Show Luo’s Web Famous Girlfriend Grace Chow Pens Scathing Breakup Screed Accusing Him of Cheating for the Entirety of 9 Year Relationship

Okay, this is so so so much “pass me the popcorn” level trainwreck celeb breakup dirty laundry being aired. You can say April 23, 2020 will NOT be singer-actor Show Luo‘s favorite day ever in history as his long time and now ex-girlfriend Grace Chow has eloquently dragged his alleged cheating ass through the public ringer. If it’s all true then good for her, and imma cheer her on and follow her on Instagram and give her more eyeballs because this was one AMAZING breakup letter. Grace is not a celeb, in China she’s known as Little Angelababy as after plastic surgery she resembles also had a lot of plastic surgery Angelababy.

She’s amassed a huge online following and is what you would call an influencer. She started dating Show in 2013 and he even went public with their relationship, and she met his mom and everyone thought Show would finally settle down and get married. Well….yeah, that’s not gonna happen and judging from his emotional and mental state probably not what he’s looking for as Grace claimed she checked his phone and found he hooked up with any woman he could from same agency coworkers to chicks in every city on tour or filming. Can’t say I’m surprised but goodness she went to town on this letter heh.

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