New Poster and Stills for tvN Drama Tale of Gumiho with Lee Dong Wook, Jo Boa, and Kim Bum

I don’t know why but I totally get the Korean version of Twilight vibes from upcoming tvN drama Tale of Gumiho. From the posters to the styling of male lead Lee Dong Wook like a modern day vampire/gumiho hybrid, the drama production projects more style over substance (for now). The second poster is out and me no likey, I don’t see any chemistry between the way too airbrushed leads and the pose with the moon in the background is beyond cheesy. There are also new drama stills, with the leads at an event where again they seem like they are each in a different drama, he’s a posing whil Jo Boa is like a hardscrabble reporter at work. Second male lead Kim Bum dons a nebbishy disguise in his new stills, a nerdy harmless college kid look opposite Jo Boa. I honestly have no clue what I’m supposed to be interested in but I guess that’s in itself something interesting, no?

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Hottest Kings, Emperors, and Princes in K-dramas Through 2020

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Netizens Have Fun with Top K-ent Actors and Idols with Face Swap App Turning into Beautiful Women

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K-stars Release Denials of Being Members of Shincheonji Church at the Center of South Korea’s Coronavirus Outbreak

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