Nam Sang Mi in Talks for Joseon Gunman Reuniting with Lee Jun Ki From Time Between Dog and Wolf

Drama casting is never over until the proverbial fat lady sings and confirmations ring out, so the rumored casting of Park Shin Hye in the Lee Jun Ki upcoming period drama Joseon Gunman is no more. I adore her but she’s still you and I’m sure she’ll get a chance to work with Jun Ki somewhere down the line. The more I read about Joseon Gunman the more excited I am about it so I really want a leading lady that I love to pieces. The drama gods have answered my call in a BIG way, and I mean BIG BIG WAY. KBS is currently in discussions with Nam Sang Mi to be Jun Ki’s leading lady and the moment I heard that I started screaming “Soo Hyun and Ji Woo!!!!” I am proud to admit that Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi make up one of my personal all-time fave OTP onscreen pairings ever and she is actually my favorite leading lady of Jun Ki’s over all his dramas and movies. If she does sign on (and all signs point to yes), she would also be the first repeat leading lady in Lee Jun Ki’s repertoire. I don’t think I can find a gif meme out there that quite captures how ecstatic I am right now. Joseon Gunman is airing on Wed-Thurs starting in June after Golden Cross wraps up and its been seven years since they did TBDAW on MBC and both have had really fantastic acting careers and I can’t wait to see how their amazing chemistry is like after both have matured. Joseon Gunman comes from the production team behind The Princess’s Man and is about a swordsman in the late Joseon period who loses his father and younger sister so takes up a gun to avenge their deaths and becomes Joseon’s first gunman. If Nam Sang Mi joins lee Jun Ki here, that will firm up the main four to also include Han Joo Wan and Jeon Hye Bin. Continue reading

Lost You Forever Chapter 23 : Familial Strife Demands No Rush

I think it ironic that in Lost You Forever Xiao Yao has three amazing leading man in her life but really none of the three comes equipped with everything she wants in her life. At most we can say one has more than the others, or really it comes down to what she prioritizes first. Xiao Yao keeps saying that she want a simple life to grow old with someone. But from the feisty Xiao Yao we know, that isn’t really her. She longs for adventure deep down inside, she’s just too scared to reach for it. So right now you can say she’s stealing time with all her guys even if she’s mentally decided on Jing. I can’t say the way she’s heartbroken over Xiang Liu and thinking about him bodes well for her being a one-man woman later on with Jing, plus Xiang Liu stuck her in a clam shell for thirty-seven years which if you ask me fairly screams “I love you” even if he says otherwise. I love her loyalty to Jing, though, because it’s the very thing she felt was lacking in her parental figures hence she’s never going to be the first to let go. The ball is in Jing’s court but he’s kindness really is at odds with his end goal of giving everything up to be with Xiao Yao. He could use a little more of Zhuan Xu’s ruthlessness and a bit of Xiang Liu’s coldness, otherwise he’s really drifting farther and farther from his dream life. I’m glad everyone that matter is alive or awake and the story gets back to business with lots of action that might make one ship despondent while giving hope to another ship. Continue reading

Moon Geun Young Resurfaces at Han Gong Ju Movie Premiere After Five Months Dating Silence

I wonder if anytime I mention a favorite actor or actress of mine that has been on the down low for a bit of time then he or she would suddenly reappear like magic. I was chatting with drama dongsaengs last week when talk turned to Moon Geun Young and how she’s been completely and totally MIA since she got back on her high profile month long European vacation with her smexy new boyfriend Kim Bum. A quick refresher on the couple – Moon Geun Young got cast as the lead in the sageuk Goddess of Fire and had zero chemistry with male lead Lee Sang Yoon and bucketfuls of chemistry with second male lead Kim Bum. The drama stunk to high Heaven and the best thing to come out of it was the confirmation that Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum didn’t just spark onscreen in their characters, they did in fact spark offscreen as well and became one of the hottest new K-ent couples after the drama wrapped. They jetted off to Europe and was snapped by other tourists who recognized them before returning to Korean hand-in-hand walking the media gauntlet at the arrivals terminal of the airport.

I still remember Bummie smiling like a cat got cream while poor Geun Young looked alternatively dazed and confused crossed with petrified to have so many reporters swarming their arrival. She then went underground for the last five months with nary a peep out of her, and Bummie also laid low after he did the That Winter, The Wind Blows Japan fanmeeting with Jo In Sung. I cracked a joke that they were clearly still in the honeymoon phase because they recently were spotted at the movie theater holding hands while watching a movie. Moon Geun Young finally surfaced last week at the movie premiere for the movie Han Gong Ju looking fantastic, chic and easygoing with her usual sweet confidence. I’m thinking she’ll be announcing a project soon since she’s taken the first steps back to the limelight. Anything will be a step up from GoF and I’ll be waiting anxiously to find out what movie or drama she picks next. Continue reading

Park Hae Jin and Kang Sora Play Engaged Surgeons in Dr. Stranger

When I saw the first set of official drama stills featuring the second leads of Dr. Stranger together in a scene, my immediate reaction was “Can I have these two in their own drama?” I actually find Dr. Stranger oddly appealing despite my Lee Jong Seok allergy. I think it comes from him acting older rather than younger like he did in I Hear Your Voice and trying to be all cute and little boy dongsaeng which just rubbed me the wrong way. I’m sure he has his appeal but I would rather try and glimpse his so-called acting ability that his fans have bandied about but I have yet to see. Conversely Park Hae Jin has always been an underrated treat for me, not an actor I would watch a drama for but he inevitably turns out better than I expected in it. The best example would be East of Eden where he was the third male lead and antagonist but ended up being the most well-developed male character and the one that resonated with me the most.

