tvN Drama Mr. Sunshine Releases Grand Scale Making Of Teaser Video

The upcoming tvN period drama Mr. Sunshine may just raise the bar another notch for K-drama film making, and I’m torn between happy for the industry and sad that this drama doesn’t star my favorite actors and actresses to sweeten the reason to watch pot. With that said, it’s getting near impossible to skip checking this drama out, from the story line about the Joseon fight for independence and identity to the hard work of the cast and crew in undertaking a massive sprawling shoot from the just released official making of video, I want to watch to support the increased quality of Hallyu dramas as yet another wave now that trendy idol fare has waned. Frankly this looks too good to pass up and I get shivers watching this scale of film making happen on a usually deemed cheesy K-drama level. Continue reading

KBS Drama Your House Helper Looks Like a Bougie Brunch in Drama Posters and Previews

K-dramas are being preempted starting this week left and right on the prime time channels due to World Cup coverage. That means new KBS Wed-Thurs drama Your House Helper won’t premiere this week despite predecessor Suits wrapping up past week, … Continue reading