Goblin in Extremely Tight Live Shooting and Male Leads Reportedly Need Medical Attention for Exhaustion

This used to be regular news with respect to K-drama filming but in recent two years it doesn’t seem to happen with such regularity anymore. Thanks to some dramas switching to pre-filming, and perhaps earlier filming commencement for live aired dramas, the tendency for drama production to send cast and crew to the hospital has decreased noticeably. Unfortunately the situation has reared its ugly head again as news from the set of tvN drama Goblin says the production is scrambling to finish episodes on the day it’s airing, and with many night scenes the cast and crew have been pulling all nighters. For the ending of episode 12, the production filmed from 8 pm until 8 am, with many crew members working nonstop for 48 hours adding in prep time prior to filming. Male lead Gong Yoo was scene at the hospital and left with medicine, and second male lead Lee Dong Wook reportedly needed an IV drip on set to finish filming. Continue reading

Goblin’s Premiere Episode Notches 6.3% Ratings on Cable and Breaks Time Slot Record Set by Answer Me 1988

The first volley out of the gate is a resounding hit that has the legs to be a home run. The first episode of cable network tvN‘s Fri-Sat new drama Goblin garnered a 6.322% AGB nationwide ratings, breaking the record … Continue reading