Girl Group April’s Lee Na Eun Leaves Upcoming SBS Drama Taxi Driver Due to Bullying Allegations, Drama 60% Done with Filming and Finding Replacement

Another K-drama casting switcheroo is happening, also due to the recent spate of bullying allegations against younger generation stars. Girl Group April‘s Lee Na Eun, who got her big acting break in Extraordinary You, was hoping to start her more serious acting career with upcoming SBS drama Taxi Driver (Taxi). Alas that step will now have to wait has she has left the production, which is 60% done with filming, and the network will be quickly finding an actress replacement. The bullying allegations against her are primarily lobbed by the younger brother of a former April idol mate Hyunjoo who already left the group a few years prior but recently the bullying allegations claimed it was due to bullying by group mates including Lee Na Eun. I think it’s best for the production for her departure until the matter is sorted out, and if it’s true then her career in K-ent will be facing a steep uphill battle.

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Lee Sin Young Steps Down from K-drama From a Distance, Green Spring Due to Scheduling Conflicts But Netizens Believe its Due to Bullying Allegations

The wide net of bully allegations against 20-something Korean actors/actresses and idols has another casting change though not openly admitted. Actor Lee Sin Young, most famous for playing the good looking reticent North Korean soldier in Crash Landing on You, … Continue reading

tvN Drama Mouse is Off to a Shaky Serial Killer Chase Premise as First Two Episodes Brings in 4.948% and 4.044% Ratings

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Ji Soo to Enlist in the Army Public Service in October 2021, Denies the Sexual Assault Portion of Allegations, and River Where the Moon Rises to Replace Him with Na In Woo Starting Episode 9

The rapid downfall of actor Ji Soo has come to a conclusion and there are some wrap up news to report. Ji Soo will be enlisting in the army later this year in October 2021, but he’s serving public service … Continue reading