Kim Jung Hyun to Make Comeback in Grim Reaper on Vacation Drama Season of Kkok Du

Okay, is this like a K-drama inspired Meet Joe Black, which is itself inspired by Death Takes a Holiday? Because that works but please stay away from anything resembling Doom at Your Service (One Day, Destruction Came to My Door). A K-drama is in the works called Season of Kkok Du, telling the tale of a Grim Reaper who must take a break every 99 years (to avoid burn out (haha) down there in Hell I guess) and spent 49 days with the humans. The drama has Kkok Du’s latest vacation inhabiting the body of a man and ends up being controlled/bossed around by a female doctor. So it is kinda like Death at Your Service, heh, but hopefully with less mumbo jumbo and more smexy Death as your personal servant. The drama has offered the male lead to Kim Jung Hyun who is positively considering, and would mark his comeback after his March 2021 scandal which also involved ex-girlfriend Seo Ye Ji who is herself already making a comeback even earlier with May 2022 drama Eve. I hope he accepts and shows with years and more projects under his belt that what happened on the set of Time was a one-off bad behavior and will never happen again to affect his costars and production team members.

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K-netizens Upset that tvN Drama Queen Cheorin’s Naver Channel has Been Restored as TVing Tries to Re-promote it on Streaming

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Entertainment Reporter Adds More Details to Kim Jung Hyun’s Unprofessional Behavior Filming Time Including Everything Was Normal At the Beginning

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Seo Ye Ji’s Agency Releases Statement that the Texts with Kim Jung Hyun are Just Fighting Between Couple But Denies the Education and Bullying Controversies, and K-ent is Reporting that She Will Leave OCN Drama Island with Kim Nam Gil

I’ve been through countless K-scandals and the process is always the same: shocking reveal, silence, either admit but add explanation or admit some part of it/deny others, and finally apologize and reflect. Seo Ye Ji may have been pulled into … Continue reading

Dispatch Releases Bombshell Report that Seo Ye Ji was Kim Jung Hyun’s Ex-girlfriend that Demanded His Cold Behavior on Set of MBC Drama Time

The fallout and alleged reveals continue to dig up painful memories from three years ago in 2018 on the production of MBC drama Time. Male lead Kim Jung Hyun was noticeably awkward and reserved with female lead Seohyun at the … Continue reading