Shin Mina is a Colorful Vibrant Doll for Marie Claire Korea

Shin Mina has one of the most distinctive faces among her fellow K-actresses, the wide-set eyes, deep dimples, and round smile. I love her twenty year career trajectory as a rookie getting her start thanks to her pretty face and improving as an actress to the point the early days criticism are long in the rear view mirror. She’s also gotten prettier with age and is also personally found her special someone, dating fellow actor Kim Woo Bin for the past three plus years. They are an adorable couple and I’m hoping with his full health recovery there is some additional good news on the commitment front for these two. For now, Shin Mina is in the pages of Marie Claire Korea in a striking and vivid photo spread perfectly for the holiday season. Continue reading

Bolin Chen and Gwei Lun Mei Lead Chic TW-star Contingent at Chanel Store Opening in Taipei

Normally stars attending store openings look awkwardly stuffed into whatever is the brand’s latest looks but the Taiwan star gang that attended this week’s Chanel boutique opening in Taipei are all majorly rocking it. Most notable is the reunion of … Continue reading

Gong Yoo, Cha Eun Woo, and Jung Woo Sung Lead Parade of Horribly Dressed K-stars at Louis Vuitton Event in Seoul

Every time I scroll down this post I shake my head, each and every new picture I can’t help but shake my head. This is the weirdest collection of so-called couture outfits all courtesy of Louis Vuitton as the brand … Continue reading

Eunjung and Many Female Stars Attend Spring/Summer 2020 Seoul Fashion Week Event

I’ve been disappointed by Korean actress red carpet dressing for years now and seeing the parade at this week’s Seoul Fashion Show for Spring/Summer 2020 confirms that the K-style is just not for me. They go safe with white/black uninspired … Continue reading