Film Industry Rumors that Kim Woo Bin is Returning with Historical Crime Movie, His Agency States No Return Planned at This Time

There was a spurt of excitement followed by tempered expectations with news of K-actor Kim Woo Bin‘s return to acting. He’s been on a work hiatus for going on two years now since early 2017 due to cancer treatments that are reportedly successful and he’s in remission. He’s been spotted last year vacationing in Hawaii with good friend Lee Jong Seok and also various sightings in Korea and overseas with girlfriend of three years Shin Mina. That’s all fine and dandy but I’m really hoping he’s fully recovered to the point of returning to acting. His two year break would be equivalent to his expected military service which he has now been understandably fully exempt. Film industry professionals stated last week that Kim Woo Bin is in talks for a period crime thriller movie with the director of the movie he was working on before his health hiatus. Kim Woo Bin’s agency responded that Kim Woo Bin’s health is much improved but he currently has no plans for a return yet. Bummer as a fan of his unique looks and acting charisma but happy that he’s taking things at his own pace. Continue reading

Korean Male Stars Show Off their Height with Sexy Dorky Manner Legs

Manner legs, or when a super tall entertainer stands in an open-legged stance to lower himself, is such a unique Korean thing. I don’t recall seeing tall stars in other entertainment industries doing the pose to adjust for height differentials … Continue reading