C-ent Buzzing About Gao Yuan Yuan Expecting First Baby with Husband Mark Chao After She Postpones CF Engagement and Hides Belly

The C-ent and TW-ent baby watch of 2019 continues: starting with Ivy Chen delivering a baby last month, Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi expecting at the end of Spring, Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi welcoming a baby boy a few weeks ago, followed by Ady An announcing her pregnancy with first child, and now acknowledge goddess level actress Gao Yuan Yuan is being buzzed about as pregnant with her first child with actor husband Mark Chao. The couple has been married since 2014 and has always been dogged with pregnancy rumors since she’s a few years older than him and there is always the pressure to deliver a grandchild.

This looks as likely to be true more than all previous rumors – Gao Yuan Yuan missed the destination wedding last November of very good friend TW-actress Alyssia Chia reportedly because she couldn’t fly in her first trimester, and this week released a face only video for a CF endorsement telling fans she’ll see them again in September. Her baby is reportedly due in late July/early August is what is being bandied about. If so I’m thrilled for this talented and way gorgeous couple, baby Chao on the way in less than four months woohoo! Continue reading

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s Agencies Deny Marital Strife Rumors After C-media Spreads Baseless Splitting Up Conjecture

These days stars not only use their social media to increase their reach to their fans and share updates, it’s also conversely has become source for potentially negative updates. Last week Song Hye Kyo cleaned out her social media account … Continue reading