Answer Me 1994’s Jung Woo Marries K-actress Kim Yoo Mi


With Answer Me 1988 wrapped up this past weekend, there’s a bit of serendipitous timing in the leading man from the previous series tying the knot at the same time. Answer Me 1994‘s leading man Jung Woo married his girlfriend of two years K-actress Kim Yoo Mi, the two having met on the set of the movie Red Family. They announced their wedding mere two days before the ceremony via handwritten letters to their fans, which totally brings back memories of how Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young announced their wedding, so in terms of precedent these two are clearly following the sweetest most down-to-earth K-ent couple.

Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi are both 35 years old, with her just a few months older than him, so clearly it’s a prime time for wedding bells and maybe even starting a family. While the husband hunt in AM1994 infuriated half of the viewing audience, to no fault of Jung Woo’s character of Trash, it must be wonderful to have a real life wedding that everyone can root for. Kim Yoo Mi always gives off power woman vibes, or maybe I’m still remembering her vividly from Cruel City, but she looks so serenely beautiful in her bridal attire. Congrats to the happy couple and may more K-ent couples continue this trend of dating happily and tying the knot without any irksome fan attention. Continue reading

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