Shin Hye Sun Confirmed and L in Talks for 2019 KBS Fantasy Romance Drama Only One Love

I’m not quite sure about this pairing but both are coming off successful last dramas so I’ll be cautiously optimistic for the time being. KBS has offered the lead roles for its mid-2019 romance K-drama Only One Love to Shin Hye Sun and L (Kim Myung Soo), with her confirmed and his agency saying that an offer was received and being considered only. 2018 was a great year for both so this pairing likely stemmed from each being on a hot streak – Shin Hye Sun did well with SBS second changes drama Thirty But Seventeen and the two-episode short drama Hymn of Death, while L was a young judge in high rated cable drama Miss Hammurabi. L is up for the male lead, an angel character who is seeking a way to return to heaven and takes on as his mission becoming the angel for a cold ballerina who has no interest in romance especially after she loses most of her sight and has to give up her dream. The angel tries to help the ballerina find love and in the process falls in love her with. Sounds like a cross between Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter and Hi School: Love on. Continue reading

First Look at Han Ji Min, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Hye Ja, and Son Ho Jun Filming jTBC Drama Dazzling

The four leads of upcoming jTBC early 2019 K-drama Dazzling (Brilliant) gathered together as filming has started and I’m cautiously optimistic. The younger man-older woman pairing in currently airing tvN drama Encounter (Boyfriend) is working so beautifully that I hope … Continue reading

Tae Hang Ho Transforms into Choi Jin Hyuk in Hilariously Outlandish K-drama Character Switch in An Empress’s Dignity

I thought the days of super outlandish melo was over but here we are at the end of 2018 with An Empress’s Dignity (The Last Empress). It’s apparently so over-the-top with cartoonish villains and candy heroines and also the most … Continue reading