Han Ji Min Comfortably Chic in Promo Pictorials to Wrap Up December Promotions for K-movie Josee

Audiences tend to notice hits and misses but taken in the aggregate of a two decade long acting career K-actress Han Ji Min has an incredible success rate. Overall she has way more well done dramas and movies than turkeys but her major drama dud Hyde, Jekyll, Me will still occasionally pops into mind like a boogie man from time to time when I think of her lol. I mention because having that one-off in life is never a bad thing, it reminds us that we’re human and not every choice works out, but we keep improving and moving on. Her three dramas after that have been masterpieces each and every one in its own way, she might as well write her own check for how to bounce back. She’s also even prettier now than ever, I’m just so impressed with her top level maintenance. She’s also due for another hit next year with the 2021 Noh Hee Kyung drama HERE with A-list cast Lee Byung Hun, Shin Mina, and Nam Joo Hyuk (and was supposed to star Bae Sung Woo but after that drunk driving scandal he’ll probably drop out of this).

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Yoona, Lee Seung Gi, and Suzy Take Part in Thanks Challenge Showing Gratitude for First Responders in Covid-19 Crisis

K-ent has a new picture challenge and in 24-hours tons of famous stars have participated sincerely by posting really low key every day backdrop pictures to support medical professional first responders facing the COVID-19 crisis. It’s called the Thanks Challenge … Continue reading

K-netizens Wonder Which Top Actress Would Have Been Visual Center if Debuting in One Idol Group

OMG this is such a fun, subjective, and totally debatable what-if topic. K-netizens on TheQoo have started a discussion topic asking what of the first-gen Hallyu top actresses would have been the visual center spot had they all debuted in … Continue reading

K-netizens Discuss South Korea’s Top 10 Beauties Which Remain Unchanged Since the Early Hallyu Days

A poll and post has been making its way through K-netizen ranks and it’s relatively consensus driven on who is considered one of South Korea’s top 10 beauties here in 2020. It’s like the same list since 2005 if you … Continue reading