Seo Ye Ji Erases Instagram Contents and Will Not Attend this Week’s Premiere Screening of Her Upcoming Movie Recalled with Kim Kang Woo

This week’s news report that K-actress Seo Ye Ji was the alleged ex-girlfriend to Kim Jung Hyun who played a controlling role in the Time drama production debacle three years ago could not have come at a worse time for her. Her agency has not released a statement responding to the allegations first reported by Dispatch nearly 24 hours ago, but she was scheduled to attend a movie screening premiere this week for her upcoming thriller movie Recalled (Memories of Tomorrow) costarring Kim Kang Woo. It reads like a Flower of Evil redux with memory loss and seeing the future thrown in as a wife starts to think her seemingly perfect husband is a murderer. Now K-ent is reporting that she will not attend the event and on a personal front she has deleted all content in her Instagram account (though has not deleted the account itself). Netizens are also going through all prior interviews given by her or BTS or her costars working with her and noted a troubling incident on the set of thriller movie Another Way in 2015 with Kim Jae Wook. While the two leads were filming an drunk driving scene, she veered the car in real life into the opposing lane and almost caused a head on collision to make it more realistic and appeared very into the scene. Seo Ye Ji herself gave an interview that the director of the movie made her inhale real coal smoke during a scene when her character was trying to commit suicide and she had such trouble breathing afterwards so maybe method acting was asked of her during the driving scene as well. Who knows but goodness so much going on in K-net these days.

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