Married Couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Happily Visit Each Other on Set of Defendant and Whisper

The husband to wife drama handover is about to happen next week as Ji Sung‘s top rated Defendant passes the Mon-Tues baton to wife Lee Bo Young‘s own legal thriller Whisper. The two visited each other on their respective drama sets and it’s the sweetest thing ever, but for Ji Sung looking so exhausted after three months of filming I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually fall asleep standing up.

The cast of Whisper, which just started filming, look like giddy spring chickens while the cast of Defendant all look content tired, which goes to show that everyone who work on dramas in front of behind the cameras put in their heart and soul to make a product. When a drama sucks it still doesn’t make me critique it any less honestly, but I truly respect the professional hard work involved. Here’s hoping Whisper is a good drama and gets similar ratings to Defendant. Continue reading