Poster and Trailer for Upcoming J-movie Adaptation of Popular 90’s Manga Marmalade Boy

I can’t believe it’s been over thirty years (!!!) since shoujo manga Marmalade Boy came out. It’s actually still readable though the drawing style may seem too quaint for those who prefer the current renderings, this is actually my manga generation so my preferred drawing style that is clean and wholesome. An upcoming J-movie adaptation is headed to the theaters on April 27th, the first time Japan has done any adaptation of this story whether movie or drama. Taiwan adapted Marmalade Boy in the early 2000s and it was HORRIBLE, yes in all caps bad. The movie has four fantastic veterans playing the spouse-swapping parents and youngsters Sakurai Hinoko and Yoshizawa Ryo as the lead step-siblings who fall in love. This actually looks cute and a nice walk down the MB heyday memory lane. Continue reading

Yamazaki Kento Transforms into Classic Manga Character for Movie Adaptation of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Japan is stacking the summer 2017 deck in terms of highly anticipated adaptations, not only is there the live-action version of Gintama coming with Oguri Shun, there is also the live-action adaptation of classic shonen hit manga Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. … Continue reading

More Spot On Character Posters for Highly Anticipated J-movie Adaptation of Popular Manga Gintama

More character posters are out for the highly anticipated summer Japanese movie live-action adaptation of popular shonen manga Gintama (Silver Soul). The first set of movie posters released last month were of the three main characters – Oguri Shun as … Continue reading

A Koala’s Guide to the Best Japanese Mangas

Mangas, or Japanese comic books, were my first source of entertainment. Before I watched my first TV show, I read my first manga. More than a quarter of a century’s worth of manga reading has made this medium my most … Continue reading