Kim So Hyun is Sophisticated in Fall Fashion After Successful Guest Starring Turn in While You Were Sleeping

It was an added treat for me to watch Kim So Hyun‘s multi-episode guest starring turn in SBS Wed-Thurs K-drama While You Were Sleeping. I worried that female lead Suzy would be so weak that Kim So Hyun might be the highlight of the drama and happily that’s not the case. Suzy will never be as technically natural and proficient at acting at preternaturally talented Kim So Hyun but in While You Were Sleeping she’s holding her own with a fun presence that’s perfect for the role. Kim So Hyun seemed to have fun with yet another high profile guest drama turn after Goblin late last year, and frankly I’ve liked both better than her own leading lady drama role in Ruler: Master of the Mask. With the winter dramas all lined up it’ll have to be 2018 before she’s back on the small screen, in hopefully another leading lady role that does her justice. She’s stepping into more mature fashion looks for this November Ceci Magazine pictorial but I would prefer her to have more fun with her age appropriate projects without a rush to grow up too fast. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask Tops Suspicious Couple and Mystery Queen in Premiere

It’s new drama Wednesday, with not one but two new arrivals in the prime time slot. SBS has modern rom-com Suspicious Partner while MBC is offering up classic sageuk intrigue with Ruler: Master of the Mask, both joining KBS‘s quirky noir … Continue reading

Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun Exude Intensity in 3rd Preview for Ruler: Master of the Mask

Recently premiered MBC Wed-Thurs drama Radiant Office has been less than successful in ratings, and frankly audience feedback hasn’t been positive either. Not sure what’s not working since I’m not watching but I’m definitely keen to usher it off and … Continue reading

Guest Stars and Supporting Characters Shine in Goblin as the Drama Integrates All Characters Seamlessly

Everything feels connected in Goblin in ways both substantive and logical within its fantasy narrative. Supporting characters tug at the heartstrings or make one seethe with anger, and guest starring roles are memorable and meaningful. The leads have the lions … Continue reading