Netizen Poll Selects Go Jun Hee, So Ji Sub, and Hyun Bin as Top Three K-ent Fashion Benchmarks

This is a new poll topic for me aside from the best looking or most popular varieties. K-netizens were polled on who among the current Korean stars personified the ideal “Fashion Benchmark”. It’s basically someone who is a walking fashion ideal in terms of looks and physique, and for once K-netz isn’t salty as Go Jun Hee got the most votes. I’m not enamored of her as an actress but she’s definitely goals in terms of her model frame and chic features. Coming in second is actor So Ji Sub transitioning smoothly into the next leading man phase last year playing the kickass uncle type in Terius Behind Me. Third place goes to Hyun Bin who confirmed yet again in his last drama Memories of Alhambra that his visuals are unmatched and make viewers willing to overlook his asshole-ish character flaws. Other than the top 5 list below, who else do you think is a Fashion Benchmark in K-ent? Continue reading

Current K-drama Male Leads on the 10 Year Challenge Have Aged Like Fine Wine

The current It thing on Facebook is the 10 Year Challenge, to post a picture of yourself today versus 10 years ago on your first post when Facebook started. Some people have aged hard, some hardly at all, but looks … Continue reading

K-stars Attend Be With You Movie Premiere Starring Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub

A weepy romance movie starring So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin, of course the VIP movie premiere for Be With You would be bursting at the seams with celebrity guest attendees. Song Seung Heon looked his preppiest best at … Continue reading