Veteran Supporting Actor Jang Seung Jo Has Breakout 2018 After Encounter, Knowing Wife, and Money Flower

For a 2018 prolific K-drama year with plenty of actor breakouts including Jang Ki Young and Woo Do Hwan, I’m giving my favorite and most memorable breakout actor to veteran musical, drama, and film supporting actor Jang Seung Jo. After his banner three-drama turn in 2018 the man is due for his upgrade to leading status. What’s incredible is that Jang Seung Jo delivered exemplary performances in three dramas with very strong male leads, with two former Daesang winners no less – alongside Jang Hyuk in Money Flower, Ji Sung in Knowing Wife, and now Park Bo Gum in Encounter (Boyfriend). His eyes do so much acting, subtle soft pools of manly emotion and sincerity, he was as much the heart of Knowing Wife as Ji Sung since his life also got upended with the do-over. And now in Encounter with any other male lead I wouldn’t even be unhappy if the female lead fell in love and remarried his second male lead but of course that’s not the trajectory of the romance and he’ll just have to pine behind-the scenes. That’s fine because next year he’ll definitely shine more in front of the screen. Continue reading

K-viewers Select Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri as Top K-drama Actors in 2018 Gallup Poll

The cast of tvN period drama Mr. Sunshine continue to win accolades and this time the two leads top the just released Gallup poll of Korean audiences’ favorite K-drama stars. Lee Byung Hun came in first followed by his costar … Continue reading

Ma Dong Seok, Ha Jung Woo, and Lee Byung Hun Top 2018 Gallup Poll of Most Popular Film Actors

With the close of 2018 looming the polls are starting to reference the entire year and Gallup just released the most popular film actors as voted by the South Korean audiences for the year. Topping the list is everyone’s favorite … Continue reading