Song Hye Kyo Rocks Super Long Locks and Airy Fashion in March 2021 Bazaar Korea Pictorial

K-actress Song Hye Kyo is one of the top actress models I’ve seen in really delivering memorable and engaging fashion spreads. There is only so much “posing” and differences to present but she can go edgy weird or classic elegant and everything in between. That’s why this latest March 2021 Bazaar Korea pictorial for Fendi brand handbags and couture is such wasted opportunity. The photographer framed her beautifully but then made the images so still so she looks like a mannequin. The super long hair is a different look on her and brings back memories of her That Winter, the Wind Blows days of being a dreamy princess in a high tower type image. Up next for her is in the Kim Eun Sook revenge drama The Glory and I hope she brings her best Lady Vengeance persona.

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Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo Reunited Dating Rumors Heat Up Again After Netizen Claims to Have Seen Them Out Walking Their Dog Late at Night with Blurry Picture Proof

Okay, pass the popcorn m’kay? I am soooooo here for the popcorn, and if this turns out to be another one of those “netizens eagle-eye knows it all from the beginning” type truth even if far-fetched imma have to bow … Continue reading