Song Joong Ki Having the Time of His Life and Looking Snappy in Fashionable Chic Out at Battleship Island Press Conference

On the heels of Kim Soo Hyun being giddy beyond belief at his press conference for thriller movie Real, now there’s Song Joong Ki beaming like he just won the lottery at the latest media event promoting period movie Battleship Island. It doesn’t hurt that he finally paired his gorgeous million dollar smile and baby boy good looks with an outfit that doesn’t hurt my eyes. He wore a casual short sleeve button down shirt and pants combo in a dark metallic print that looked like camo at first glance and a closer look appears to be a floral pattern. It actually looks fantastic on him, boyish and fun even with the too short pants because it’s a cutesy type outfit to  begin with and he paired it with burgundy loafers. Not to mention the movie is about a wartime effort to save Korean laborers enslaved by the Japanese on Hashima Island, the camo-like print matches the mood perfectly. Continue reading

SBS Finalizes Casting for Reunited Worlds with Lee Yeon Hee, Yeo Jin Gu, and Ahn Jae Hyun

It’s good that Suspicious Partner is a longer 20-episode prime time drama, or 40 episode now that the network has decided to call thirty minutes an episode to add in more commercial time. That means SP won’t end until the … Continue reading