First Look at J-dorama Adaptation of In Time With You with Shirasu Jin and Adachi Rika

Consider me suddenly excited for the J-version of best friends turn lover TW-drama In Time With You. Titled I Don’t Love You Yet (Boku wa Mada Kimi o Aisanai Koto ga Dekiru), the Japanese adaptation stars really sweet looking leads Shirasu Jin and Adachi Rika, pretty and relatable in that drama land sort of way that’s perfect for this story. The K-version was all wrong by casting and execution and this story rests so much on casting because the female lead can come across as really bitchy (supremely bitchy) and the male lead as too much of a doormat. It’s a fine line to walk and Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen made them close to the edge of disaster but pulled back at the end to make viewers root for them wholeheartedly. Rika and Jin look really comfortable together and that’s the key to this relationship, friends first and then making us see them see each other in a different light. Continue reading

J-dorama Unnatural with Ishihara Satomi Takes #1 in 2018 Top 10 Most Popular J-dorama Rankings

I only watched a few J-doramas this year in 2018 but most of the ones I did made the top 10 list of most highly rated J-doramas on China’s massive Douban platform. With hundreds of thousands of votes, forensic medical … Continue reading

Stepmom to Daughter Blues with Ayase Haruka is the Ratings Winner of the Summer 2018 J-dorama Season

The summer 2018 J-doramas are done or nearly done with airing and there were three big name cast ones caught my eye. Ueno Juri was back with the J-remake of Good Doctor and Ishihara Satomi was being her most fabulous … Continue reading

Oguri Shun and Matsumoto Jun Attend Hana Nochi Hare Drama Wrap Party After Success Airing

For those who want a throwback good time then check out recently completed J-dorama Hana Nochi Hare, the sequel to hit manga franchise Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers). I legit adore this story in both the manga (which I … Continue reading

Top J-actresses Ishihara Satomi, Ueno Juri and Ayase Haruka All Have Big Summer 2018 Doramas Coming

I’m triply stoked for the summer 2018 J-dorama season, and in general have enjoyed the last three dorama seasons with always one show I get hooked on to watch. Summer ’18 has three high profile top actresses with anticipated series … Continue reading

J-ent Reports that Hoshino Gen Moves Close to We Married as a Job Costar Aragaki Yui

This is cute news that’s harmless yet potentially filled enough to get shippers excited. J-ent is reporting that Hoshino Gen has moved right down the street from his most famous leading lady costar Aragaki Yui. The two starred in the … Continue reading