Shin Mina Accessorizes to a Fashion Win at Cartier Event in Seoul

Most Monet paintings look great from a distance but a mess of strokes and colors up close, and in the case of K-actress Shin Mina at this week’s Cartier brand event on Seoul it’s the opposite. The picture above is lovely as it focuses on her expressive and unique face framed exquisitely with a matching set of turquoise, dark blue, and yellow beaded necklace and earrings. She’s wearing a black top that presents a beautiful contrast to her fair skin and the bright colors of the jewelry, but pulled back shows a pantsuit that is a hot mess of ill fitting and funky with a rope belted waist. I’m thrilled to see her out and about as her promotions noticeably slowed down in the last year as her boyfriend Kim Woo Bin underwent cancer treatment and stopped his career completely. Hoping the two are still going strong and Kim Woo Bin is in full remission and recovery. Continue reading