Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub, and Hwang Jung Min Bring Star Power to Movie Press Conference for Battleship Island

Other than wanting to send two out of the three male leads home to change, everything looked peachy and swell at the movie press conference for upcoming period war time film Battleship Island. Based on the real life events of Koreans conscripted, enslaved, and imprisoned on Hashima Island in Japan in order to work in the coal mines, the movie turns it into a roaring tale of courage and national pride as the Koreans band together to fight back and escape their horrifying situation. The movie stacks the leading men deck with three big name male stars veteran Hwang Jung Min along with So Ji Sub and Song Joong Ki. The ladies are Lee Jung Hyun and adorable little Kim Soo An, with everyone looking equally gritty and determined in the movie stills and previews, and cleaned up nicely at the press conference. I wish So Ji Sub and Song Joong Ki’s pants were longer and in general they didn’t look so unnecessarily frumpy but seeing them together makes up for it. Continue reading

Movie Posters for Battleship Island Show the Korean Faces Seeking Escape from a Concrete Isle

The movie posters are out for upcoming period war era movie Battleship Island, depicting the slavery and escape of Korean citizens from the Japanese industrial island of Hashima (also known as Battleship Island or Gunkanjima). Starring So Ji Sub, Song … Continue reading

Full Movie Preview for Live Action Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Elicits Interest and Fandom Commentary

One by one Japan’s most popular mangas are getting live action movie or drama adaptations, even ones formerly considered impossible to adapt due to technological limitations. Coming this summer is the first live action adaptation of one of the best … Continue reading

Glorious Full Movie Trailer for Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms

Lordy is this going to be an exquisitely beautiful movie when it comes out this summer of 2017. The first full movie trailer is here for Once Upon a Time, the C-movie adaptation of fantasy gods and goddesses romance novel … Continue reading

First Character Posters of Movie Version of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms

The first character posters are out for the C-movie adaption of popular romance novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms. The C-movie has the English title Once Upon a Time while the C-drama which aired early this year … Continue reading