Suzy Tries on Different Lipsticks and Outfits in April 2018 Cosmo Korea Pictorial

This isn’t the most spring-esque of pictorials but the color and vibrancy pop certainly adds a jolt of freshness much needed in the still gray and drab weather around. Suzy is in the pages of Cosmopolitan Korea April 2018 edition modeling what exactly I can’t tell. It’s either lipsticks or her outfit but neither seem overly emphasized, but it’s definitely not her hair which is too messy but not enough to detract from the pretty shots. I like these pictures but would suggest she change her facial expression as right now she’s basically turned into drama Suzy in picture form. The good news is that Suzy continues to run the K-ent town in endorsements and fashion shoots, and now has a smexy new boyfriend in Lee Dong Wook to add juicy tidbits back to her promotions. Continue reading