Song Hye Kyo Debuts Short New Hairstyle in CF with Two Months to Go in Wedding Prep

The lack of a new or current acting project for K-actress Song Hye Kyo, and her impending marriage to former drama costar and now fiancee Song Joong Ki, makes the K-media have little to report on her other than the latest on dits. It’s benign and not terribly banal since she’s been in the industry for two decades since her teens so the public has this perception like we’re all marrying off a kid sister or grow up daughter. There’s a new CF picture released showing Song Hye Kyo with a new shorter hair look, not quite a bob but shoulder length with layers and a cute flip. The hair cut has the media wondering if she’s going for a short hair bride do when I’m way more curious about what type of wedding dress she picked out. I’m sure she’ll look ravishing in any wedding look and it continues to amaze me how much prettier she continues to get as she ages rather than the other way around. A collage of Song Hye Kyo from Full House in 2004 screenshots also hit the news last week and I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since she did the 3 Bear Song dance. Continue reading

K-fans Happy with Coincidence of Hit Late 90’s Sitcom Soonpoong Clinic Sisters Kim So Yeon and Song Hye Kyo Marrying Drama Costars in 2017

The notalgia and serendipity feels are hitting the big time with the wedding announcement of Song Hye Kyo to Song Joong Ki, for K-drama viewers long before the Hallyu wave there is a sense of marrying off the last daughter. … Continue reading

Descendants of the Sun Re-broadcast and Dispatch Publishes Dating Pics from January 2017 in Japan on Heels of Song-Song Wedding Announcement

Two Korean mega stars getting married could mean the wedding of the decade in terms of star attendance and extravagance but for some reason I sense Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will have an intensely private and relatively … Continue reading

K-ent’s Biggest News Story of 2017 Breaks as Descendants of the Sun Costars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Confirm October Wedding

Thank god today is July 4th and not April 1st otherwise I would take major convincing that this isn’t a prank. As America celebrates Independence Day, Korean entertainment will now celebrate what is arguably the biggest reel-to-real romance happy ending … Continue reading

C-netizens Vote for Top 10 Asian Beauty Poll with Gao Yuan Yuan and Yoona Leading Off the First and Second Place Spots

It’s equal parts Chinese and Korean starlets when it comes to what the Chinese netizens think are the top echelons of Asian beauty. A Baidu poll this month voted by Chinese netizens ranking the Top 10 Asian Beauty is a … Continue reading