Good Friends Jo In Sung, Kwang Soo, Kim Woo Bin, and D.O. Spotted Returning From Japan Vacation

It’s a factor of both how many K-dramas I’ve watched and also how distinctive these guys are that even totally covered up head to toe I can recognize them. So can the public and K-media who spotted Jo In Sung, Kwang Soo, Kim Woo Bin, and D.O. coming back to Korea from a short Japan vacation. They were spotted at the check in counter as well on their way back and then the media noticed them exiting the arrivals terminal. Each wore a baseball cap and face mask but their physiques are so distinctive, not to mention three out of the four are one of the tallest male actors in Korea. Glad they had a good time and this totally makes me think that Kim Woo Bin may be close to returning from his two year long medical condition related hiatus. Hooray! Continue reading

Korean Male Stars Show Off their Height with Sexy Dorky Manner Legs

Manner legs, or when a super tall entertainer stands in an open-legged stance to lower himself, is such a unique Korean thing. I don’t recall seeing tall stars in other entertainment industries doing the pose to adjust for height differentials … Continue reading