Kim Woo Bin’s Contract with Sidus HQ Ends, in Talks to Join Shin Mina’s New Agency

I’m super not a fan of a couple under the same agency. There is so much possibility of additional conflict much like when a couple works at the same company. But it looks like K-actor Kim Woo Bin wants to make his relationship with girlfriend of four years Shin Mina also a professional association and he’s in talks to join her agency AM Entertainment. His long time contract with Sidus HQ has ended without being renewed so he’s a free agent. I know Sidus played a big part in vaulting Kim Woo Bin to the popularity he has by lining up memorable roles and/or high profile projects for him. He’s got to calibrate his acting return from three years off and I hope the new agency selection will end up being a smart move for him. Continue reading