Lee Byung Hun, Shin Mina, Kim Woo Bin, Han Ji Min, Cha Seung Won, and Lee Jung Eun Offered the New Noh Hee Kyung Drama Our Blues

Looks like Here is out and Our Blues is in. Award winning screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung was prepping a new drama announced last year called Here based on people working overseas in NGOs but the production and filming continued to get pushed back due to travel restrictions during the pandemic. Vincenzo got around that by making the Italy scenes very brief, around 15 minutes in episode 1, and filmed it all on green screens in South Korea with deft CGI. But Here was set solely overseas so that’s not going to work, and now writer Noh Hee Kyung has announced a new drama titled Our Blues and cast is some of the same names signed on earlier to Here. Lee Byung Hun and Shin Mina will be playing a couple, as will Kim Woo Bin and Han Ji Min, and I’m dying of laughter over the two pairings. The first played a brother-sister pair in classic Hallyu hit Beautiful Days, not to mention Kim Woo Bin is dating Shin Mina in real life but they won’t be in this drama. Also cast are Cha Seung Won and Lee Jung Eun, and I expect the main cast to add 1-2 more big names as well as this is an ensemble work. With that, I’ve loved so many Noh Hee Kyung dramas I will watch this no matter what.

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