First Look at Upcoming SETTV Friday Drama The Perfect Match with Chris Wu and Ivy Shao

The wait was short on this one and I couldn’t be happier. The countdown has begun with the confirmed February 24th premiere date of new SETTV Friday night idol drama The Perfect Match, with the title a pun on the leads being top quality perfect matches as well as their characters being chefs with the drama centered around food. There’s been a slew of cooking themed dramas in the last few years, Pleasantly Surprised, Taste of Love, Love Cuisine, just to name a few, whether it’s a resurgence of the genre or just a good reason to throw in more tie-ins.

This one gets my attention for the return to idol fare of newly minted Golden Bell Best Actor winner Chris Wu, and doing it with SETTV despite his last idol drama being the network’s hilariously wonky King Flower (Substitute Princess). I already see his acting chops at work in the short teasers below, and hopefully leading lady Ivy Shao will avoid the typical TW-drama leading lady style of being overly cutesy. Nikki Hsieh pulls of being adorable and edgy like no other, but I’m hoping Chris hits the chemistry magic with Ivy this time around. Continue reading

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