Giordano Releases Fall 2015 CFs with Real Life Couple Shin Mina and Kim Woo Bin

There’s an odd chemistry around real life couple Kim Woo Bin and Shin MIna, and it’s even more apparent when they do CFs together, like the recently released pictorial for casual wear brand Giordano. I don’t mean anything negative when I say odd, just that the vibe they get off is rather different than expected – while Kim Woo Bin is younger than Shin Mina, he seems older than her for whatever reason when they pose together.

Maybe it’s his towering presence, which always gives off a veneer of imposing danger even if he’s not trying to do so intentionally. It’s a bit off kilter in the context of shilling Giordano basics, making me feel like there is some underlying meaning I’m not seeing. Both Shin Mina and Kim Woo Bin will be back in the limelight again soon with upcoming dramas, Shin Mina doing rom-com Oh My Venus with So Ji Sub while Kim Woo Bin is pairing up with Suzy for melodrama Arbitrarily Fond (working title).  Continue reading

KBS Finalizes So Ji Sub-Shin Mina Drama with Name Change to Oh My Venus and Casting of Supporting Leads


There’s been major movement this week on upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Oh My God, starting with a name change to Oh My Venus. It’s not a good drama title still, but slightly better than Oh My God which can range … Continue reading

TV Report Publishes 2015 Industry Insider Power Rankings of K-drama Actors and Actresses


The 2015 TV Report drama actors and actress power list is out, an annual survey the publication has done since 2013. The survey is compiled by the vote of the Korean drama industry’s top 30 PDs at the main three … Continue reading