Han Ga In Effortlessly Beautiful in October Issue of Singles Magazine

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve seen K-actress Han Ga In in anything so this upcoming October issue pictorial in Singles Magazine is a breath of familiar air. She’s such a complicated actress to follow, mostly because her acting is so singularly limited and blank. She tries but like fellow gorgeous natural Lee Yeon Hee cannot rise above what seems like an innate inability to emote properly. I don’t throw shade because I could never act, but the issue with bad actresses is that they can’t act very well in their chosen profession.

With that said, I like Han Ga In, both for her incredibly beautiful and unique looks and this warm feminine aura that made her one of the most well known actresses in the late aughts. Her best acting to date remains Bad Guy, so amazing from the entire cast and she didn’t weigh it down, but it’s been five years since her last drama The Moon Embraces the Sun and her reported acting return in 2017 never materialized. It’s okay since hubby Yeon Jung Hoon works consistently, and if she continues to rake in the CF dollars in between being a mom to the couple’s daughter born in April of 2016. Continue reading

School-aged Pictures of Popular Hallyu K-actresses Show the Before and After

I did a post awhile back on the school age before and after pictures of Korea’s male stars. It’s time for the ladies counterpart post and who better to top it off than the three renowned prettiest actresses in Korea. … Continue reading

K-media Assembles Top 5 Most Beautiful Actresses in Kim Hee Sun, Son Ye Jin, Han Ga In, Song Hye Kyo, and Kim Tae Hee

With Descendants of the Sun doing gangbuster prime time ratings, the best since You From Another Star two years ago, it gives K-media a chance to wax rhapsodic about the A-list actresses who continue to deliver in looks and/or ratings. A … Continue reading

Kim Tae Hee, Lee Young Ae, and Jeon Ji Hyun Top the Netizen’s Ranking of the 20 Most Beautiful Female K-stars

Kim Tae Hee is having a very good August 2015, that’s for sure. Her new drama Yongpal with Joo Won is a major hit (relatively speaking in this day and age of depressed television ratings), and now she’s garnered another … Continue reading

Thrice Married Woman Can’t Finalize its Cast Because Writer Kim Soo Hyun Keeps Axing the Leads

This story warms my cockles because it proves that someone with talent and clout actually still cares about quality in Korean entertainment. Everyone’s likely heard now about the casting “problems” with the upcoming weekend drama Thrice Married Woman (She Gets … Continue reading

A Star-studded Premiere for K-movie Secretly, Greatly

This might be one of the most star-packed K-movie premieres I’ve seen in a long time, which goes to show that Kim Soo Hyun’s star is incredibly high and his agency Key East Entertainment has lots and lots of A-list … Continue reading

Thieves Holds Star-Studded Movie Premiere in Korea

The star-studded caper movie Thieves held its media movie premiere in Korea this week, and in attendance was a coterie of K-stars even more high wattage than usual. That’s not surprising since the movie cast itself consists of some top-notch … Continue reading