New Stills From Netflix Drama Love Alarm with Kim So Hyun and Song Kang

I love how Netflix is all over the map with the genres of K-dramas it picks up, with upcoming Love Alarm doing the classic high school romance love triangle that can be so sweetly angsty when done right. Starring Kim So Hyun with two rising male actors Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram, I’m the first to say she’s the sole reason for the interest in this drama pre-airing but if the guys show their talent it could be a career boosting project for them. High school K-dramas are always the fertile ground for breakout new talent and both Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram are still relatively unknown in name and even face that it would be interesting to see which guy shines (or both). Kim So Hyun continues to be captivating, it’s going to be great to see her back on screen soon. Continue reading

After Kingdom, Netflix Produces Two More K-dramas Love Alarm and Because It’s My First Love

Streaming and rental entertainment giant Netflix got into K-dramas in a big way starting off 2019 with the well-received first season of zombie sageuk drama Kingdom. The second season for Kingdom is underway in filming but arriving before that will … Continue reading