Puff Guo and Jasper Liu Go From Cute Real to Sizzing Reel in TW-drama Before We Get Married

It’s the second week of TW-drama Before We Get Married and boy am I conflicted. On one hand I am addicted beyond belief but on the other neither lead is a “good” character that makes me sympathetic to their complicated emotions. All I care about is seeing leads Puff Guo and Jasper Liu give in to their wild sexual chemistry and make out onscreen. It helps that their respective significant other characters in the drama are annoying as shit, the guy has his entire life mapped out including which day she can sleep over and they have sex, while his girl is a level 10 passive aggressive clinger who is selling his condo without his consent and planning their wedding without his input. Episode 2 was more of a slow burn in plot development made better by every scene between the leads, even when he’s being a sociopathic asshole and hoisting her on a balcony to freak her out. This is one drama that’s so wrong it’s kinda right to watch in a dirty satisfying way. Continue reading

Chinese Authorities Excoriate Court Dramas Like Yanxi Palace for Promoting Bad Values, All Court Dramas Pulled From Current TV Schedules

When something is too popular it’s bound to get backlash in still communist ideology controlled Mainland China, bucking up against tighter controls over social and policy restrictions. The biggest C-drama of 2018 was by far Story of Yanxi Palace, followed … Continue reading