Lee Se Young Shines Above the Messy Characterization and Narrative of tvN Fantasy Drama Hwayugi

It takes a combination of luck and ability to land a supporting drama role that steals the lead thunder, and to do so in an especially bad K-drama. Lee Se Young already had her first leading lady role in The Best Hit last year before she signed on as a supporting role for Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) but she really came out of the stinky failed drama smelling like roses much like her characters Bok Ja/Ah Sa Nyeo smelled like flowers at times. She infused her characters with memorable warmth, adding depth to one-note plot device characterizations so much that I wanted to know more about Bok Ja before she died and even felt pity for Ah Sa Nyeo despite her villainous intentions. It’s the opposite of wafer thin leads characterizations that aimed to do more and instead delivered a piddling amount of dimensionality. I’m certain Lee Se Young will springboard her Hwayugi appearance to better roles and good for her as she’s shown me solid acting chops worthy of an ascent to leading lady permanently. Continue reading

Four New K-dramas Premiere the First Weekend of March 2018 to Decent Ratings Start

I’ve been girding myself for the concluding week of tvN fantasy drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) that I didn’t really process just how many new K-dramas were premiering this Saturday. Four new arrivals of different genres hit the small screen … Continue reading