China to Remake TW-hit Drama Fated to Love You With Fresh-faced Rising Stars

The remake train didn’t quite hit this popular drama as much as some others but it’s now going on the 4th remake so I think it’s nearly reached the same level. China will be remaking super popular when it aired TW-drama Fated to Love You which rocketed both leads Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan (as well as second male lead Baron Chen to a lesser degree) to superstardom. The timing is pretty savvy considering earlier this year the C-drama remake of Meteor Garden was a roaring success both in ratings and audience reviews. Of course I credit MG2018’s success on the casting of male lead Dylan Wang so it’s going to be a test of the production of C-Fated to see if their reported picks of rising stars Tan Song Yun for the female lead and Yan Xi for the male lead also deliver the same charismatic sizzle. The remake is slated to air in 2019. Continue reading

Fond Remembrance of the Taiwan Idol Drama Actors of the 2000’s Era

Maybe it’s the fall weather and the recent seismic shift in Asian drama viewing options but I’m in a nostalgic mood and one of the classic eras that passed naturally was the Taiwan idol dramas of the 2000s. Starting from … Continue reading

Cyrstal Liu and Jing Bo Ran Display Plenty of Chemistry in First Teaser for C-drama Records of the Southern Mist House

Consider me pleasantly surprised and now even more excited for 2019 period C-drama Records of the Southern Mist House. I already loved the bookish and lyrical title, taken from the same name manhua that is the original source of the … Continue reading