Both Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo’s Friends Continue to Insist They are Dating Despite His Agency’s Denial and Assertion the Two are Just Friends

Now this is what I call an even juicier development, it was already fun dating news that Lee Min Ho and newbie actress and former idol Yeonwoo are dating but now we have a he said-she said story, or maybe everyone says except for him. His agency denied the dating news immediately (like so fast, legit), saying the two are just friends, they did hang out but other friends were there too just not in the pictures taken by Dispatch. Yeonwoo’s agency has not released any confirmation, merely stating that they are checking with her. To date still not statement. But reportedly both Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo’s friends are telling news publications that the two are totally dating, that they bonded over their shared love of playing video games specifically League of Legends and Overwatch and they have dates at home playing games together. Lol, I think those Lee Min Ho “friends” are about to get ex-communicated since they are not toeing his official company line of just friends.

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Choo Ja Hyun Releases Statement that She Admonished Husband Yu Xiaoguang for His Conduct, Thanks Fans for Their Support in this Difficult Time

Well I guess this means she’s not kicking him to the curb, complete with divorce papers and then taking him for every dime he’s got. K-actress Choo Ja Hyun has released her first public statement on this week’s cheating scandal … Continue reading

K-actress Choo Ja Hyun’s Chinese Actor Husband Yu Xiaoguang Caught Cheating with Girl on Lap, He Says its Just Behavior Between Old College Friends

I’m not going to surmise over why K-actress Choo Ja Hyun married C-actor/composer Yu Xiaoguang but he absolutely has a punch-able face. Like, even before this week’s scandal went down he just has a face that screams douchebag. C-ent is … Continue reading

TW-ent Thinks Hit Movie When a Man Loves Costars Tiffany Hsu and Roy Qiu May Be Dating After She Posts an Early Morning Heart Coffee Picture with His Condo View as the Backdrop

Oh ho ho ho, the dating fairies are here early with kibble for the sad pups hearing about divorces and breakups in various entertainment couples. Taiwan’s biggest domestic movie of 2021 is the romance film When a Man Loves starring … Continue reading

Long Time Couple Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol Spotted on Date After K-netizens Speculate on Their Breakup Because She Has Great Chemistry and is Super Friendly with Jang Ki Yong in New Drama

Man, if K-netizens collectively deserve to be punched in the face this instance would merit it. After My Roommate is a Gumiho premiered last week on tvN, K-netizens started to speculate and discuss that female lead Hyeri and her former … Continue reading

Lee Seung Gi’s Official Korean Fan Club Releases Statement that the Club Did Not Hire the Truck Chastising Him on Dating Lee Da In, But Some Individual Fans Did Do That

Oooh, pass the popcorn, there’s a schism and fight fight fight going on within Lee Seung Gi‘s official South Korean fan club also known as Airen. Last week Lee Seung Gi confirmed he was dating actress Lee Da In, and … Continue reading

Dispatch Releases Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In Pictures After Dating Confirmation, K-netizens Overwhelmingly Not Happy with Lee Seung Gi’s Choice

This isn’t Lee Seung Gi‘s first public dating rodeo, years ago he dated Yoona for some time and the two quietly broke up in 2015 after nearly two years together. Both were so young back then I don’t think anyone … Continue reading