C-ent Buzzing About Zhao Li Ying Reportedly Pregnant and Marrying Feng Shao Feng at Year End

For the past few weeks there have been non-stop rumors that C-actress Zhao Li Ying is pregnant. It’s a pretty ridiculous and far fetched rumor to spread but strangely this one has legs and this week the pregnant murmurings added an additional layer of getting married which is when I decide to at least post about it. According to the tabloids, Zhao Li Ying is three months pregnant and for the last three months this normally workaholic actress has not acted nor does she have any acting projects lined up. She did some light CF work earlier but in the last month has done nothing. Her side has been denying the rumors but it also came from fans spotting Zhao Li Ying wearing loose clothing and once with purported boyfriend and maybe baby daddy Feng Shao Feng where he seemed very protective and solicitous of her. Now the rumor mill has added that the two plan a year end wedding, which makes sense IF she is pregnant. Now we have to wait and see if a baby belly pops up soon along with wedding news. Continue reading

Two J-ent Acting Couples Announce Marriages – Kiritani Mirei with Miura Shohei and Maeda Atsuko with Katsuji Ryo

It’s a big end to the month of July in J-ent as two big name acting couples suddenly announced marriages. First was Miura Shohei (30) and Kiritani Mirei (28) getting married after dating for two years since doing the drama … Continue reading