Song Seung Heon and Go Ara Start Filming OCN Grim Reaper Police Drama Black

Darker and serious themed dramas seem to be the ones getting good reviews this year so hopefully OCN has the right execution and cast lined up for its upcoming grim reaper soul swap drama Black. Taking over from Save Me (and followed by Bad Guys 2), Black tells the story of a grim reaper cast off from heaven played by Song Seung Heon who possess the body of a police detective, and together with a reporter played by Go Ara who can see death they work together to save lives against the heavenly orders.

Rounding out the cast is the Lee El coming off from one grim reaper drama to another after Goblin along with young actor Kim Dong Joon. The screenwriter is Choi Ran who wrote God’s Gift: 14 Days and Iljimae with PD Kim of Voice, Pied Piper, and Liar Game directing. Hopefully both Song Seung Heon and Go Ara will fare better back in a modern setting compared to their respective last drama outings in sageuks Saimdang: Light’s Diary and Hwarang. Continue reading

Attendees at VIP Movie Premiere of Battleship Island Reach Stratospheric Levels of Star Gazing

There may be a new standard in quality and quantity of star attendees to the VIP movie premiere of period war escape movie Battleship Island. I saw one of my faves Yoo Seung Ho trading his ruler period garb for … Continue reading

SBS Delays Lee Young Ae’s Drama Saimdang to January 2017 After Not Getting Chinese Simulcast Approval

The fallout from the Chinese spat with South Korea over THAAD is clearly continuing even after news coverage has died down since the heated summer months. The next casualty is the highly publicized fully pre-produced sageuk drama Saimdang: Light’s Dairy, … Continue reading

K-actor Hairstyle Preferences: Up with Forehead or Down with Fringe

I don’t think this will end up being some great debate as much as a fun time to share personal visual preferences. While Korean actors are well known for being intensely easy on the eyes, sometimes their styling onscreen and … Continue reading