Gong Yoo Sends Adorably Snarky Coffee Truck Treat to Lee Dong Wook on the Drama Set of Life

Bromance is alive and well in K-drama land as Gong Yoo sent a most adorable and perfectly Goblin-esque coffee truck to the set of Life starring Lee Dong Wook. The coffee truck was adorned with many banners and posters with snippy statements straight from the Goblin’s mouth to his bestie Grim Reaper. One says “Coffee, my treat first. 1:0. Who cares about the previous life, whether you are the Grim Reaper or a Doctor, I still don’t like you.” Another says “Wearing such a poor taste doctor’s coat….’Gong Goblin.” And the last says “Congrats, may the ratings be daebak. Giving all the bad luck to the one wearing the poor taste white coat and wishing Life has a happy ending.” Hahahaha, I miss the bickering duo and honestly the bromance in Goblin remains my favorite element of that drama. Continue reading