Roy Qiu and Tiffany Ann Hsu Drop Bombshell News of Marriage After Earlier Rumors of Them Falling in Love After Filming TW-movie When a Man Loves

Hol up there dawg! Seriously, I need like a LOOOOOOONG minute here. Maybe an hour. I need the digest the news and also wonder if that’s is going to be one awwwwwkward best friends/high school gang reunion going forward. Or maybe not, everyone’s grown up and found love after all. TW-ent decided to end the work week with the biggest marriage news of the year, maybe of the last few years. Roy Qiu and Tiffany Ann Hsu are married! Like, for reals, in real life, and not some random netizen rumor or gossip yet to be confirmed. Tiffany Ann herself dropped the news on her SNS and shared a picture of the couple in embrace and her with a giant ring on her finger and him with the wedding band on his. This was legit a relationship both postulated but also totally under the radar since they denied it and also never did too much suss stuff. They met and clearly fell in love filming the box office and critical hit movie When a Man Loves, and during promos for the movie they were super adorable and compatible but plenty of that goes on to shill the product so nothing too revealing.

But those who read AKP must remember that earlier this year TW-netizens said the two were dating after Tiffany Ann posted a morning coffee enjoyment image on her SNS but it was the backdrop of the skyline from Roy’s apartment. Of course there were denials and jokes about it but now it’s clearly totally true back then and once again the eagle eyes of netizens must never be denied without a sliver of possibility. I said earlier about the awkward friends and reunions and I meant that Roy dated her BFF Rainie Yang when both were super young and had like the worst breakout ever (he just ghosted her poor thing), but that was 15 years ago and she’s now happily married to C-singer Li Rong Hao so I’m sure Ann got Rainie’s blessings before tying the knot because friends before dudes right. I’m also glad Roy and her ex-boyfriend Ethan Ruan aren’t friends in real life because that’s just too much dating of exes for me. Anyhoo, congrats to the happy couple and wow what a buzzer of a marriage news!

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