Early Promos for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay with Leads Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji Together

Hmmmm, this was not what I was expecting at all for the upcoming tvN drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay but I’m not complaining. Just curious why Seo Ye Ji‘s character looks like a fashionista even though she’s a children’s book writer or am I stereotyping lol. She gives off IU from Hotel Del Luna vibes and if that means plenty of incredible outfits and accessories that’s great I love seeing beautifully curated outfits on the right character onscreen. These promos are not official drama posters but posted on the FB page for the drama but it’s clearly not photoshopped (though it looks rather crude) as both leads are dressed in character. I appreciate the drama presenting the story of the characters hence Seo Ye Ji gets the spotlight and male lead Kim Soo Hyun supporting her rather than the production milking his return to the small screen after 5 years for all it’s worth.

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Gong Yoo and Bae Doo Na Confirmed for Netflix 8-episode Drama The Sea of Silence Directed by Jung Woo Sung with the Screenwriter of Mother

Holy awards pancakes, talked about a stacked deck, and in all the right ways in terms of critical acclaim. Confirming the news earlier this month, Gong Yoo and Bae Doo Na will be working together on the small screen this … Continue reading

MBC Mon-Tues Romance Drama Dinner Mate Premieres to 4.8%, 6.1% Ratings with All the Hallmarks of Classic Boy Meets Girl Hijinks and Cuteness

My Monday picked up majorly and a new 8-week addiction has formed. MBC premiered new Mon-Tues drama Dinner Mate (Shall We Have Dinner Together) and it’s basically tailored made to hit every one of my rom-com happy nodes. There’s handsome … Continue reading

New MBC Wed-Thurs Drama Kkondae Intern with Park Hae Jin Does a Bollywood CF that is Upsetting Some Viewers for Being a Stereotypical Parody

MBC premiered a new Wed-Thurs K-drama this week called Kkondae Intern starring Park Hae Jin and Kim Eun Soo but all the media attention has been on maybe problematic commercial within the drama sequence that brings back the similar issues … Continue reading

Mysteries Continue to be Doled Out in Dribbles as the Tepid OTP Romance Dominates into Episode 12 of The King: Eternal Monarch with 6.1% and 8.1% Ratings

Let’s get it out of the way, the ratings for episode 12 of The King: Eternal Monarch is 6.1% and 8.1%. This drama with the big name screenwriter, cast, and budget is an unequivocal flop domestically, which is the most … Continue reading

KBS Reincarnation Drama Born Again is a Confirmed Clunker with Flat Acting and Abysmally Laughable Story Trying to Be Edgy

Well, K-actress Jin Se Yeon continues her own personal curse of sucking in modern dramas and seeing commensurate low ratings while finding success only in sageuks. KBS Mon-Tues drama Born Again maybe should like die again and this time not … Continue reading