Ahn Hyo Seob to Join Kim So Hyun in Webtoon Adapted K-drama Love Alarm

The casting carousel has brought together a pairing that I am most pleased with, and timing in this case definitely changed my opinion. K-ent is reporting that rising young actor Ahn Hyo Seob will join Kim So Hyun in the upcoming webtoon adapted drama Love Alarm, based on a future world where young folks find love using a phone app that rings when someone close by has a crush. I chuckle at the casting carousel because Ahn Hyo Seob was supposed to costar with Kim So Hyun’s same age actress colleague Kim Yoo Jung in the webtoon adapted drama Clean with Passion for Now, but he ended up dropping out due to scheduling conflicts when Kim Yoo Jung fell ill and the drama was delayed. He’s currently starring as the second male lead in the Mon-Tues SBS drama Thirty But Seventeen in a very prominent role and doing a fantastic job IMO. I’m thrilled he’s sticking with the young man role for Love Alarm, he’s so suited to play the earnest young boy learning about his growing up feelings. Continue reading

KBS Releases 2018 Ranking of South Korea’s Top Entertainer Beauties of All Time

The list is subjective of course but I’m always curious to see if the populace views beauty how I may perceive it. The 2018 list of 30 Top Korean Beauties of All Time and I foresee debate over the top … Continue reading

Park Sang Joong Takes Home MBC 2017 Drama Award Daesang for Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People

MBC held its year end Drama Awards last night and the winner of the Daesang was surprisingly Park Sang Joong for Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People. It’s a surprise because he wasn’t the male lead of that drama … Continue reading

Radio Romance with Yoon Doo Joon and Kim So Hyun Finishes Casting and Scheduled for Jan 2018 Mon-Tues on KBS

Currently airing KBS drama Jugglers has deftly maneuvered it’s way to the ratings lead, by a small margin, but the Mon-Tues time slot is still mostly the doldrums in generating any buzz over the three airing prime time dramas. I’m … Continue reading