Puff Guo and Roy Qiu Attend Boss Event in Taipei in a Miss Rose Reunion Flashback

Puff Guo’s most recent TW-drama Before We Get Married brought back all my addiction feels that have been gone for years with dramas from Taiwan. Seeing her this week in Taipei attending the Boss event alongside Roy Qiu of course reminds me of their one time working together in TW-drama Miss Rose and how I loved that drama even though it was hilariously stupid actually. The only Roy dramas that hold up well in rewatch and with time passing remains his two with Alice Ke in Office Girls and Marry Me or Not, and Miss Rose in hindsight was a low point but I do remember he had great chemistry with Puff despite her playing a raging shrill psychopath second lead chick. All this is leading to my opinion that Roy and Puff are long overdue for a new modern TW-drama together and one more adult and serious. Oh, and they look so great at the Boss event, nice outfits. Continue reading

Chinese Oscars the 2018 Golden Horse Awards Gets Star-studded Attendance and Teary Best Film Win for Young Deceased Director

The last few years have been meh with the Golden Horse Awards, the Chinese-language film equivalent of the Oscars, due to flagging star-studded movies and creativity that also connects with the mass public. This year the ceremony staged a revival … Continue reading

Chris Wu and Alice Ke Win Best Acting Trophies at the 51st Annual Golden Bell Awards

The glitziest night of Taiwanese television took place at the 51st annual Golden Bell Awards Friday night in Taipei. I only pay attention for the fashion and if certain TW-dramas or acting talent that I happen to like for that … Continue reading