K-drama Fans Create the Perfect Sageuk of Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won in GIF Form, Dream About Their Reunion in a Period Drama

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of Nice Guy (The Innocent Man), and don’t think I’ve forgotten how much I love this drama, how indelible it was to live action, and of course how much I adore Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki individually and even more so together onscreen. Each have a successful, high rated, and well received drama most recently under their belts but Nice Guy-dom is still waiting for Kang Maru and Seo Eun Gi to return their sizzling chemistry to our screens again. No melo they can do again could possibly out-perfect Nice Guy so netizens are in unison wanting them to do a sageuk. The Princess’s New Man? New Sungkyunkwan Scandal? Tree With Extra Deep Roots? The Scholar of the Wind? The possibilities are endless and this GIF set shows us it will be electrifying when it happens. Until then, Chae Won-ssshi will have to decide if she’s cheering for old hubby or new hubby to win Best Actor at this year’s Baeksang Awards. Answer – there is no wrong choice.

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First Teasers for Doom at Your Service Immediately Bring Sweet OTP Scenes Between Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk

I think the production of upcoming tvN drama Doom at Your Service know that the make or break of this drama is going to be in the emotional connection and resonance of the two lead characters. That’s why all the … Continue reading

Park Hyung Sik in Talks for tvN City Intrigue Drama Happiness Opposite Han Hyo Joo and Still Planning to do Saguek Drama Next But No Longer The Adapting Golden Hairpin

K-actor Park Hyung Sik is recently out of the army and he’s already got not one but two dramas lined up. K-ent is reporting that he’s in talks as the male lead of upcoming tvN drama Happiness, which has already … Continue reading

Ga Jin Tries To Hold Shit Together in Episode 18 of River Where the Moon Rises as All the Men Continue to Emo in Their Own Pit of Misery

I finally realized that Daddy King has turned into the progenitor of where all the male characters in River Where the Moon Rises is going, i.e. moping, drinking, seeing dead people, and generally being USELESS while the women keep shit … Continue reading

Seo Ye Ji’s Agency Releases Statement that the Texts with Kim Jung Hyun are Just Fighting Between Couple But Denies the Education and Bullying Controversies, and K-ent is Reporting that She Will Leave OCN Drama Island with Kim Nam Gil

I’ve been through countless K-scandals and the process is always the same: shocking reveal, silence, either admit but add explanation or admit some part of it/deny others, and finally apologize and reflect. Seo Ye Ji may have been pulled into … Continue reading

The Attempted Coup in Episode 17 of River Where the Moon Rises Deflates Like a Souffle as Both Male Leads Hie Off to Angst Afterwards

Remember when what happened to KBS drama River Where the Moon Rises was like the biggest news in K-ent? Oh what a month does to keep one upping another in terms of wild news and crazy scandals. River has now … Continue reading

Dispatch Releases Bombshell Report that Seo Ye Ji was Kim Jung Hyun’s Ex-girlfriend that Demanded His Cold Behavior on Set of MBC Drama Time

The fallout and alleged reveals continue to dig up painful memories from three years ago in 2018 on the production of MBC drama Time. Male lead Kim Jung Hyun was noticeably awkward and reserved with female lead Seohyun at the … Continue reading