Apple TV Drama Pachinko with Youn Yuh Jung, Lee Min Ho, Jin Ha, and Anna Sawai Gets March 25, 2022 Release Date and First Batch of Promos Drop

So this show is not being billed as a K-drama in the traditional sense, upcoming Apple TV drama Pachinko is based on a New York Times bestselling novel by a Korean-American writer with a story starting in post-war Korea and then moving to Japan and the US following four generations of a Korean family. I would say the Japan setting may even take up the majority of the story. But it’s getting attention for the casting Youn Yuh Jung and Lee Min Ho as part of the sprawling cast including Japanese and US stars Anna Sawai and Jin Ha and many more. The drama will premiere on March 25, 2022 and the streaming platform released a batch of stills and also opened the landing page on the site. Lee Min Ho is featured heavily but his character remains just one key role in the story line so his fans expecting him to be the male lead that will not be the case so don’t expect lots of screen time for any particular character with the exception of the female lead who goes from child to teenager to mom to family matriarch. The drama is for sure a prestige project and I hope it adds another layer of success and differentiation in the expanding world of Korean shows.

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K-viewers Express Overwhelming Love for SBS Drama Our Beloved Summer with Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi Despite the Low Ratings During Domestic Run

The ratings for SBS Mon-Tues romance Our Beloved Summer would have been okay had the drama aired on cable network like tvN but being a prime time drama it is undeniably low and not what was expected for a high … Continue reading

Winter Tis the Season for Swoony K-drama Male Leads to Warm Up Their Leading Lady with Various Tender Techniques

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MBC to Preempt Well-reviewed New Fri-Sat Drama Tracer with Im Shi Wan, Go Ah Sung, and Son Hyun Joo for 3 Weeks to Air the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

I feel like all K-dramas are going to get shafted for the first three weeks of February once the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics kicks off. That’s fine its the prerogative for the networks to air what they wish but for … Continue reading

Viewers Frustrated with SBS Scheduling Decision to Preempt Kim Nam Gil Weekend Drama Through the Darkness for 3 Weeks to Air Winter Olympics

K-actor Kim Nam Gil definitely owes SBS for giving him his first major male lead role in Bad Guy after he broke out with MBC drama Queen Seondeok. But the network bungled BG a bit by preempting it multiple times … Continue reading

Song Kang Looks Distractingly Like a College Intern Character in New Stills from jTBC Romance Forecasting Love and Weather

Once the leads are cast in dramas its out of my hands and I just pray it all works out. For age difference gapped leads I also hope the drama explains why their characters fall for each other (personality and … Continue reading

Yoo Yeon Seok and Taeyeon Among Many K-stars Speaking Out and Condemning the Cruel Filming Technique Leading to Death of a Horse During Filming of KBS Sageuk Taejong Lee Bang Won

Accidents happen on filming sets, some more negligent then others due to preparation and careful execution, but the death of a retired race horse last week from filming a falling scene in KBS weekend sageuk Taejong Lee Bang Won was … Continue reading

K-ent Declares tvN Sat-Sun Fantasy Drama Bulgasal a Disappointment After Sky High $40 Billion Budget Nets Ratings in the 3%-4% Range

I totally forgot how much tvN Sat-Sun fantasy drama Bulgasal cost to make because it just seemed rather low key since it premiered that I put it with other regular fantasy dramas like Tale of the Nine Tales and the … Continue reading