Song Hye Kyo Shines with Simple Elegance in New Jewelry CF

This week is actually the 21st premiere anniversary of classic Hallyu K-drama Autumn in My Heart, and I mention it because female lead Song Hye Kyo has basically reverse glowed up herself from that drama to now and doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Back then she was youthfully cute but now she’s all sorts of layered pretty. The latest set of CFs were released this week for her jewelry brand pictorial and it’s a very white on beige clean look which normally I would find boring but I think she looks so radiant and lovely here. It’s probably my nostalgia and sense of aging catching up to me, like if any woman can traverse two decades and not only not noticeably age but get prettier then goodness it’s worth admiring.

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K-variety Program Discusses the Highest Net Worth Korean Celebrities with Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, and Yoo Jae Suk Ranked Top Three

Well this is a way for fraudsters to know who to target, lol. K-ent program Entertainment Company Live this weekend had a segment discussing the highest net worth individuals in the industry. This comes from a combination of salary for … Continue reading

Upcoming K-drama Now, We Are Breaking Up to Pre-record the Drama Press Conference This Month and Male Lead Jang Ki Yong Will Enlist in the Military After Promos

Audiences won’t see upcoming romance drama Now, We Are Breaking Up until November but we’ll all have to pretend the male lead is around when the drama airs because the promo materials are being prepped now for release them. In … Continue reading

Song Hye Kyo Accepts 3rd Thriller K-drama From the PD of Descendants of the Sun, Sweet Home, Will Film After Now, We Break Up and the Kim Eun Sook Drama The Glory

I love K-netizens perplexed snarkiness on this news, and honestly I’m out of reasons why as well other than she really likes to work? K-ent is reporting that Song Hye Kyo has accepted yet another K-drama this one from the … Continue reading

Kim Tae Ri Tops K-ent Insiders Pick for Top Choice as Female Lead, Followed by Gong Hyo Jin and Song Hye Kyo

The ladies version of the same insider polling results are out and deserves as much attention as the men. In a surprise (for me at least) pick, Kim Tae Ri got the most votes with 6 as the actress that … Continue reading

Park Min Young and Yoona are Most Popular 30-something Line of Korean Actresses in Japan in 2021 Poll

When I heard that 2018 drama Why Secretary Kim was still popular enough to be added to a recent drama showcase in Japan, my first thought was Park Min Young. She is so popular in Japan for which started with … Continue reading