Audiences Annoyed with Narrative and Acting Elements in Let’s Eat 3 with Yoon Doo Joon and Baek Jin Hee

I’m pretty annoyed as well so my opinion on this one is in line with the general audience feedback on the first two episodes of the just premiered Let’s Eat 3. The third go-around for Yoon Doo Joon as the foodie now feels unnecessary especially on the back of how the drama chose to deal with season 2 female lead Seo Hyun Jin in order to introduce a new leading lady in Baek Jin Hee. I really liked Seo Hyun Jin’s character Baek Soo Ji on her own and it feels really frustrating to see how the drama narrative chose to write her out of Gu Dae Young’s life in order for him to reunite with his college fellow foodie played by Baek Jin Hee. In addition, viewers are not happy with teeny tiny Baek Jin Hee’s food intake acting as it’s clear she doesn’t swallow the food with the cutaways and that really stunts the whole purpose and allure of Let’s Eat. The first two episodes brought in around 2.4% ratings so maybe as the drama goes on it’ll prove itself to be worth existing. Continue reading