Remake Dramas Mistresses and Rich Man Poor Woman Release Script Reading Stills

Is it me or does it feel like a greater number than usual K-dramas are in production right now. Not complaining though too many of them are still in the legal/police/medical genre for me. Two that are not are part of the remake wave, namely OCN‘s K-version of British show Mistresses and MBN‘s remake of J-dorama Rich Man, Poor Woman. I’m curious about both for different reasons – Mistresses marks Han Ga In‘s first drama in 6 years and also the first of the British show remake train with Life on Mars and Luther to follow, and while I’m not happy with the casting of idol-actor Suho as the male lead of RMPW my affection for the original work is enough to lure me to check out this version. Mistresses premieres April 28th while K-RMPW arrives on May 9th. Continue reading

OTP Chemistry Overflows in the Kitchen and the Rain in New Promos for Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food

Rain has been noticeably present from the very first teaser of jTBC romance Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food all the way through two of the three drama posters released showing the leads walking under an umbrella. Now the network … Continue reading

My Ahjusshi with Lee Seon Kyun and IU Premieres on tvN Wed-Thurs Following Mother

This drama just caught up to me and without realizing it tvN drama My Ahjusshi premiered this Wednesday on March 21st taking over the time slot from Mother. The drama comes with a critically acclaimed production team of the writer … Continue reading

Veterans Choi Min Soo and Lee Hye Young Join Lee Jun Ki in tvN Drama Lawless Lawyer

It’s now statistically proven that legal/procedural and medical themed dramas have dominated the last five years of subject matter on Korean shows. Many still bring in the views as Misty and Return are both leading the pack of currently airing dramas. … Continue reading