J-actress Asina Sei and Veteran Actor Fujiki Takashi Commit Suicide in Same Week, Third Cast Member of Bloody Monday after Miura Haruma’s Passing Two Months Ago

At this point, I suggest J-ent send bodyguards and mental health professionals over to keep Sato Takeru and Matsushige Yutaka safe because those who have worked in the J-dorama Bloody Monday are dropping like flies. In the past week, two more cast members from that 2008 dorama have passed away, both from suicide the same as male lead Miura Haruma. Supporting actress Asina Sei killed herself on September 14th at 36 years old and now veteran Fujiki Takashi was found to have committed suicide on September 20th at the age of 80. I’m sure it’s all just the worst kind of coincidence but the sad news keeps coming and I feel so hopeless and helpless when I hear of a suicide. Rest of peace to these two J-stars and my condolences to their family and friends.

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Legendary Japanese Singer and Actress Yamaguchi Momoe Still Makes News 40 Years After Her Retirement at 21 Years Old to Marry Costar Miura Tomokazu

It’s rare to be a Legend of such magnitude and I mean in both fronts: career success and personal success. Last month Japanese news reported, and subsequently also made the Chinese speaking media, that long retired Japanese actress and singer … Continue reading

J-dorama Adapting Popular K-movie Midnight Runners with Idol Actors Nakajima Kento and Hirano Sho

I’m surprised K-drama didn’t adapt this yet into a television format but J-ent is taking a first crack at moving popular Korean young cops movie Midnight Runners onto the small screen. The J-dorama adaptation called Miman Keisatsu: Midnight Runner will … Continue reading