Shin Se Kyung Radiant for Cosmopolitan Korea and Readies to be Bride of the Water God

Nam Joo Hyuk gets equal the scrutiny as Shin Se Kyung when it comes to whether they are suitably cast as the well know manhwa lead characters in Bride of the Water God, but I know K-drama fans and the acting critique will certainly be harsher on her when the drama airs. He’ll be handsome and broody and get a pass while she’ll conversely be judged on every expression and visual. It’s not fair but that only makes the success of a female lead all the more laudatory, and Shin Se Kyung impressed me in The Girl Who Sees Smells so I simply want her to repeat the performance and chemistry here. It’s not easy but I have hope, and it helps that I find her look in Bride absolutely adorable and enchanting. The hair style and color are perfect for the summer and her impeccable complexion elevates the good to goddess level, enough to make her a believable bride of the water god. Continue reading

The Talented and Mismatched Cast of Battleship Island Featured on Bazaar Korea

A misfit crew isn’t a derogatory observation especially when it comes to underdog tales of escape from oppression. We root for the random comrades to beat the odds and use their uniqueness to complementary advantage. That’s the feeling I get … Continue reading

Top K-Stars Attend Chanel Exhibit at the D-Museum in Seoul

Another high end couture media event in Seoul and another reason for the fashion conscious Koreans stars to don their brand outfits out for a strut. This time it was the Chanel exhibition titled Mademoiselle Prive held at the D-Museum. … Continue reading

Louis Vuitton Event in Seoul Brings Out Top Stars Gong Yoo, Cha Seung Won, and Many More

The high end couture house that is Louis Vuitton hasn’t stage as many celeb filled events in recent months in Seoul but hit a motherlode of top star sightings with this week’s store exhibition opening. Mega popular actor Gong Yoo … Continue reading