Dylan Wang and Shen Yue Shine in First Scene Stills From Meteor Garden 2018

I have a soft spot for Meteor Garden not because I love the Hana Yori Dango story all that much, it’s entertaining enough but the original Taiwan adaptation spawned the idol drama craze that gave us a decade of great TW-dramas. It’s also been the source material for many dramas to launch new faces thanks to the story line being set in high school and ripe for young up-and-comers to be cast, much the same way as Itazura na Kiss and Hana Kimi though the other two tend to only feature the leads. HanaDan has the chance to launch the careers of 5 stars with one leading lady and four leading men. The first set of scene stills are out showing female lead Shen Yue with male lead Dylan Wang, she’s playing Makino Tsukushi (Dong Shan Cai) and he’s Domyouji Tsukasa (Dao Ming Shi), of course. I can see the camera just loves them, there’s a liveliness to their expressions in even the stills of this scene that give me hope, please be good MG2018! Continue reading

Meteor Garden 2018 Releases Official Character Posters of Fresh-faced Pretty Young Leads

The first character posters are out for the upcoming 2018 drama remake of Meteor Garden, now more officially a TW-drama and C-drama mashup thanks to the producer being Angie Tsai who produced the classic 2001 version but this time getting … Continue reading

Female Cast of Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Stun in Epic Bazaar Qing Dynasty China Fashion Pictorial

For anyone who loves fashion and photography this is going to be an eye-popping treat. Famous Chinese photographer Yin Chao teamed up with Bazaar China and the strong and gorgeous female cast of upcoming period C-drama Ruyi’s Royal Love in … Continue reading

Wallace Chung Reunites with Famous Former Drama Costars Tang Yan and Janine Chang at Cosmo China Event

C-dramas have recycled the same male leads and female leads for the last five years it’s come to a point where the top 5 actresses have worked with the all top 5 actors and it’s back to the drawing board. … Continue reading

Chen Qiao En is the Top Taiwan Star Earner Working in Mainland China Followed by Nicky Wu and Bolin Chen

K-drama fans in the last year must’ve truly understood first hand the acquisition power of Mainland China in dictating the entertainment outputs of some of it’s neighbors. Folks in Taiwan have known that for decades but it’s taken an unofficial … Continue reading