TW-actress Annie Chen Announces Engagement to TW-actor George Hu, 9 Years of Denying Dating After Starring in TW-drama Love, Now

Why do these babies do this to me! I just want them to be happy and bask in their happy dating lives but no, denial is a River in Egypt and they just have to spring it at the finish line. To date I’m still the most shocked by the news that Roy Qiu and Tiffany Ann Hsu met on the movie Man in Love, dated, and then quietly got married with only the sliver of tabloid rumors about a romance. But these two were full blown tabloid stake outs and years of conjecture until everyone just got tired/bored and moved on, but now they are ready to announce – actress Annie Chen and actor George Hu are the newest TW-ent star couple and wowsers does this bring back memories. They starred in the 2012 drama Love, Now, which was just okay and followed the incredibly awesome and highly rated Inborn Pair that Annie did with Chris Wang a year earlier and from the same production team. Chris and Annie never had any real life gossip but George and Annie ignited tons of tabloid rumors they were dating but both sternly denied time and again. It perpetuated even more after they did a second TW-drama together called Love Around. And then the years went by and interested waned in their are they-aren’t they interest until BAM! today Annie posted on her SNS a picture of her hugging George and a giant diamond ring on her ring finger with the captions: ToGetHer and Forever and Always. Well….duh. Her agent confirmed she’s engaged to George after he successfully proposed. All teasing aside, congrats to these two and huzzah on another adorable TW-ent power couple.

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C-ent Looks Forward as High Profile Fantasy Period Drama Novoland: Pearl Eclipse with Yang Mi and William Chan Gets Airing Approval

I haven’t been a fan of the Novoland series of dramas but this latest iteration has my interest because it stars Yang Mi rocking the period drama look HARD (i.e. gorgeously) and also because I’m hoping it saves this lackluster … Continue reading

Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan’s Highly Anticipated Romance C-drama The Oath of Love Pulled Right Before September 8th Premiere on Hunan TV and Tencent Streaming

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Wang Yibo and Guan Xiaotong Last Minute Removed From CCTV Cultural Music Celebration Program After Dress Rehearsal Last Week as First Signs of Television Programming Changes to the New Restrictions

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China Broadcasting Issues the 8 Decrees to Broadly Reorganize Entertainment Industry Including No Sissy Male Stars Onscreen and Cancelling Idol Making Shows

I don’t even know where to start so I’ll just tackle each major new restriction as is. China Broadcasting on behalf of the government issued an 8-point decree this week intended to broadly restructure and also restrict what is seen … Continue reading

C-ent Reporter Spills the Tea on the Zhang Zhe Han Cancelled for Visiting Yasukuni Shrine Debacle and Explains How Additional Events Built Up to It

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Top C-actress and Producer Zhao Wei Also Cancelled After the Zhang Zhe Han Visits Yasukini Shrine Scandal Lit the Scrutiny on Her Prior Problematic Issues

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Zhao Li Ying’s Fans Cause Mass Muting and Banning on SNS Accounts After Organizing Online Conflict Over Unhappiness With Her Rumored Drama Reunion with The Legend of Fei Costar Wang Yibo

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