TW-ent Thinks Hit Movie When a Man Loves Costars Tiffany Hsu and Roy Qiu May Be Dating After She Posts an Early Morning Heart Coffee Picture with His Condo View as the Backdrop

Oh ho ho ho, the dating fairies are here early with kibble for the sad pups hearing about divorces and breakups in various entertainment couples. Taiwan’s biggest domestic movie of 2021 is the romance film When a Man Loves starring Roy Qiu and Tiffany Ann Hsu in a remake of the same name Korean original. This one comes complete with loads of Taiwanese “flavor” and hilarious dialogue and hometown accents, plus amazing chemistry between the leads to bolster the blockbuster box office. So there may be some fans that will be happy with this latest gossip – this week Tiffany posted a coffee with a heart shaped foam against the window view from a high rise condo with the caption “Early Morning”, and netizens noted that it’s the same high rise window view from Roy’s condo as he’s posted before different scenes from that vantage point. I’m good if they date but worry a bit about her, Roy tends to have scandals with his costars like Chen Qiao En, Janine Chang, Tia Li and even admitted dating some in the past like Tang Yan and Rainie Yang. Her agent explained later that a group of friends including Roy and Tiffany are on the same SNS group and Roy posted that picture which Tiffany liked and asked if she can post it publicly and he said yes. Mmmmmmmkay……

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Chinese Oscars the 2018 Golden Horse Awards Gets Star-studded Attendance and Teary Best Film Win for Young Deceased Director

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