K-ent Insider Discloses All Reporters Know Which Celebs are Secretly Dating But Cannot Get Photo Evidence Like Dispatch Does so Cannot Report on It

Korean entertainment online news journal Dispatch News Group has made of a name for itself thanks to breaking celebrity dating news the most and frequently on New Year’s Day to make it almost like an annual thing to wonder which unlikely or surprise couple will get outed. This week an anonymous K-ent reporter shared the background of celeb dating reporting in the industry. It’s common and widely known among all entertainment reporters which celebs and stars are secretly dating, but Dispatch is the most skilled at getting photographic evidence of couples on a date therefore they end up with the breaking scoop. Reporters will not break dating news without picture proof and that’s always been the protocol in K-ent. I figured as much but it does really make it so juicy to know that there is an underbelly of relationship news that is known but cannot be made public.

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Tiffany Hsu is Married News Heat Up Again After She’s Spotted with Wedding Ring and Rumored Hubby Liu You Nian and His Parents Attend Her Stage Performance

Normally it’s the male stars that deny deny deny dating/marriage relationships but the last two years has seen TW-actress and model Tiffany Hsu (Ann Hsu) boldly holding firm to the official line that she’s still a single lady. Tiffany of … Continue reading

C-netizens Can’t Get Enough of the So-called Training Camp Agency for Aspiring Rich Wives With Top Successes Marrying Aaron Kwok and Now Wilber Pan

This the most entertaining C-ent news story of the week, probably of the month for me for how embarrassing it must be for the rich men involved and the ladies unable to deny the exact same pictures. Like, the picture … Continue reading

Wilber Pan Threatens Legal Action Against Netizens for Noting that His New Wife Luna Has Same Instagram Pictures of Other Famous Insta Model

Okay this is kinda hilarious and turns TW-singer Wilber Pan and his recent marriage into a further newsworthy story of their own making. Wilber married his much younger Chinese flight attendant girlfriend Luna last month and it turns out C-netizens … Continue reading

Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo Reunited Dating Rumors Heat Up Again After Netizen Claims to Have Seen Them Out Walking Their Dog Late at Night with Blurry Picture Proof

Okay, pass the popcorn m’kay? I am soooooo here for the popcorn, and if this turns out to be another one of those “netizens eagle-eye knows it all from the beginning” type truth even if far-fetched imma have to bow … Continue reading