Crash Landing on You with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Parachutes in with 6% Episode 1 Ratings

So the verdict is in and episode 1 of Crash Landing on You got a very respectful start with 6.074% AGB ratings nationwide. Less certain is whether the ratings will hold, or even better yet increase, because the drama is how shall I put it…..likely to be polarizing to modern viewers. I guarantee this drama will be straight up love it or hate it, no in between. It’s old-fashion Hallyu K-drama romance and chaebol tropes up the wazoo and cheesy dialogue that one will either be entertained by the throwback or write it off as a waste of air space. I personally enjoyed the first episode, to a degree, it’s not enough time with the leads to really like them as characters yet and the set up crosses the line into pure stupidity territory slightly. Leads Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are as promised very very good looking in the drama but their chemistry in two scenes together isn’t enough to generate an opinion. So far so good is all I have to say. Onwards to episode 2! Continue reading

First Stills of Han Suk Kyu, Lee Sung Kyung, and Ahn Hyo Seob in SBS Medical Drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2

Han Suk Kyu doesn’t look either either a doctor or a teacher in his first stills for SBS medical drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2, more like he’s auditioning for the fisherman killer in I Know What You Did Last … Continue reading

Park Bo Gum Offered K-drama Record of Youth with Park So Dam After Jang Ki Young Declines Due to Scheduling Conflict

Leave it to K-drama casting agents to still manage to surprise me. There’s a one-two news break with 2020 K-drama Record of Youth – originally confirmed male lead Jang Ki Young has declined due to scheduling conflicts and the production … Continue reading

Cheeky Smiles and Coordinating Outfits at the Press Conference for Crash Landing on You with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin

This weekend is the landing of Crash Landing on You, and we’ll see then if it reaches an audience thirsty for gorgeously filmed romance or lands like a thud for the farfetched set up. I think it’s the former, so … Continue reading