Park Shi Hoo and UEE Cast for KBS Weekend Drama My Golden Life

The passage of time doesn’t just dim the memory, it also ushers in fresher events to the forefront. Popular stars can become unpopular if too long passes before another hit, and scandal-plagued stars can usually count on newer scandals to occupy the public mind. In the five years since Park Shi Hoo was embroiled in allegations of sexual misconduct, he’s tried one K-drama comeback with OCN‘s Neighborhood Hero but that didn’t return him to the limelight. He is working his way back so from cable he’s headed to a big three network for a weekend drama – he’s signed on as the leading man for KBS weekend drama My Golden Life, and his female lead is already cast and will be idol-actress UEE, who recently made the news for officially leaving her idol group After School. SNSD‘s Yuri acted opposite Park Shi Hoo for Neighborhood Hero and it was no biggie so I’m not expecting any furor over this casting other than curious to see if the weekend drama ahjumma audience will have the appetite for seeing Park Shi Hoo onscreen for 50 episodes. Continue reading