Luxury Brand Piaget Partners with Golden Horse Award Nominees in Exquisite Movie Set Pictorial

Being a drama aficionado is akin to trying to find the best fast food restaurant. The reviews are rarely worth the time spent to write it but the satisfying immediate fill the medium offers is nothing to scoff at. With that said, the high brow sibling that is movie making certainly deserves the heightened acclaim and with it the elevated respect for it’s awards ceremonies. Up next on the awards slate is the Taiwanese film honors at the Golden Horse Awards on November 26th. The best and brightest of Mandarin speaking entertainment nominated at this year’s award took part in an artfully staged pictorial sponsored by luxury accessories brand Piaget set against the backdrop of moody film sets. I love how contemplative and quiet the stars look, especially arresting are some of the Best Actor and Best Actress nominees including Fan Bing Bing, Kai Ko, Tiffany Hsu, Ma Si Cun, and Zhou Dong Yu. I wish K-ent did more spreads like this. Continue reading

The Assassin Leads the Big Win at the 52nd Annual Golden Horse Awards

The glitz and glamour of big film awards didn’t just descend in Seoul this weekend for the Grand Bell Awards, down South a few hours Taipei hosted the 52nd annual Golden Horse Awards, the most prestigious film awards in Chinese-language … Continue reading

Ariel Lin Gets Engaged at Star-studded Banquet in Taipei

We all know how quickly fame and fortune can flee, especially in the entertainment industry with a lot of temptation and a fickle audience as consumers. That makes Ariel Lin’s reign as one of Taiwan’s top actresses and entertainers all … Continue reading

Popular TW-actor Kai Ko’s Arrest for Drug Use Along with Jackie Chan’s Son Stuns Chinese-speaking Entertainment World

The biggest entertainment news this past weekend in the Chinese-speaking regions of Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong was the unconfirmed report that young A-list Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko (Ko Chen Dong 柯震東) had been arrested for drug use in … Continue reading