Xiao S Plays the Older Sister to Male Lead Dylan Wang in TW-drama Meteor Garden 2018

Oh man is this a casting coup from a nostalgia connection and from a suitability standpoint. The upcoming 2018 TW-drama remake of Meteor Garden has cast Xiao S in the drama, finally making her wish come true after she’s been pining for 17 years in not doing the original Meteor Garden which starred Xiao S’s older sister Barbie Hsu as the female lead. Xiao S shared pictures from the filming at the airport and revealed that she was playing the role of the older sister to the male lead character in this version played by rising young actor Dylan Wang. Xiao S’s brash and brassy personality would be such a great fit for the character of Domyouji Tsubaki still played the most perfectly by Matsushima Nanako in the J-version of Hana Yori Dango. These filming stills also revealed the hairstyle for the male lead going for the Japanese Yankee style, decent but doesn’t hold a candle to the upside down broom that was Jerry Yan‘s look. Continue reading

Chen Qiao En is the Top Taiwan Star Earner Working in Mainland China Followed by Nicky Wu and Bolin Chen

K-drama fans in the last year must’ve truly understood first hand the acquisition power of Mainland China in dictating the entertainment outputs of some of it’s neighbors. Folks in Taiwan have known that for decades but it’s taken an unofficial … Continue reading

First Character Posters of Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng for Period C-drama The Story of Ming Lan

Filming has started for high profile 2019 period C-drama The Story of Ming Lan, with the mouthful Chinese title of 知否知否应是绿肥红瘦 (Zhi Fou Zhi Fou Ying Shi Lv Fei Hong Shou which means Don’t you know? The Green should be Plump and … Continue reading

Three Lives Three Worlds Drama Leads Mark Chao and Yang Mi Adorably Reunite at Fashion Show

Kyaaaaa, fans of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms rejoice, our beloved OTP is back together and being so adorable my teeth hurt. The leads of the hit C-drama adaptation sat next to each other at a fashion … Continue reading