K-drama to Adapt Popular Webtoon Remarried Queen With an Awesome Female Lead Character

An interesting historical royal romance webtoon is being developed into a K-drama am I’m already expecting massive amounts of hate for the second male and female leads lol. They already made me seething and it’s from reading the webtoon, it’ll be million times worse seeing those two douchenozzles in live action form. The webtoon is called Remarried Queen and tells the story of a young Queen married to a young King, they were actually best friends who grew up together as she’s a noble and he’s royalty, and their marriage is as best friends and good partners ruling the country together but no romance.

Then the King rescues a runaway slave and falls in love with her, and she’s just a total sly fox and he turns into an asshole, and wants a divorce from his Queen. She agrees but in exchange asks for a right to get remarried, and shocks everyone when she announces that she’s remarrying the Crown Prince of the neighboring rival kingdom who is even hotter than her husband. Dang, you go girl! The story starts with that scene and goes back to the beginning on how her dumbass King husband gets ensnared by the pretty slave and how the Queen ends up developing a friendship with the Crown Prince of the other kingdom. It’s pretty interesting and I love the Queen to pieces, she’s a rock star.

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