Kim Dong Wook Loves Jackets and Fighting Injustice in First Stills From KBS Drama Special Labor Inspector

Time for an eyeball cleansing break courtesy of K-actor Kim Dong Wook in the first stills from upcoming MBC drama Special Labor Inspector (Jo Jang Poong). Unfortunately Item is turning out to be rather disjointed so that’s a bummer but the first week of April the next Mon-Tues drama will be cutie patootie earnest to a fault Kim Dong Wook transforming into a man too passionate about doing the right thing for his own good. He’s the special labor inspector who gets kicked off teams and fired from jobs for protesting injustice, and once he gets into the civil service labor and employment division he takes on the bad employers out there mistreating workers. The drama is directed by the PD of Ruler: Master of the Mask and the screenwriter of Angry Mom. Ooooooh yeah bring me Angry Labor Inspector stat! Continue reading

OCN Supernatural Thriller The Guest Premieres to Solid Ratings for Effective Scary Story and Cinematic Visuals

The newly premiered OCN Wed-Thurs drama The Guest (or Hand: The Guest) feels like it came one month late. It should have premiered in August during the traditional lunar new year ghost month because it is hella creepy and thoroughly … Continue reading

OCN Supernatural Thriller Hand: The Guest Confirms Cast of Kim Jae Wook, Kim Dong Wook, and Jung Eun Chae

The drama with one of the worst sounding titles is off to start with one of the best casts around, insofar as it makes for somewhat of a Coffee Prince reunion. OCN religious and supernatural themed police thriller Hand: The … Continue reading