Kim Woo Bin’s Agency Celebrates His 30th Birthday and He Promises to Return

It’s a good time to check in with K-actor Kim Woo Bin who celebrated his 30th birthday (Korean age) on July 16th. It’s fairly certain this young man, who has been battling nasopharyngeal cancer of the nose and throat, will clearly be exempt from military service and this time the K-netizens will finally not have salty and disapproving commentary. That means he’s only going to comeback to his entertainment career when he’s fully recovered and it’s been nearly a year and a half since his medical condition was revealed and he’s still not ready to resume his career. I wish him all the best and it was heartening to see his agency release a picture to celebrate his birthday along with a handwritten note from him to his fans promising to return soon like nothing had happened. Continue reading

Korean Male Stars Show Off their Height with Sexy Dorky Manner Legs

Manner legs, or when a super tall entertainer stands in an open-legged stance to lower himself, is such a unique Korean thing. I don’t recall seeing tall stars in other entertainment industries doing the pose to adjust for height differentials … Continue reading