Record of Youth Records Another Ratings Increase to 7.823% in Episode 4 as Hye Joon Gets His First Acting Break

I continue to enjoy tvN Mon-Tues drama Record of Youth but am rather intrigued by the steady ratings increase. It’s gone up in every episode so far and this Tuesday’s episode 4 hit 7.823%. It’s slow and sincere and I enjoy watching male lead Hye Joon, his family and their individual interactions, and the friendship development of the OTP. But there isn’t a strong hook in this drama which makes sense since it is slice-of-life and other than the strong acting from Park Bo Gum and his family cast members the rest are all just doing just good enough. It’s like one half is in Answer Me 1988 and the other half is just…..there. Episode 4 got Hye Joon’s foot in the acting door (yay!) and a lot of adorable and slow simmering interaction between the leads. I like them more as friends/confidantes than romantically (so far) and it’s nice to spend an hour watching Hye Joon and Jung Ah make incremental progress in their dreams.

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Record of Youth Records 7.200% Ratings as Park Bo Gum Continues to Pursue His Acting Dreams with Plenty of Emotional Cheerleading Around Him

I continue like but not yet love tvN Mon-Tues drama Record of Youth. I’m more curious over how Park Bo Gum as Hye Joon can keep hard carrying a drama this successfully, as episode 3 increased from last week to … Continue reading

tvN Cancels Press Conference for Record of Youth and Premiere Still Scheduled for September 7th After Park Bo Gum Enlists in the Military

I’m sad not to get a final farewell to K-actor Park Bo Gum before he enlists for military service, as tvN has rightfully cancelled the press conference for upcoming K-drama Record of Youth due to the surge of COVID-19 in … Continue reading

tvN Goes Back to English Title of Record of Youth for New K-drama with Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam and Releases First Official Poster

I’m so happy tvN is restoring the English title for upcoming youth modeling-acting drama back to Record of Youth which is the literal translation of the Korean title and not the bland The Moment which further sucked because there are … Continue reading

Hottest Kings, Emperors, and Princes in K-dramas Through 2020

I realized that nearly all of the most popular younger generation K-actors have had a chance now to play a sageuk king, prince, or even fictional modern day Korean king/emperor. It’s totally an excuse for me to collect the entire … Continue reading