New MBC Wed-Thurs Drama Kkondae Intern with Park Hae Jin Does a Bollywood CF that is Upsetting Some Viewers for Being a Stereotypical Parody

MBC premiered a new Wed-Thurs K-drama this week called Kkondae Intern starring Park Hae Jin and Kim Eun Soo but all the media attention has been on maybe problematic commercial within the drama sequence that brings back the similar issues from another MBC drama The Man Who Dies to Live. Park Hae Jin plays a product advertising executive who comes up with with an ethnic commercial to sell Hot Chicken Noodle dried ramen which actually is made from all veggies and doesn’t have any chicken in it. The CF shows an Indian woman crying that she wants chicken ramen but can’t have any because she’s vegan. Park Hae Jin then zooms out like a superhero and offers her Hot Chicken Ramen which has all the chicken spicy flavor but is vegan. She’s so happy she calls out to her friends and an entire Bollywood dance number takes place complete with elephants. Viewers can decide if you’re offended or find it humorous, I’m sure the intention was to be comical but parodying another culture’s style and entertainment needs always be done delicately.

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Mysteries Continue to be Doled Out in Dribbles as the Tepid OTP Romance Dominates into Episode 12 of The King: Eternal Monarch with 6.1% and 8.1% Ratings

Let’s get it out of the way, the ratings for episode 12 of The King: Eternal Monarch is 6.1% and 8.1%. This drama with the big name screenwriter, cast, and budget is an unequivocal flop domestically, which is the most … Continue reading

KBS Reincarnation Drama Born Again is a Confirmed Clunker with Flat Acting and Abysmally Laughable Story Trying to Be Edgy

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Kim Go Eun and Jung Eun Chae’s Dopplegangers Get Screentime in New Stills for Episode 11 of The King: Eternal Monarch

I do get the fans of The King: Eternal Monarch saying the drama has a lot of interesting elements and mysteries to unpack, that’s not untrue except the delivery is terrible and there hasn’t been any unpacking to properly build … Continue reading

Looking Ahead to Second Half of 2020 Dramas and Movies with Kim Soo Hyun, Park Seo Joon, IU, Suzy, Park Bo Gum and More

I did a happy clap when I saw the script reading pictures for IU and Park Seo Joon for Dream, their upcoming movie from the director of Extreme Jobs. Both are coming off highly successful last projects and collaborating with … Continue reading

Show Luo Pisses Off Everyone by Posting 7000 Word Weibo Love Letter Remembrance and Apology to Ex-girlfriend Grace Chow on 520 Love Day

As if his habitual and incessant cheating wasn’t enough, TW actor-singer-host Show Luo managed to one-up his own level of douchebaggery today and do so in a way to inflict maximum emotional harm. Show posted a nearly 7000 word (that’s … Continue reading