Action Moves out of the Palace in Episode 18 of Queen Cheorin with Ratings Staying Put at 14.844%

Next week is the finale of Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) and it’ll be interesting to see how the drama deals with both historical King Cheoljeong and his situation as well as whether Bong Hwan’s soul will stay in Joseon forever or go back to modern times. I’m fairly certain Bong Hwan is the reincarnated future self of So Young, perhaps getting her chance to be a man and make her own life choices after being a pawn in her own world. So when Bong Hwan’s life was in danger he went back to his previous self So Young and with it helped her solve her problems. But some problems are more than just a modern soul and mind can solve and now true sageuk danger with swords and assassinations are upon the leads. At least some of the annoying characters have gotten out of the way, all I want is to take both Dowager Queens down and maybe slap an annoying minion or two along the way.

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Queen Cheorin Ratings Rise Slightly in Episode 10 and Hits New High with 12.836% as the King Gets Closer to Figuring Out He’s a Pawn Either Way

I think Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) could have been so much more script-wise, and has been buoyed by the entertaining execution on the comedic stuff, the gorgeous visuals, and the top notch acting and chemistry of leads Shin Hye Sun … Continue reading

Netizen Complaints Don’t Slow Down tvN Drama Queen Cheorin as Episode 3 Increases to 9.022% Ratings

Being active on the internet sometimes makes one believe that information being shared and discussed online would have real life impact. But it’s just a vocal minority sounding louder than actually is and real life has its own reactive beats. … Continue reading

tvn Drama Queen Cheorin Increases Ratings in Episode 2 to 8.800% as Leads Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun Exude Mega Chemistry and Laughs

tvN weekend saguek Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) debuted to the second highest premiere ratings for the network ever on the time slot and the second episode has increased slightly to 8.800% ratings. I had a chance to watch episode 1 … Continue reading

Fantasy Sageuk Drama Queen Cheorin Premieres to 8.030% Ratings, the Second Highest tvN Weekend Premiere After Mr. Sunshine

Impressive and I’m so happy for the cast and crew! Newly arriving tvN Sat-Sun fantasy sageuk drama Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) premiered today to 8.030% AGB nationwide ratings, a huge ratings jump from predecessor youth business romance drama Start-Up. It’s … Continue reading