Beautiful Winter Wear and Interesting Premise Keeps MBC Drama I am Not a Robot Fresh for Dec 6th Premiere

If MBC‘s upcoming Wed-Thurs drama I am Not a Robot ends up not working, I may still stick around to gaze upon male lead Yoo Seung Ho in various snappy winter wear outfits. The drama finally has a premiere date of December 6th, three weeks after it should have aired after Hospital Ship other than that pesky network labor strike to oust a corrupt president. The drama has ostensibly filmed during the labor strike and is now readying for what will hopefully be a decent start. Rom-coms have been ratings terminators were years now with the occasional exception, and Yoo Seung Ho in his first rom-com lead role is my idea of an exception and hopefully K-ent viewers agree. He’s just soooooo cute, and doing justice to a variety of snazzy winter outfits that harkens back to one of my fave winter com-coms with Mary Stayed Out All Night. Yes, I know and lived through the narrative going insane but I loved the layers, coats, scarves, and general feel of two loners finding warmth in the cold harshness of life. I hope for a similar vibe here with Yoo Seung Ho as a chaebol loner due to his human allergy, and the girl pretending to be a robot who shows him how to love played by Chae Soo Bin. Continue reading