Jay Chou Denies Rumors That He Traveled to Wuhan Coronavirus Stricken China in a Medical Isolation Pod

This is funny because it’s a rumor but scary because of what is happening in Mainland China. TW-singer Jay Chou was rumored to have recently traveled to Wuhan coronavirus stricken China and moved about the airport in a medical isolation pod. It’s a picture spreading on social media and of course netizens are upset that someone rich and famous could stay safe with special treatment. Jay Chou’s agency released a statement that it’s not Jay who is currently in Australia with his wife Hannah Quinlivan and their two kids. Regardless of whether it’s Jay or not this is clear that someone was able to move through an airport in China recently inside an isolation pod to stay safe from the spreading coronavirus. I hope everyone in China stays safe during this scary time. Continue reading

Famous Stars Alongside Astonishingly Similar Filming Doubles

Wax figures at Madame Tussauds isn’t the only way for stars to have their own dopplegangers, ever since the advent of cinema there have been body and face doubles during filming. I’m not sure if there’s as lucrative a business … Continue reading