Kim Sun Ho and Shin Mina Confirmed for tvN Rom-com Drama Seaside Village ChaChaCha a Remake of the Movie Mr. Hong

Rejoice, we have a confirmed great pairing and for a rom-com to boot! After months of rumors and speculation, today Shin Mina and Kim Sun Ho have confirmed their casting for the second half of 2021 tvN romance Seaside Village ChaChaCha. Not a fan of the drama title but a mega fan of both leads, who I must say must’ve been cast because who can resist putting the two biggest dimpled cuties in K-ent together. Shin Mina plays a successful dentist who relocates to the remote seaside village after a career setback. She encounters Kim Sun Ho’s Mr. Hong, a ne’er-do-well who does odd jobs and generally is mysterious and helpful. The drama will be penned by the screenwriter of The Crowned Clown and the PD of Oh My Ghostess and Tomorrow With You. Can tomorrow come already and deliver this drama now?

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