Yoo Seung Ho Confirms MBC Rom-com I Am Not a Robot with Chae Soo Bin Still in Talks

I’m not going to look a gift drama gods casting in the mouth, and who knows it may actually all come together in the end. Yoo Seung Ho has confirmed his second drama of 2017 with the MBC romantic comedy I Am Not a Robot, a complete 180 change in genre from his last drama being sageuk Ruler: Master of the Mask. Fans of Yoo Seung Ho will also get to experience another first for this young actor, his first romantic comedy K-drama as I Am Not a Robot casts him as a stereotypical chaebol who melts through love, with the twist that he falls for a robot girl. Ahahaha, I can make really inappropriate jokes involving rich men with inanimate objects resembling women but Zettai Kareshi opened the door to robot-human love with the robot being a guy so the gender police can rest easy that both genders get to be equally objected. The drama comes from the PD of W: Two Worlds and She Was Pretty with the second screenwriter of Shine or Go Crazy. Continue reading