C-ent Reportedly Planning First Dual Female Lead Period Drama Starring Yang Zi and Li Qin as the Gender Swapped Counterpart to Two Male Lead Dramas Like Word of Honor and The Untamed

So this could either be a big hit or a hot mess, but more from the fandom side then the drama actually being bad. C-ent is reporting a big potential casting news this week, the first ever dual female lead big budget period drama. The two leads are reportedly going to be Yang Zi and Li Qin, and together each have over two dozen dramas under their respective belts, and been the lead in them since the mid-2015 time period. The drama is adapted from the novel Mei Shi (媚世 literal translation is Alluring Life) and is intended to be the female equivalent of hit dual male lead dramas like The Untamed and Word of Honor that lifted those male leads to new popularity levels. The male leads in discussion are Wang Yibo and Tan Jian Ci. If this does happen, and a big IF, I can see the fandom of these two super popular liulang actresses fighting over name rank, scenes, dialogues, and costumes. It’s sure to generate media attention good or bad.

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Popular C-actor Xu Kai and Rising Actress Yu Shu Xin Cast in the Highly Anticipated C-drama Adaptation of Chinese Paladin 6 Titled Sword and Fairy

I’ve only recently gotten the appeal of some of the rising and popular young actors from the past 5 years, since after 2015 I really stopped watching C-dramas and without watching it’s hard to like or dislike anyone. So it’s … Continue reading

Yang Mi and Gong Jun Start Filming Highly Anticipated C-drama Adaptation of Fantasy Anime Fox Spirit Matchmaker

The musical chairs combination of C-actor and C-actress pairings has landed on Yang Mi and Gong Jun for the high profile fantasy C-drama project Fox Spirit Matchmaker (涂山小红娘). The two will star in one of the three segments in the … Continue reading

Bolin Chen and Puff Guo Star in First Disney+ Produced TW-drama Small & Mighty Premiering June 15th

The Eastward venturing of Disney+ isn’t limited to K-dramas as the streaming platform will soon premiere its first produced TW-drama, though not a solo effort as it’s co-produced by Chinese streaming platform Bilibili as well. Starring Bolin Chen and Puff … Continue reading

Crystal Liu and Chen Xiao’s Tang Dynasty Romance Drama A Dream of Splendor Gets Highest Douban Premiere Week Ratings for 2022 C-dramas and Sets New Streaming Records

Well I definitely know a hit when I see one and this one is starting off the summer 2022 season with a bang for C-dramas. A Dream of Splendor (Meng Hua Lu) with Crystal Liu and Chen Xiao premiered on … Continue reading

Yang Mi Lives the Dreamy Noona Romance with Xu Kai in Modern Romance C-drama She and Her Perfect Husband

Haha, this is like every K-drama noona romance paired with Kimi wa Petto but she acquires a fake husband instead of a pretend pet. Upcoming Tencent modern C-drama romance She and Her Perfect Husband (爱的二八定律 Love’s Two Eight Principle) caught … Continue reading

C-drama Adaptation of Tong Hua Fantasy Romance Novel Lost You Forever Underway with Yang Zi and Three Fresh-faced Male Leads

At this point I do want the C-drama adaptation of Lost You Forever (Chang Xiang Si) to go forward because then it would be done and I don’t ever have to wonder what it would have been like. Despite not … Continue reading

Zhao Li Ying to Headline High Profile C-drama Adaptation of Xianxia Novel Accompanying the Phoenix with Reunited Male Lead Lin Geng Xin

The new crop of C-drama actresses that have up come up big in the last few years have done so because the last gen hasn’t been doing as many C-dramas, it’s one gen takes the myriad opportunities that arise. But … Continue reading

Upcoming Period C-drama Legend of An Le With Gong Jun and Dilraba Dilmurat Starts Gaining Traction with Excitement for Likely Summer 2022 Release

When I started seeing more and more promos tricking out for upcoming C-drama Legend of An Le, along with rising online chatter, it’s clear another likely hit is on the way. Unless this drama sucks in actual story and directing, … Continue reading

Hit Wuxia Romance C-drama Who Rules the World with Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si Wraps Run with Mixed C-netizen Reviews

That addicting but kinda hot mess of a fantasy xianxia C-drama The Blue Whisper with Allen Ren and Dilraba Dilmurat definitely opened the door again for my interest in period C-dramas. Right after The Blue Whisper a big budget highly … Continue reading

Crystal Liu’s First C-drama Comeback in 16 Years in Meng Hua Lu with Chen Xiao Runs into Twin Towers of Competition in the Coveted Summer 2022 Slot as Dilraba and Yang Zi’s Respective New Dramas Also Schedule Same Time

Ooooooh, fight fight fight! Someone replenish my popcorn cuz this is going to get wild. Top C-actress Crystal Liu who rose to fame as Xiaolongnu in the 2006 C-drama adaptation of Return of the Condor Heroes and has sense gotten … Continue reading

C-actor Zhang Zhe Han Emerges From Cancellation with First Instagram Update Sharing New Pictures and Message to Fans

The tendency to discuss things in extremes continues to obscure actual substantive subject matter. In the last decade there emerged this idea of “cancellation” when someone did something wholly objectionable or personally distasteful. There are two separate things, the former … Continue reading