Japan Confirms Remake of Hit jTBC Drama Itaewon Class with Male Lead Takeuchi Ryoma

The buzz around Itaewon Class has died down since it’s ratings hit run last year during the early days of the pandemic, almost like a satisfying revenge balm for the downtrodden soul. It was a big hit in Japan as well and even got a television release there so it’s only logical that J-doramas would want to remake it. It’s now coming and has a premiere date and male lead. J-actor Takeuchi Ryoma will headline with an eye towards a June 2022 release. It will be call Roppongi Class set in that bustling bar and nightclub district in Tokyo and will be adapted from the original source manhwa rather than directly remaking the K-drama version. Sounds great and I’m glad this one actually makes sense to remake with a different setting and cultural twist.

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Kimura Takuya’s Actress Wife Kudo Shizuka and Model Daughter Koki Pay Tribute to the Fashion Trend Setting Light Brown Windbreaker He Wore for J-dorama Hero on 20th Anniversary

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Netflix Live Action J-dorama Adaptation of Hit Manga Alice in Borderland with Yamazaki Kento Wins Critical and Viewer Acclaim

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J-actress Asina Sei and Veteran Actor Fujiki Takashi Commit Suicide in Same Week, Third Cast Member of Bloody Monday after Miura Haruma’s Passing Two Months Ago

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