. I’m so excited and scared it’s not even funny. The anticipation keeps building in Japan, and for all the international fans, of the upcoming live-action movie based on the hit shonen manga Attack on Titan. The production is doing a solid job of parceling out the goodies, whetting appetites while not showing hand too early.

Last month came the official character posters for all the leads led by Miura Haruma as Eren, Mizuhara Kiko as Mikasa, Honto Kanaga as Armin, and Ishihara Satomi as Hange. I loved those posters but remained cautiously optimistic as to what the production has in story for creating CGI Titans. The Colossus Titan in the first official poster delivers the shock and awe aplenty, but reportedly he’s being doubled in size from 60m (200 feet) to 108m (400 feet), a super-sizing that feels unnecessary unless Wall Maria is getting higher as well. Focusing on the Titan in the first poster is a fantastic visual punch and seeing the back of Eren facing the Titan with his swords drawn and cape billowing is so thrilling. Eeep, I can’t wait! Continue reading