Yoochun and Kim So Hyun are Openly Affectionate Siblings in The Girl Who Sees Smells

Looks like The Girl Who Sees Smells will be piling on the sibling cuteness before ripping our hearts out. Since the drama has made it very clear from all plot and character synopsis that male lead Yoochun‘s character loses his little sister to a serial killer attack at the beginning of the drama, leading to his character being unable to feel any physical sensation, I won’t skirt around this event when discussing Kim So Hyun‘s role as said doomed little sister.

I wouldn’t call her having a monopoly on playing suffering teen roles, but it certainly does appear that she is doing more of such roles than her other teen actress counterparts. She dies from illness, dies from attacks, gets raped, I’m just waiting for her next character to lose her memory, which may happen if she accepts School 2015. I like her so seeing her onscreen more often even in cameo roles like this one is welcomed, her spot on acting will make it easier to grieve alongside Yoochun when he loses his beloved lil’ sis to a senseless crime. Just check out their sibling affection even through an aquarium plexiglass. Continue reading

Drama Script Reading Double Dose: The Girl Who Sees Smells and Splendid Politics


With winter wrapping up, spring-like warm weather is a-coming and so are two new prime time K-dramas. To save me the hassle of doing separate posts on them, MBC‘s upcoming 50-episode long sageuk Splendid Politics (Hwajung) held its first cast … Continue reading

The Current Crop of Korean Child Actors Grow Up Talented and Thriving

Precocious and preternaturally talented child actors appears to be a dime a dozen in the world of K-dramas, in breadth and depth easily surpassing the other Asian countries and their stable of kid actors. In the modern era of K-dramas … Continue reading

The Suspicious Housekeeper Looks Intriguing as the Remake of Monster Hit Kaisefu no Mita

There aren’t that many Korean drama remakes of J-doramas, and vice-versa. Sometimes both crib from the same source material, but direct remakes don’t happen often. I chalk that up to the drama storytelling style being very different in the two … Continue reading

Lee Jun Ki and Other Stars Step Out for the Seoul International Drama Awards

The 8th Annual Seoul International Drama Awards took place last night, and it includes winners from around the world in countries where dramas or serials are produced. For the most part it was K-drama centric but it did try hard … Continue reading

Winners and Pretty Outfits from the 49th Baeksang Awards

Kim Min Hee is having arguably the best year of her life – she’s the newest Best Actress (Film) winner at the just completed 49th Baeksang Awards, and her newly outed relationship with Jo In Sung lit up the news … Continue reading

Koala Faves Rocked the Fashion Red Carpet at the Year End Drama Awards

First off, Happy New Year to everyone! Of course that also means it’s drama awards time in Korea, with the three big networks trotting out their ratings successes to foist random meaningless awards on. When I first started watching dramas … Continue reading

K-drama Breakouts and Un-breakouts of 2012

In an attempt to procrastinate starting my year end reviews, I started wasting time pondering random thoughts concerning the 2012 K-drama landscape. Aside from good and bad dramas, I realized I could actually pinpoint the breakouts of this year (and … Continue reading