Retrospective: Better Hair Yoo Ah In Rocks the Reeboks in Ad Campaign for the Footwear Brand

Seeing the Yoo Ah In cameo in Descendants of the Sun last year had me an a-ha moment which helped me connection a similarity that was eluding me. I just realized that DotS cutie pie Kim Min Seok who plays gangster turned soldier recruit Ki Bum resembles Yoo Ah In, a rounder face for sure but the lips and aura are very similar. Their star levels are astronomically apart since Yoo Ah In is an A-lister, but then Yoo Ah In still reminds me of a very young man in certain situations, and this latest pictorial for Reebok being one such instance. The sneaks are actually quite awesome looking but Yoo Ah In amps up the visuals with a great flair for looking so incredibly good in something as functional as running shoes. This campaign was for last year and while this year we had Yoo Ah In in Chicago Typewriter with very interesting hair. He’s currently laying low after being exempt from military service for a health reason which of course incurs the ire of K-netizens. Continue reading