tvN Sageuk Arthdal Chronicles Releases Contrasting Character Posters of Four Leads

Aside from my love for male lead Song Joong Ki, I’m totally rooting for the baddies on the character poster visuals alone in upcoming tvN drama Arthdal Chronicles. In this day and age, when anti-heroes are given their own origin stories and headlining, it’s hard not to snigger at the innocent and wholesome types trying to win. I blame the production of Arthdal for making Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won into the pre-history Korean version of the Children of the Forest, and giving all the cool Game of Bear Thrones visuals to antagonist Jang Dong Gun and femme fatale looking Kim Ok Bin. Even wanting Arthdal to do well in the ratings and more importantly be a good sageuk drama doesn’t mean I can’t keep roasting its promos if the production keeps churning out lackluster and derivative crap. Continue reading

Arthdal Chronicles Releases Four Character Previews Running Gamut from Cutesy to Coolly Dangerous

I’m getting this stark dichotomy after watching the just released four character teaser preview for tvN drama Arthdal Chronicles. It actually helps me make sense of the wildly varied previews so far. Leads Kim Ji Won and Song Joong Ki … Continue reading