Hwang Jung Eum is a Spazz Opposite Stoic Ryu Jun Yeol in Second Teaser for Lucky Romance


Gosh, I wish either Hwang Jung Eum wasn’t playing the leading lady role in Lucky Romance, or the genders were swapped in the drama story so the female lead was the cold stoic one. Otherwise it’s three times in a row that poor Hwang Jung Eum is playing what is essentially the same caricature of a spastic woman. Sure the ladies had different professions, a doctor in Kill Me Heal Me and a fashion magazine editor in She Was Pretty, but all I’m seeing is the same visuals and mannerisms from her and she can do so much more than fall into what is essentially a caricature on her at this point.

Same goes with Ryu Jun Yeol, if his cold stoic male lead turns out to be a grown up version of Jung Hwan in Answer Me 1988 I’m going to be so frustrated. Both are talented and there is no need to rehash a previous performance in different packaging. With that said, I’m seeing new stuff from second leads Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Chung Ah so that’s a breath of fresh air from one segment of this drama. With Descendants of the Sun finished up, MBC‘s Goodbye Mr. Black is the ratings leader in the current Wed-Thurs time slot so there’s a good chance LR will premiere to decent ratings in two weeks on May 25th. Continue reading