Dominos Unveils Kim Woo Bin and Kim So Hyun’s Visually Awkward CF for Seafood Pizza

Let’s get the positives out of the way first, which is that Kim Woo Bin and Kim So Hyun are two of the most buzzed about stars in K-ent this year and individually both look fantastic onscreen in the latest Dominos pizza ads. The CF itself has both gamely running through the dog and pony show, gushing over how yummy the new seafood hot pot pizza looks and tastes, all while Kim Woo Bin randomly strums an ukelele. The actual pizza flavor, by the way, sounds gross but probably is tasty enough.

The bad is that all the first impressions of how poorly conceived it was to pair these two up as a spokescouple is laid bare for all to see. I don’t know what the concept of their relationship is, oppa-dongsaeng or maybe romantic interest, but ultimately it doesn’t matter because the hulking Woo Bin just looks like he’s going to devour young and tiny Kim So Hyun along with that slice of pizza she’s holding. I described their first promo as a velociraptor with its prey but seeing the full campaign I’ll modify it to Indominus Rex eyeing a human snack. Love these two but please make this a one and done deal. Continue reading

KBS Releases Script Reading Stills for Upcoming Dramas Producer and School 2015


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Drama Script Reading Double Dose: The Girl Who Sees Smells and Splendid Politics


With winter wrapping up, spring-like warm weather is a-coming and so are two new prime time K-dramas. To save me the hassle of doing separate posts on them, MBC‘s upcoming 50-episode long sageuk Splendid Politics (Hwajung) held its first cast … Continue reading

The Current Crop of Korean Child Actors Grow Up Talented and Thriving

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The Suspicious Housekeeper Looks Intriguing as the Remake of Monster Hit Kaisefu no Mita

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Lee Jun Ki and Other Stars Step Out for the Seoul International Drama Awards

The 8th Annual Seoul International Drama Awards took place last night, and it includes winners from around the world in countries where dramas or serials are produced. For the most part it was K-drama centric but it did try hard … Continue reading