Jang Dong Yoon Makes Sageuk History as Kissing Both Leads in the Same Episode in Epic Speed Developments

I’m glad there is a substantive story with a birth mystery grounding this sageuk otherwise on click bait developments alone it’s barreling full speed ahead. KBS Mon-Tues drama The Tale of Nokdu only aired one episode this week and for a 5th episode it broke a ton of norms in K-dramas. It’s one of the earliest kisses between the leads that also included a direct confession rather than an accidental kiss or one that came with a caveat because the leads are not ready to be candid yet. But before that came a same sex kiss between the two male leads that was hilarious because Jang Dong Yoon went for it and poor Kang Tae Oh was so much a deer in headlights. Even better is him learning that the widow he thinks likes him is actually his romantic rival for the affections of Dong Joo. The end seen, which also included a shirtless Jang Dong Yoon because why not, captures perfectly those magic episode ending crack moments of the great rom-coms of yore. Continue reading