Same thing happened again in You From Another Star where he out-acted Kim Soo Hyun in my eyes, and had the more interesting male character. He did a lot with so very little in Lee Hwi Kyung, and I hope he’ll do this thang here with his Dr. Han Jae Joon. He’s an overseas trained genius doctor who discovers the North Korean escapee Dr. Park Hoon played by Lee Jong Seok and brings him back to South Korea. He might also be bringing back his rival in work and love but perhaps it’ll all work out in the end and we get a nice bromance out of it. I also quite like Kang Sora and here she plays another doctor in the same hospital and is also Park Hae Jin’s character’s fiancee. Me likey that arrangement. Check out the latest stills from the drama including Lee Jong Seok in scrubs where he barely passes the look test as a believable doctor (I’ve seen my share of young looking ones in real life). Park Hae Jin and Kang Sora are totally nailing it and that helps sell this drama more and more. Continue reading

Introducing Gangster Jaejoong as Triangle Releases First Drama Stills

I kinda get this feeling that there are two disparate audience camps for the upcoming MBC drama Triangle. Or maybe three camps, the last of which is the “Thank god crazy and interminable Empress Ki is finally over!” faction which deserves a medal for surviving the EK fiasco – pssst, there was even a marital rape in the last episode and I don’t even dare go near discussing it lest I blow a gasket if any viewer tries to rationalize that away as some sort of love gone awry. If I make it out of EK alive to tackle Triangle, I’m probably in the audience viewing faction there for the aging wonderfully and always a delight to watch Lee Bum Soo. And maybe hoping for a great script out of this. The other main faction is the “our oppar is leading a drama!” group of Jaejoong fans and they ought to be really excited because this is as big a stage for Jaejoong to really show the world he can act. The first official stills from Triangle have dropped showing Jaejoong as an 80′s gangster in Seoul. I know it sounds weird but I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and seeing how he can improve from his bottom of the barrel performance in Dr. Jin and perhaps tap into his hard to explain but totally decent turn in Protect the Boss. He plays the middle brother with hyung Lee Bum Soo and dongsaeng Im Shi Wan, all three separated at a young age and growing up in disparate circumstances only to reunite in adulthood and find themselves at odds with each other. Continue reading

Official Character Stills of Rookie Cop Lee Seung Gi in You’re All Surrounded

Lee Seung Gi + white dress shirt + gun holster? Slay me dead with just a picture, why dont’cha You’re All Surrounded? That’s not a great idea since a dead me is unable to spazz and recap this drama so I suggest you send Seung Gi over to give CPR to noona here. He does know CPR right? Since he plays a cop and everything. The promotional machine is revving up for YAS coming at the perfect time to deposit my Bride of the Century feels right into twiddling my thumbs waiting for Seung Gi to pair up with hyung Cha Seung Won for a comedic cop caper drama. After playing a fighter for justice from the other side of the law in his last drama Gu Family Book, Seung Gi straps on a badge and plays a cop for this first time but it’s not exactly a job his character excels at or is excited about. His character Eun Dae Koo is described as having the three golden traits of good looks, smart brains, a fit physique, except it’s paired with an acid tongue borne from a painful incident in his past. He’s aloof and rarely smiles, but every time he talks it’s to say a cutting remark that gets right to a person’s sore spot. The drama has a short childhood sequence showing a past connection between Dae Koo and Go Ara‘s character Eo Soo San (can I just call her Susan?), a connection that has evolved into a love-hate interaction now that they are working on the same Gangnam police squad together. I don’t even mind that every single Seung Gi drama starts off with a love-hate relationship between him and his leading lady, why mess with a good thing when he always delivers on that particular trope so very well. Continue reading

A Big Thumbs Recommendation for the Lovely Angel Eyes with Gu Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon

I don’t know what else to say about the current weekend drama Angel Eyes other than – it’s really really good so don’t be scared and watch it! The first two episodes actually aired last weekend but it was primarily the teenage section of the story with Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun ably hitting it out of the park in terms of acting for their own characters as well as couple chemistry. They were delightful and the whole thing reeked of Will it Snow For Christmas teenage portion vibes. But my Gu Hye Sun allergy is strong and Lee Sang Yoon dropped a notch for me with his last dull performance in Goddess of Fire. I was wary to commit before those two adult leads showed up just in case even a decent story is rendered hard to watch by either acting or chemistry. I can safely declare Angel Eyes a landmine-free zone now that I’ve spent all of episode 3 with adult Dong Joo and Soo Wan. The chemistry between Gu Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon is as lovely as it was with Nam Ji Hyun and Kang Ha Neul, and in fact I don’t remember a teenage counterpart casting that fits this seamlessly with the adult actors. The two guys look and act alike in character as do the two ladies, and a bit disconcerting because it’s such a rare treat. I like the two lead characters of Dong Woo and Soo Wan more than I like the story, and in fact the thing works better as a character and emotional piece rather than expecting a tautly written quality script. So far the drama is much better than all the recent SBS weekend dramas before it and a nice diversion for for on the weekends now that Bride of the Century has finished. Continue reading