Gong Hyo Jin Pulls of Fashion Fun in Green and Navy Bow Dress in Movie Promotions for A Single Rider

Leave it to the eternally style forward Gong Hyo Jin to once again surprise me in a way that straddles the line being impressed and confused. She did the SBS drama Incarnation of Jealousy last year in 2016 and is starting off 2017 with the upcoming movie A Single Rider costarring Lee Byung Hun and Sohee. The K-box office has started the year off on a successive hit streak with The King, Cooperation, and Fabricated City so let’s see if A Single Rider continues the trend. I’m not so much interest in either the story of cast of this movie beyond Gong Hyo Jin and even then I’m way more intrigued by her dress at this weekend’s press conference. It’s a bright leprechaun green with a unique sailor top pattern and completed with a contrasting royal blue bow thingie in the front. The whole thing is different and fascinating and Gong Hyo Jin once again manages to pull it off. Nicely done, my lady. Continue reading