Posters and Previews for SBS Drama Absolute Boyfriend with Yeo Jin Goo, Minah, and Hong Jong Hyun

I’ll go out on a limb and say that upcoming SBS rom-com Absolute Boyfriend will be worth watching thanks to the recently released previews. Leads Yeo Jin Gu, Minah, and Hong Jong Hyun form that watchable triumvirate of good casting and even better than expected chemistry. It’s based on the Japanese manga Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi) which has been adapted into a J-dorama (cute) and TW-drama (awful), and generally has the fulfilling a woman’s dreams storyline whereby the female lead gets a perfect robot boyfriend and then a real human hottie who also wants her. Yeo Jin Gu looks both handsome and adorable as the robot boyfriend but it’s female lead Minah that’s really capturing all my attention with her animated charisma onscreen. Continue reading

Yeo Jin Gu, Minah, and Hong Jong Hyun’s K-version of Absolute Boyfriend Gets SBS Time Slot in May Originally Slated for Vagabond

Promos have kicked off for the K-version of Japanese manga Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi), quite a few years in the making with this adaptation punted around K-ent for some time. Yeo Jin Gu will get to bare his abs as … Continue reading

Script Reading Stills for K-version of Absolute Boyfriend with Yeo Jin Goo, Minah, and Hong Jong Hyun

It’s a totally different main cast of three for the upcoming K-version of Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi) but judging from the smiles and cheerful attitudes at the script reading the mood is certainly positive. Yeo Jin Goo will play the … Continue reading

First Annual Seoul Awards Creates New Red Carpet and Winners in Drama and Film Categories

This week K-ent decided to create a new awards show on top of the countless ones already in existence. The 1st ever Seoul Awards, not to be confused with the Seoul Drama Awards, took place this week to honor both … Continue reading

Unattractive Outfits and Makeup Steals the Spotlight at the VIP Star Premiere of Real

The VIP movie premiere for Kim Soo Hyun‘s summer 2017 thriller movie Real is as much a hot mess as early critic reviews of his movie has been. Namely, a whole lotta raw material but presented all wrong. Even weirder … Continue reading

2016 Year End Awards Roundup From Big Three Networks Capped Off Drama Year

The 2016 year end K-drama awards for the big three networks came and went last weekend, smack dab in the middle of me heading off for my trans-pacific flight, taking said long flight, traveling back home from long flight, and … Continue reading