Yang Mi and Gong Jun are Equally Stunning in First Character Posters for Xianxia Period Drama Fox Spirit Matchmaker

So I majorly did this even if it’s like a mashup of previous drama costumes and also even costumes from these two stars own prior dramas. It’s just so eye catching and gorgeous, the first character posters of Yang Mi and Gong Jun in the upcoming C-drama Fox Spirit Matchmaker. Yang Mi going from the pure white ethereal fox goddess to the red vibrant fox spirit that channels not her character of Bai Qian in Three Lives but the niece character of Bai Feng Jiu and I love it, this helps a lot in not getting too many Three Lives flashbacks. Gong Jun looks super synched visually with his character as well, I’m getting the handsome charming playful vibe from him.

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Yang Mi and Gong Jun Start Filming Highly Anticipated C-drama Adaptation of Fantasy Anime Fox Spirit Matchmaker

The musical chairs combination of C-actor and C-actress pairings has landed on Yang Mi and Gong Jun for the high profile fantasy C-drama project Fox Spirit Matchmaker (涂山小红娘). The two will star in one of the three segments in the … Continue reading

Upcoming Period C-drama Legend of An Le With Gong Jun and Dilraba Dilmurat Starts Gaining Traction with Excitement for Likely Summer 2022 Release

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Ode to Period C-drama Word of Honor, with Zhang Zhe Han’s Nuanced Performance and Gong Jun’s Charming Portrayal Created a Fresh Take on the Wuxia World

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