Seo In Guk Leaves K-movie Hip Daddy After Both Jeon Do Yeon and Su Ae Pass on the Leading Lady Role

Not sure if the movie isn’t very well plotted or both leading lady candidates simply found it too light for their usual more challenging fare. The K-movie Hip Daddy is likely dead in the water now as there are no more leads involved with the production. Male lead Seo In Guk left this week after both Jeon Do Yeon and later Su Ae passed on the project about a woman who has a baby from a sperm donor and later needs to find him when the child had a genetic condition and she needs to find the sperm donor to discover his medical condition. The title makes it sound like a rom-com and I’m guessing the two will fall in love ala noona-dongsaeng style. Sadly it’s not meant to be and this story will have to wait longer for a potential birth.

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Action Thriller K-movie Emergency Declaration Confirms Cast of Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon, and Kim Nam Gil

This cast is so star-studded and collectively award winning that the most junior member is an A-list leading man in his own right. K-ent is reporting that the upcoming action/disaster/thriller movie Emergency Declaration has completed lead casting with a veritable … Continue reading

Bong Joon Ho, Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun Tops Sports Chosun 2020 Power People Poll For Film and Kim Soo Hyun Only Actor to Make Both Film and Drama Lists

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Sensible Film and Acting Nominees List Released for 51st Annual Grand Bell Awards

The nominees are out for the 51st annual Grand Bell Awards, the Korean equivalent of the Academy Awards to honor the industry’s best and brightest films¬†and movie stars for the calendar year. This year the only K-movie I watched from … Continue reading

Movieweek Selects Top 15 Box Office Draws Among Korea Actors

The Korean acting industry is much like Hollywood in that its biggest movie stars rarely return to the small screen once they have transitioned successfully to a movie career. Viewers watching Korean dramas may think certain actors or actresses must … Continue reading