Song Seung Heon and Krystal in Talks for Upcoming Conman Heist Drama

This is too funny not to wonder if the K-drama gods were playing a joke and pulling the strings. After Song Seung Heon and Go Ara did the grim reaper police drama Black last year (which I loved!), she went off and got paired with L (Kim Myung Soo) for their upcoming drama Miss Hammurabi. I laughed because Go Ara is an admitted weak actress and her performance in Black did not change that opinion for me, and same goes for L who I’ve only ever liked when he kinda played a version of himself in My Lovely Girl.

Now Song Seung Heon has gone off and may be paired with L’s MLG leading lady Krystal Jung (also a weak actress for many dramas in a row) for a thriller heist drama called Set (or Match like in a game context), which K-ent originally reported was called Hustle and based on a BBC drama. It’s not, Set is an original K-drama screenplay around an elite group of con-artist thieves who target illegally gotten riches of other criminals. Sweet sounding story, but the two leads together I’m way below optimistic other than Song Seung Heon continues to be my perennial eye candy. Continue reading

K-stars Attend Be With You Movie Premiere Starring Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub

A weepy romance movie starring So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin, of course the VIP movie premiere for Be With You would be bursting at the seams with celebrity guest attendees. Song Seung Heon looked his preppiest best at … Continue reading