J-actress Ishihara Satomi Announces Pregnancy After One Year of Marriage and Expecting Baby in Spring 2022

Baby news with my favorites actresses is always a happy occasion with only the slight caveat when it comes to J-actresses. That industry has the tendency for actresses to genuinely retire from acting, sometimes after getting married and even more probable after having a baby. Cultural, I suppose. With that said, it’s still happy news that Ishihara Satomi is expecting a baby with her husband of a little over one year, they married in October 2020 and he’s not a celeb but an ordinary office worker. Satomi is 35 years old so becoming a mom must be good timing for her and I just can’t believe she’s all grown up to be a mom soon when I still remember the young her in all those fun teen/young adult doramas from the early aughts onward. Congrats to her and wishing her a safe and healthy pregnancy with the baby arriving sometime in Spring of 2022.

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