Yamazaki Kento Transforms into Classic Manga Character for Movie Adaptation of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Japan is stacking the summer 2017 deck in terms of highly anticipated adaptations, not only is there the live-action version of Gintama coming with Oguri Shun, there is also the live-action adaptation of classic shonen hit manga Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The arc being adapted is Diamond of Unbreakable and the gorgeous young cast is led by my adorable cutie pie Yamazaki Kento as the titular Higashikata Josuke (Jojo). The full cast is filled with notable faces and names including Kamiki Ryonosuke , Komatsu Nana, Okada Masaki (who is also in Gintama), Yamada Takayuki, Iseya Yusuke, and Kunimura Jun. I can’t get enough of how perfect Yamazaki Kento looks as Jojo, with the whole movie giving off this overly dramatic vibe that jibes well with the source manga. The movie is directed by famed director Takashi Miike and hits theaters this August.
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