Jo Boa Will Be Lee Dong Wook’s Leading Lady in Fantasy Romance Drama Tale of Gumiho

I like when the male and female lead is announced in the same news week, keeps me from guessing and also feels like the production has got its act together in lining up the right actors. K-actress Jo Boa will be joining Lee Dong Wook in the 2020 fantasy romance K-drama Tale of Gumiho, currently neither is confirmed but it’s fairly certain both will accept. Lee Dong Wook is the titular gumiho, normally a female supernatural nine-tailed fox spirit but here he’s a mountain god deity (foxes live in mountains naturally) turned modern day keeper of city peace. He stops the spirits from the underworld from disrupting the humans and takes them back. Jo Boa will play a dogged and always needs to win news station reporter determined to prove that the gumiho is real and tries to track Lee Dong Wook. Of course they will fall in love. I hope these two have awesome chemistry to make this work. Continue reading