Casa Koala Misses Ji Pyeong in the First Weekend without tvN Drama Start-Up

Starting from Friday, all I heard were wails of “Sniffles, tomorrow/today/forever there is no more Start-Up!” I didn’t realize that the non-K-drama experienced denizens of Casa Koala would be ill-equipped to handle the end of their favorite drama, so this weekend I had to soothe sadness with platitudes of “It’s okay, everyone got their happy ending!” It didn’t help that Mr. Koala and the Koala Teens never watched the first episode, they got into the drama after episode 3, so this weekend they watched the first episode and became even more diehard Ji Pyeong fans. Mr. Koala thought the writing was wasted on pointless side plots when In Jae and Ji Pyeong could have been developed more, Koala Teen Boy loves Ji Pyeong so much he randomly would yell “Ji Pyeong!” during the day around the house, and Koala Teen Girl says “Ji Pyeong is such a great character, I don’t hate Do San but he’s comparatively not as interesting or well developed.” Plus Koala Teen Boy doesn’t even like Dal Mi, he thinks In Jae is way cooler. So there you have it, post-script from Casa Koala on our family watch of Start-Up. Apparently only Koala is an OTP shipper heh!

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A Warm and Happy Ending Bids Fond Farewell to the Plucky Characters in Episode 16 of Tech Romance Drama Start-Up

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Song Joong Ki Hosts the 2020 MAMA Awards in Seoul with Many K-acting Stars in Attendance

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Start-Up Ratings Remain Steady in Episode 2 as Story Smartly Lines Up All Four Leads with Compelling Connections

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Kim Sun Ho and Younger Counterpart Nam Da Reum Steal the Show in Excellent and Tear Inducing First Episode of Start-Up

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