Kim So Hyun and Yook Sung Jae From School 2015 Reunite for Hazzys Accessories CF Campaign

I’ve only written about Nam Joo Hyuk after Who Are You: School 2015 for two reasons, the first being that he’s going on to do more drama roles and that’s the topic I cover, and the other being that he’s not as wooden or awful as the shipping wars incessantly ragged on him. With that said, School 2015 second male lead Yook Sung Jae clearly out acted Nam Joo Hyuk, a natural at acting with a fantastic lively onscreen presence. He made School 2015 such a joy to watch, especially with his fun interactions with female lead Kim So Hyun. Perhaps that’s why the shipping wars took over the School 2015 discussion, but even if I liked Yook Sun Jae’s performance and character more the whole debate just seemed so premature and pointless.

Who cares which guy the leading lady liked, the whole crew is in high school and nothing will last even in fictional drama land at that age. Just have fun would have been my preference and was definitely the approach I took when watching that drama. With that said, it would be fantastic if Yook Sung Jae got to act with Kim So Hyun again, but wait a few years until she’s older so they can do a proper young romance story for me. Until then, accessories brand Hazzys has reunited them for an ad campaign with the first picture giving a glimpse of what that might look like. Other than their very severe expressions, love the full body back hug with a side of attitude. Continue reading

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