Kim Woo Bin Makes Official Entertainment Return with July 2020 Esquire Korea Pictorial

The glorious and more importantly healthy return of K-actor Kim Woo Bin has arrived and goodness it’s a total breath of positivity in what has been a craptastic 2020 so far. It’s been three years since he took a leave of absence to deal with nasopharyngeal cancer and it took nearly two years for him to complete his treatment and be completely in remission and cancer-free. He’s been back at work since late 2019 when he attended an awards ceremony and this March when filming began for the upcoming big budget sci-fi movie Aliens about aliens living in Korea lol. It has a huge cast and is a two part movie spanning Josean era and modern times. He’s also changed agencies, joining AM Entertainment which also reps his long time girlfriend actress Shin Mina. Please sending this young man all the good vibes!

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Kim Soo Hyun Tops the Sports Chosun 30th Anniversary Poll of K-ent Industry Experts on Top K-drama Actors and Actresses

Consider me perpetually impressed with Kim Soo Hyun‘s popularity and staying power. This week Sports Chosun celebrated its 30th anniversary by conducting various polls of Korean industry insiders including agency heads, network presidents, PDs, screenwriters, and with over 100 votes … Continue reading

Acclaimed Director Choi Dong Hoon Starts Filming K-movie Alien with Kim Woo Bin, Ryu Jun Yeol, So Ji Sub, and Kim Tae Ri

Woah momma is the first big cast movie slated for 2021 looking jam packed and exciting. Director Choi Dong Hoon of Assassination, The Thieves, Tazza, and Jeon Woo Chi will start filming the movie titled Alien at the end of … Continue reading

Son Ye Jin, Song Joong Ki, and Many More K-stars Donating to South Korean Fight to Contain Coronavirus Spread

First off, if your fave isn’t mentioned here don’t get your goat up. This is just a list of some stars being mentioned right now as making a financial contribution to the fight to contain the novel coronavirus Covid19 spread. … Continue reading