Ji Sung Stays the Same While Han Ji Min and Others Change in Poster for tvN Drama Knowing Wife

I’m relieved the additional drama posters for tvN‘s choice changing life drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife) turned out to also be as good as the initial teaser posters. After the trainwreck cut and paste photoshop of MBC drama Risky Romance, it’s a nice visual palate cleanser to see a drama poster be both pretty and forecast the story. The main poster features male lead Ji Sung front and center, and on his two sides are female lead Han Ji Min and supporting leads Jang Seung Jo and Kang Hana all swapped out in their attire and attitude. There’s the frumpy side and the put together nicely side yet Ji Sung stays the same. Also released are two cute drama lead character posters, I’m really loving how well the two lead are projecting their characters vibes. Continue reading

Big name K-stars Don Subdued to Overly Labeled Gucci Outfits for Brand Event in Seoul

The Gucci event in Seoul this week brought out the gamut of fashion dressing that happens even within one couture brand. Gucci has always been fashionably loud and not in a good way though I appreciate the consistent vision of … Continue reading

K-stars Active in Charity and Volunteer Work During the Holiday Season to Give Back

The holidays are in full swing and that means the temperature dips and folks gather with families to celebrate. For many who are less fortunate, the holidays must be harder than usual to get through and for those who have … Continue reading

K-stars Finally Try Adventurous Fashion Dressing to Mixed Results at W Korea Bash for Breast Cancer Charity

This news post is a week late but it was a trying week in K-ent with the saddest star departure followed by the happiest celebrity wedding, one needs to take a deep breath and get back on track. On October … Continue reading