TV Chosun Sageuk Wind, Cloud, and Rain in Talks with Park Shi Hoo as Male Lead

I find Park Shi Hoo a teflon zombie in terms of sustaining an acting career after his sexual assault scandal years ago that derailed his career at the height of his popularity. Many of his formerly ardent fan sites have closed one by one and yet he plows on, and now he’s likely going back to the genre that was the site of his most beloved drama performance to date. He got the biggest boost from The Princess’s Man and hasn’t done a sageuk since then but in 2020 he is in talks to be the male lead of TV Chosun sageuk Wind, Cloud, and Rain. It is the story of Joseon’s greatest fortune teller and physiognomist who guided the rise of the King, found him an Empress, and helped build a strong country. It sounds great but I can’t lie and say I don’t wish the male lead were someone other than Park Shi Hoo. Continue reading

Popular Dramas and High Profile Stars Like Lee Byung Hun and Son Ye Jin Lead 2018 APAN Star Award Nominations

Following behind the nominations for the Korean Drama Awards come the nominations for the 2018 APAN Star Awards which is on its 6th year now. It’s skewed towards the popular more than elite selection metrics but as always an interesting … Continue reading