Kimura Takuya Reunites Onscreen with Most Famous J-dorama OTP Yamaguchi Tomoko From Long Vacation

I had to do my math a few times to confirm that it’s been 22 years (22!!!) since the career making J-dorama Long Vacation that launched into J-dorama leading man super stardom Kimura Takuya. It’s not his highest rated J-dorama but it was definitely the one that put him on the map and made him a heartthrob throughout Asia for anyone who watched Japanese doramas. It also launched the career of  second leads Takeuchi Yutaka and Matsu Takako, but for the actual leading lady Yamaguchi Tomoko it was like a phoenix rising then vanishing. She actually retired after the dorama to become a full time housewife to also famous leading man husband Karasawa Toshiaki and since then went nearly 20 years without acting. She’s recently come back to the small screen but the big news is that she’ll be making a cameo in Kimutaku’s currently airing dorama BG: Personal Bodyguard where she will be playing his estranged ex-wife. Ahahahaha, OMG I love the reunion and how twisted meta is it with Sena and Minami. So happy to see her back onscreen with the same incredibly winsome smile! Continue reading

Japan to Adapt Hana Yori Dango Manga Sequel Hana Nochi Hare into J-dorama Scheduled for April 2018 Airing

The J-dorama adaption of popular manga Hana Yori Dango scheduled for 2018 has finally been confirmed but it’s not the adaptation or rumored leading lady initially thought. TBS will be adapting the HanaDan sequel Hana Nochi Hare – Hana Yori Dango Next … Continue reading

Japanese Netizens Vote for Most Beautiful J-actress of All Time with Kitagawa Keiko Topping the List

The votes are in and this is a huge polling size and spans decades to get a good sense of what Japanese find most beautiful among their actresses. With over 50,000 votes, J-actress Kitagawa Keiko tops the list of most … Continue reading