The A-list Cast of Fantasy Time-travel K-movie Alienoid Having a Blast at the Press Conference is the Best Thing This Week

Okay, this is either the funniest movie ever made or I want what these guys are having to be this happy doing the dog and pony show that is a movie press conference. Summer 2022 fantasy/sci-fi/time-travel movie Alienoid (Alien+Human: Part 1) was always one of the most high profile K-movies slated for this year thanks to the too many to count big names in the cast. Starring So Ji Sub, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Woo Bin, Yeom Jung Ah, Ryu Jun Yeol, Jo Woo Jin, and Kim Eui Sung, the movie will be split into two parts as the title suggests and the cast was out in force this week for the press conference prior to its July 20th release. The movie is when Goryeo era Taoists cross paths with modern day aliens and even writing that sounds too crazy to work but heck this cast seems so absurdly mirthful and confident I’m thinking this drama just might be summer crack.

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Famed Director Park Chan Wook’s New Movie Decision to Leave with Park Hae Il and Tang Wei Receive Rapturous Standing Ovation at Cannes and Contender for Top Prize

Who says awarding winning top K-director Park Chan Wook can’t keep surprising this long into his exceptional career. His first movie in 6 years since The Handmaiden debuted at the Cannes Film Festival this week to thunderous reception, with a … Continue reading

Rising Young Actress Shin Si Ah is The Other One in The Witch: Part 2 with Big Shoes to Fill Behind Kim Da Mi’s Hitmaking First Movie Performance

The production of upcoming thriller movie The Witch: Part 2: The Other One has gone out of its way to keep “the other one” hidden until now. The first stills are out of new female lead Shin Si Ah, who … Continue reading

First Look at Song Joong Ki in Upcoming 1990’s Set Movie Bogota: City of the Lost with Lee Hee Joon and Kwon Hae Hyo

I still remember when COVID-19 first broke out in the early months of 2020 worldwide the for K-ent it involved a lot of movie premieres getting shuffled, moving to streaming, and filming getting adjusted. One of which involved the period … Continue reading

Highly Anticipated The Witch Part 2: The Other One Releases Movie Trailer and Posters with Rookie Lead Shin Si Ah and Cameo Appearances by Part 1 Leads Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik

K-actress Kim Da Mi debuted in 2017 with small roles in two movies before landing her break as the relative unknown female lead in horror supernatural thriller The Witch: Part 1: The Subversion. So it make sense that the upcoming … Continue reading

First Preview for K-movie Alien with Ryu Jun Yeol, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Woo Bin, So Ji Sub, and Yeom Jung Ah Brings the Batshit Crazy Joseon Era Crossed with Modern Day Aliens

A new movie is headed to the theaters that has been in production for over two years and will come as a two part big name and big bucket action flick. Alien (part 1 and part 2) will be released … Continue reading