K-ent Publication Claims Lee Min Ho and Suzy Got Back Together, Both Sides Agencies Deny Story

This isn’t the usual buzzy K-ent story when it broke today thanks to even bigger news that dominated the industry headlines. A K-ent news publication claimed in an exclusive article that Lee Min Ho and Suzy are back together dating, courtesy of being spotted together on a date recently. There’s a “date” wherein the couple is very cozy together and clearly acting romantic, and there’s a “date” of of the sort that’s just having a meal and catching up a friends and even former exes. It’s not sure if the former couple was spotted on which type of outing, or even if it was indeed them, but K-ent could use a rekindled romance story if it was true. Both side’s agencies claimed to have checked with their clients and denied the getting back together story but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true and they were just keeping it low key this time around. Call me a sucker for the pretty but dim pairing, two very amiable gorgeous young stars finding a soul mate in the morass of K-ent. Continue reading

Johnny’s Entertainment V6 Member Okada Junichi’s Wedding Announcement Accidentally Delivered Early and Stirs Up J-ent Excitement

This is a hilarious news to report and a happy one at that. Thanks to the super efficiency of the Japanese post office, a breaking news story broke two days early and frankly I’m not sure it’s a bad thing. … Continue reading