Rain Looking Better than Ever After Marriage at Fan Meeting in Japan

Okay, that girl is totally what I would be like if Rain gave me a hug, onstage or offstage on the life altering chance he’s standing right next to me some place some day. I’d be all like “lemme hug you but HOMG I’m so nervous!”, but all done with zero thirsty want and all admiration and appreciation for the hardworking talent of this K-star. The year is shaping up well for Rain starting off with his marriage to fellow top star Kim Tae Hee, and now headed into filming for period movie Uhm Bok Dong about the life of a Korean cyclist who inspired his countrymen during the Japanese occupation era. Last week Rain was in Japan for a fan meeting and his star power there remains as strong as ever and for good reason, he’s old school K-pop with modern man good looks, the perfect visual combination that can continue to endure as long as he keeps working hard. Continue reading

Seo In Guk Leads Jellyfish Agency Music Stars in Cute Holiday Single “Jelly Christmas”

What an adorable fan service from an adorably named entertainment company. Jellyfish Entertainment‘s music project Jelly Box has released a new Christmas single featuring the collective talents of it’s young music stars. Titled “Jelly Christmas”, the song includes singer-actor Seo … Continue reading