Marie Claire Styles Kim Go Eun as a Gothic Horror Housekeeper in New Pictorial with Maximus From The King: Eternal Monarch

This was NOT a welcome walk down the memory lane and in fact I feel so bad for K-actress Kim Go Eun and think there is an anti of hers working at Marie Claire Korea. It’s been three months since her last drama The King: Eternal Monarch, and I hope she had a fun relaxing summer off because she worked hard on this production clearly but the end result and reception was so meh. She’s back in front of the camera this week as fashion magazine Marie Claire released a new fall pictorial that reunites her with one costar from The King, no not her male lead Lee Min Ho or even second male lead Woo Do Hwa who is off serving in the army, this spread pairs her up with white steed Maximus from the drama and goodness does it make me feel bad for everyone involved. It’s just a bad photo shoot any way I look at it, Kim Go Eun is styled like she’s in a Gothic movie where she plays the mysterious housekeeper of a crumbling estate on the moors and poor Maximus is exuding “What the f*#k am I doing here” vibes. This one is a delete.

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