Go So Young and Jeo Yeo Jung are Visual Dopplegangers in New Poster for Ms. Perfect

There’s an off-kilter vibe emanating from upcoming KBS drama Ms. Perfect (The Perfect Wife), what with the American Gothic first drama poster and now the doppleganger Single White Female mood in the second. The drama is about Go So Young‘s dream of being the perfect wife even if reality is so far from it, saddled with kids and a loser-ish husband in Yoon Sang Hyun. The family moves into a home owned by rich and mysterious Jo Yeo Jung who starts to get entwined in their lives, along with Sung Joon‘s social climbing lawyer character. Dramas with odd character set ups and synopsis are hit-and-miss in luring me in but this one skews towards eliciting my curiosity, mostly because I wonder if it’ll go for dark comedy and weirdness full on. Continue reading

Stars Light Up the VIP Premiere of Song Seung Heon’s Explicit New Movie Obsessed

It’s past mid-May which means the full blown Summer movie season is just ramping up in a low key way. Kicking things off a bit early for the K-box office is the Song Seung Heon explicitly-rated affair movie Obsessed. I’ve posted … Continue reading

18th Annual Busan Film Festival Kicks Off with K-stars Walking the Red Carpet

The 18th annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) kicked off yesterday in the seaside town of Busan, South Korea with lots of glam and anticipation. Featuring 301 movie selections from 70 countries shown over 10 days, BIFF has cemented its … Continue reading