K-stars in Collective Fashion Funk at Movie Premiere for The Negotiation with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin

I feel like such a grumpy pants after seeing the Korean stars walk the VIP red carpet at the movie premiere for thriller The Negotiation starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Both leads were doing some sort of stylized granny and grandpa wear and other than the soft blue color of Son Ye Jin’s dress nothing is working for me despite the gorgeous looks of these two top movie stars. Their VIP guests also got the dress fuddy-duddy memo, and other Lee Jung Hyun everyone else needs to soften up, lighten up, and generally make this event visually pop. Son Ye Jin had her last hit drama costar Jung Hae In there while Binnie’s upcoming drama costar Park Shin Hye attended to show her support. The media rightfully noted actress Kang Ye Won‘s very gaunt and unhealthy physique which stood out and hopefully nothing is bothering her other than not eating as much lately. The Negotiation opens without too much competition as last week’s top grossing movies were Hollywood indie Searching followed by rom-com On Your Wedding Day. Continue reading

Posters, Preview, and Press Conference for Jo In Sung and Nam Joo Hyuk Historical Epic Movie The Great Battle

South Koreans love their culturally significant or historically proud events dramatized and coming to theaters next month in September 2018 will be a cinematic take on the famed Seige of Ansi Fortress in 645. The Siege of Ansi was part … Continue reading